Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm excited about today! Nothing special is happening really, I just feel like there is something good in the air. I got up pretty early this morning in order to get my work out done and get my food packed up for the day since I'll be at my mom's most of the day with the kids. If I don't go ahead and take the food I am supposed to eat I'll end up straying, for some reason my parents house is my biggest struggling point when it comes to eating. And it's not really their fault, they eat fairly healthy for the most part but they always have that one treat or something that I find myself suddenly reaching for. So I always try to pack up the stuff I'll need to eat for the day when possible. Going to take my new jeans and hem them up! Pants are always too long for me but I got them for $5 at Wal-Mart yesterday and a new shirt for $4. So for less then I originally planned to spend on jeans alone I got jeans and a shirt! I was pretty stoked! Also taking my guitar today. I'm going to start playing, hopefully get back into the groove of it and get back to writing again. I'm eager to do it just seems like such an overwhelming task to me when I look at it. But of course, other things have looked that way too and I've managed to conquer them. So we'll see! I'd love to have an actual completed and recorded EP done by the end of this year. Crossing my fingers! Beej has started working on his second project and I'm so excited! He has a title for his "Letters To Enemies" which I totally LOVE! I have a title for mine too but I'm not giving it away just yet! Lol!
Taking Gianna to Kidz Play later to meet up with friends! I'm exciting to chit chat with my friend and let Gianna burn off some energy. I always have fun there too, bouncing around with the kids! Not to mention it burns off a few extra calories too!
Looking forward to a girl's night out soon - which will include a movie!!! Hooray for going to see movies in a movie theater! I love it! It's so much fun and to be honest, those who don't enjoy it - I think you are weird! Haha! I've been really wanting to see a chick flick - a good mushy, romantic chick flick! So that is on the unofficial agenda soon!
Looks like Mat Kearney is going to be in Charlotte soon and I am really hoping we are able to get tickets and go see him! It would be so much fun! He's really awesome and the two girls that are going to be on tour with him are great as well - check them all out at their myspace pages.....myspace.com/matkearney - myspace.com/ingridmichaelson - myspace.com/angeltaylor

Looking forward to a wonderful day - I just LOVE mornings!!!!


  1. i had not watched a good romance movie in a long time! But last night was a treat. Jamie watched P.S. I Love You with me. I cried. haha, and he was so sweet....letting me use his shirt to cry on. i cherished that...there wont be another chick flick for a long time

  2. Ah, that is so sweet! Beej doesn't mind chick flicks but I know they aren't his favorite, plus it's more fun to watch them with other girls so you can be all sentimental and crap! I'm planning to go see Valentine's Day with my friend here soon! That or Dear John, can't decide!!!