Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mute Math

Man, they are so awesome!!! Even their sense of fashion is right on!!!
(Um, yeah, he does this at every's so awesome!!!)

I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about seeing Mute Math tomorrow night! They are mine and Beej's favorite band and they are pretty much the greatest musicians ever! Lol! Not to mention just a great group of guys....we got to meet them at the last concert we went to and it absolutely was the greatest thing. They are so down to earth and nice. Not to mention I just love their music....Paul Meany (the lead singer) has an incredible voice, no one can copy it and I've never heard a decent Mute Math cover because no one can sing their songs like Paul can. It gives me chills listening to it especially live. Not to mention they have one of the greatest drummers ever.....and congrats to him on being engaged to another incredible musician and singer, Stacey Dupree from the band Eisley. Their kids are bound to be musical geniuses! Lol! I'm borrowing my mother in laws camera because mine takes super crappy pictures. I wish my sister was going so she could take her amazing camera and get some great shots for me but this will have to do for now! I don't know who is opening for them but hopefully they will be good, the last time we saw them in Charlotte their opening band was great - a band called As Tall As Lions. Awesome stuff! Their bass player was cute! Lol! The first time we saw them in Greenville though their opening band was awful! I think enough people complained about it that they've put a little more effort into making sure they have good opening acts. I can't wait til we can take Gianna to a Mute Math concert, she would LOVE it! All the lights and the music....she loves Mute Math and would get a kick out it I think! Hopefully I won't be too tired because I've got to get up early and work out, finish packing and then drive 5 1/2 hours to Savannah and then go to a late concert. Whew! But it'll be totally worth it...we have assigned seats at this concert so we don't have to try and stand in line to get a good one like we did last time. We are on Darren (the drummers) side this time and I know Beej is super pumped about that, Darren is practically his hero!
Good times for sure!!!!

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  1. I hope yall have an AMAZING time! I know you are super excited!!! Enjoy your weekend away!