Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have.....

I have a friend.
She's funny.
She's opinionated.
She is strong.
She listens when I talk and she talks when I just need to listen.
She is sweet.
She is understanding.
She doesn't lie to me.
She is truthful.
She is open.
I can laugh with her,
I can cry with her.
I never feel like anything I say is dumb around her.
She is smart.
She is sensitive.
She is a great mom.
She is a caring wife.
She is independent.
She is tender hearted.
She is forgiving.
She is trustworthy.
She is my pal on a girl's night out.
She is my Twilight buddy.
She is patient.
She is rocker at heart.
She is thoughtful.

She is my best friend.

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