Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday - And the feeling's right!

It hasn't been a super busy day or anything. Although there is plenty I could do I'm just choosing not to do it! I have laundry that needs to be done, with a potty training toddler you seem to acquire a lot of it! Took a ride up to Hendersonville with Beej today just because he's going to be working a lot this weekend and we won't get to be with him together much. I'm so excited about our date night tomorrow! We are going to a really fun, cool restaurant we both love. I'm not going mess up a my diet, I do think I might splurge and get a spring roll! Lol! Other then that I'll be sticking with it. Today my husband told me something that made me so proud of myself - he said for the first time since we've been together I've put him to shame committing to something! That made my day! He's always been the one to commit and stick with stuff and I never have. I'm so glad I've proven to myself that I can indeed do it. I'm very close to my goal size now - just inches away! It makes me feel good to know that other then a grilled chicken wrap twice (with no dressing and no cheese) and a crunchy taco once (nasty!) I haven't had any real fast food for over a month. I've eaten clean for almost 4 weeks straight now! And I've decided that I'm not going to cheat for Gianna's birthday either although it will be my last day on Round 1. I'm going to make some sugar free cupcakes/muffins since my parents don't eat sugar either. I'm excited about finding a yummy recipe! If you have any good ones let me know.
Going with my sister to a photo shoot tomorrow. It's a pretty big one and I'm really excited for her to make some great money! She is so talented and creative. She's already got people lining up to have their pics taken - it's amazing! I can't wait to have her do some for us - she's taken some of Gianna and few of all of us for Christmas but we haven't done an actual family shoot yet. And I'm eager to do it! But I'm waiting til it gets just a little warmer.
So I was leaning towards getting my next tattoo on my other wrist, I thought it would be cool to have "balancing" tats on my arms and I was pretty sure that out of my two options -shoulder or wrist - my hubby would pick wrist but nope! He said shoulder! So I guess that's where I'll be getting it when I do - technically this is my fourth tat, not my 3rd! I have two on my foot that form one but were done at two separate settings and at two different tattoo shops. So I'll be getting my 4th soon! I don't know when would be a great Valentine's present but I don't forsee that one happening since my hubby isn't really excited about my getting another one! He doesn't care I guess but he wouldn't mind if I stopped with what I have. Hoping before summer though, since I'll hopefully be wearing cute tank tops and such! My back is becoming more defined now and my arms are slimming up - which is nice because that's always been an issue for me. I hate looking like I have football players shoulders and arms! Lol! I would LOVE to have it before we go to the Mute Math concert next weekend, not that I'll be showing it off but it would still be cool since my sis in law and my niece are my tattoo buddies!
I pulled out my guitar yesterday for just a few minutes and tuned it up and did a little playing around. Got a cute little tune going and some lyrics. Hoping its the start of a good writing year. I'm ready to start creating and getting something recorded. I have so many people who over the years have wanted something from me and I never had it to give out. Now after too many years I want to get something done! I have a title, I have the cover art in my head, I have song ideas and bits and pieces of lyrics. Now if I can just get it all to come together then I'll be good!

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