Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Monday.....

To be honest I am totally dragging this morning already. I turned off my alarm clock when it went off and overslept by 40 minutes! So that started my morning off wrong already. I have a ton of stuff to get done today and oversleeping by that much isn't helping me at all. Luckily, I got all of my unpacking and catch up laundry done last night so I didn't have to face that on top of everything else today. Not to mention, it's raining. I hate rain, especially when I have to get out in it and do stuff - getting Gianna in and out and all that is not an easy task. Especially since she seems to have a mind of her own lately and never hurries when I tell her to say the least, I'm slightly grumpy this morning! Hoping a good, hard workout and a nice hot shower will help me.
We had so much fun this weekend - the drive was completely worth it to see Mute Math. They stunned us again as always! We are planning to drive to AL to see them in April too! I'm beyond stoked! This concert had to be the loudest concert I've ever been to though - my ears we completely muffled and ringing until the evening of the following day! Now that's rockin'!!! We didn't hang around after because we weren't sure with the kind of venue that it was if the guys were going to come out or not, and if they did it would most likely be a couple of hours til they did so we decided to head on home. I was exhausted from getting up at 6:15am that morning, working out, packing and then driving 5 hours. We figured we would try and plan to meet them again after the next concert we go too. My brother in law and niece LOVED it! Said it was the best concert they've ever been too so we were pretty pleased that we had introduced them to MM. It was probably the most fun concert I've been to so far because I decided ahead of time that I didn't care what people thought about me I was going to jam, dance, and sing as much as I wanted to and I totally did and had a complete blast! It did help that the girl two rows in front of me was doing tribal dances and crap, I looked totally tame next to her!
Getting ready to start month 2 of Insanity. Last week was my recovery week - you do four weeks and then a 5th recovery week. The work out is slightly less intense and a little slower, a lot more control and balance work where your other work outs are more about cardio. I did pretty good with my eating over the weekend, didn't really have anything I should have - I ate a lot of protein bars though because it just didn't work out for me to cook a lot like I do here. But I figured protein bars were better then splurging! Excited to see my results from my second month of Insanity, I've heard they totally step it up a notch. That kinda scares me but the first month did too and I made it through that with flying colors! I can't wait to see how much more toned I can get before summer!!!! Already planning a second round of INsanity because it absolutely rocks!!!
Hopefully planning a girl's night out with my bestie this week! We both need it terribly! And it's been so long since we had a girl's night out. We deserve it for sure, her even more then me now that she has two! Whew! I think we may grab some dinner out and see a good chick flick - we both love going to the movies and don't get to go often enough. I want to see Valentine's Day I think. I want to read Dear John before I watch the movie......I recently finished reading Shutter Island because I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie and wow! What a twist! Don't tell me how it goes in the movie, I know they change it up sometimes but the book was kinda predictable and then all of a sudden BAM! They totally got you!!! It was crazy! I really want to see the movie now..... old friend of mine is in town for a visit this week. I'm hoping we are able to get together at least for just a little bit. Maybe do lunch or something. Who knows. We both stay so busy sometimes it's hard to find even a small amount of time to hang out. But I do think it's important to keep up our friendship, even if we have gone in different directions in life - she's still be a good friend and I've never had reason to distrust her. And in a world full of reasons to distrust people it's nice to be able to trust without fear!

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