Thursday, February 4, 2010

A gift.

Today has been a really great day so far and I hope it continues on that path! We had some "old friends" come over today, actually they are really good friends we just haven't seen in awhile. I'll admit I wasn't positive how it would go exactly. There had been some things said between us that I wasn't sure would be forgotten or would cause a wall between us. And I'm beyond happy to report that it was like nothing had happened and we were right back to chit chatting again! I was so relieved and happy! I've missed having that totally relaxed feeling with a good girl friend! And Gianna has missed her play buddy too. All in all it was a really great time! It was different because last time I saw my friend she was pregnant since then she's had her baby and brought her along today! I was so excited to meet the new little one, she was so beautiful and tiny! I love having all these little girls around - don't get me wrong, little boys are great too but little girls are so sweet and all the pink is so fun! It's nice to go out and shop on the same side of the store! It makes it easier to chat while we shop and to pass along clothes, etc. Plus it's easier to exchange tips and ideas too! I'm so glad to have my friend back - looking forward to going to see movies together again and play dates, etc. Let the good times roll, again! How I've dearly missed my friend!
I'm gearing up mentally for so many things this year! I'm so excited about so many things. Benjamin's birthday and Gianna's birthday coming up in March! I so look forward to Gianna's birthday every year, not because I want her to get older but because I love celebrating her! And I love how excited she gets! This year she has been talking about her birthday since before Christmas. We've already bought a few decorations, plates, cups, and invites. I'm excited to send them out! Although we usually just keep it to family and a few really close friends, it's still an exciting time for me! Lol! Plus I'm excited about summer coming, although I don't really know why! I guess just the sunshine and warmth and that feeling you get when summer comes! June brings Eclipse, the 3rd movie/book in the Twilight series and of course I'm so pumped for it! I've read the books twice now and I love the movies so much! It's fun to watch the characters and ideas come to life! I'm really looking forward to a girl's night out already! Haha!
I feel like my life is slowly falling into place.....things are starting to look up, I feel positive and upbeat! I'm excited to see what all the future holds!!!!

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  1. I am so excited everything! There is so much to come in the next couple of months with all the birthdays, girls night out :) and Valentines day!! By the way we def need to plan one! Im so happy the way everything is working out for the both of us! Im so excited about getting the girls out in the warm (if it ever comes) and new activities with them because they are "older!" I hope you have a wonderful night out!