Sunday, February 28, 2010

My baby, my day and other stuff!

Gianna is doing better. We went to the dr. again on Saturday morning and he gave her a prescription for an antibiotic. Did give her any more shots, thank goodness. She was a crying mess while we were there. She hates that place so much. I tried to explain to her that we only go to make her better but after they stabbed her in each leg the day before I don't think she was listening or cared! Her legs are still sore from those shots, she even has a little bruise over the injection site of one of them. She seems scared to use the potty now too - I'm not sure why but she'll hold it and hold it forever and when I make her go she just cries and cries. I asked her if it hurts and she says no. So I don't know what the deal is. But theres no more fever, thank God. And she's eating again and I'm so happy about that! And we actually got a full nights sleep last night and that made me one happy girl! She'll be on antibiotics for 10 days, after that they'll do another urine test to make sure it's cleared up and then we'll schedule x-rays and a dye test. The x-rays will look at her kidneys to make sure they aren't enlarged or misshaped. The dye test is going to be really hard for me - they will have to cath her and then insert dye. They will look to see how the dye flows - if it flows back up it's VUR or urine reflux. The dr. says he doubts that's what it is but he wants to make sure since she's had two infections so close together now. I know it's going to scare her to bad and her crying just breaks my heart. I'll probably be crying too but I want her to be well and I don't want to go through this again, nor do I want HER to go through this again and so whatever measures we have to take to find out what's causing this we'll do. I'm pretty scared though to be honest. I'm scared of hospitals, needles and dr.'s but I know how to brave it and understand it better then a little 3 year old can. She doesn't understand why it hurts or that it's going to help her in the end. She just knows the pain of the moment and how scary it all is (just talking about it puts a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes....) My poor sweet baby.......
On a lighter note though I did get to go out with my bestie yesterday! We had such a great time.....Did a little shopping for Gianna. Got a her a little dress and some leggings to go with it, a little pair of red "flats" and a striped shirt. When I got home and showed her she asked me where her toy was! Lol! That child! We had bought her new playdough and a doodle bug pad for drawing earlier that day. I love buying things for her - I love seeing her get excited and enjoying playing with what we get her or how cute she is dressed up in what I buy for her. We went to Target and Old Navy. They have the cutest kids clothes! Then we hit up PF Changs for lunch. So yummy! Went and saw Dear John - I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't seen it but I was bummed with the ending. Not the ending I expected but still a bummer. The first half of the movie was great - if I watch it again I'll just watch the first half! Lol! It was romantic and sweet and Channing Tatum was smokin' so that made it worth it I guess!!! I just hate Nicholas Sparks and how he writes all these achingly romantic stories but always has to break his readers heart in the end. He sucks!
We slept "in" today! Lol! Gianna and I were up by 7:15am and Beej followed not too long afterwards. I worked out, I skipped yesterday, just didn't have time with everything going on but I won't ever skip and not make it up another time if I can. We went to lunch at Red Lobster. I had grilled shrimp, rice and broccoli. So good but it was hard saying no to the cheddar biscuits! They are yummy when they are warm. *sigh* But I splurged yesterday with a spring roll and extra peanut butter last night! Lol! Don't laugh, that's a splurge for me. We've just been on the go so much lately it's been hard for me to prepare all my meals like I should. Plus when I'm worried and stressed (like I have been about Gianna the past week) I get the "munchies" and want to eat all the time. It's been quite a struggle not to fall back into stress eating. But I did pretty well - over ate a couple of days but only on "good" food so I guess it wasn't that bad!
Gianna's birthday is just 22 days away!!! I'm so excited! I've really got to kick it into gear and get things planned out and on the roll. We are doing good food again this year and I've got the cake picked out too - we are going a cupcake cake this year. Plus I'm going to make some sugar free cupcakes for me, mom and dad since we aren't supposed to have sugar. I'm hoping to find a good recipe that's sugar free and uses whole wheat flour. Good luck to me! Haha! I've got send out invitations in the next day or two too. So much to do! I'm excited about DeeAnna bringing her camera and taking the pictures this year - I know we'll have some great ones! I'm going to get the stuff to make Gianna's tutu for her birthday soon. I think I'm going to make a black and hot pink tutu that she can wear with her pink "chucks" and find her a cute shirt to wear too! I think this may be the last year I can dress her up kinda whimsical and get away with it! I'm thinking by her 4th birthday she'll probably be picking out her outfit! I can't believe I'm going to be the mom of a 3 year old! It kinda makes me feel old! Lol! I can't believe I'll be 24 this year - man, oh, man!
So right now I'm reading Forever Odd by Dean Koontz, it's the second in the Odd Thomas series. I've read the first one, Odd Thomas and now I'm reading the second! I love his books and this series has been really good so far. We have the second Harry Potter movie right now too. I'm kinda behind the times with those but my hubby bought the first book at a thrift store recently and I read it and really liked it and it kinda inspired me to start renting the movies - so far they've been really cute! And right now I'm listening to The Killers 'Day and Age' again - I'm kinda on a Killer's kick right now. And I'm also liking Ingrid Michaelson and Timbaland's new one right now too (I know those three artists are all on completely different musical pages but that's how I like it!). I rock to the Killers, mellow out to Ingrid and dance to Timbaland!!!


  1. Is this a top secret blog? lol Im sorry that you are going to have to go through this traumatic experience with Gi! Yall will continue to be in our prayers! I know you love birthdays.. And Gi's is going to be great! And her tutu is going to be adorable!

  2. Ok, so enlighten me - I can't not figure out the "top secret blog" thing! I have racked my brain! Lol! What are you talking about?!!!

  3. When I first opened the blog all your words were in symbols. But now its normal. I don't know... Maybe in was my computer! lol