Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine.

I know that a lot of people celebrate Valentine's with their children. And I don't neglect to include Gianna in this holiday at all. We bought some little Valentine's that we'll try to remember to send out to people and Beej and I will bring her a little gift I'm sure. I remember my parents always giving us a small box of chocolates or something on Valentine's. When we got a little older, dating age, Dad would bring us a flower along with out chocolate sometimes so that we didn't feel left out of the holiday! But even though it was very sweet and I still appreciate it to this day I didn't quite get it because Valentine's Day is for sweethearts, lovers - people who are romantically involved. And so if you don't have that you don't celebrate! Lol! I think it's sweet that people love their children SO much - I love mine more then words. But to be honest, she isn't my Valentine! My Valentine is my husband. The man I love more then anything in the world, the person who stole my heart first, the person who helped give me my beautiful daughter and who daily shows me his undivided love for me!

(Legend has it that a certain third-century priest named Valentine persisted in performing marriage ceremonies despite a ban by the Roman emperor Claudius II (Claudius was persuaded that single men made better soldiers for his army). Thrown into jail, Valentine formed a relationship with his jailor's daughter (some say he cured her blindness) and he signed his last message to her "From your Valentine," a phrase which still gets a lot of mileage.

St. Valentine was executed on February 14, circa the year 270,)

So the legend say the man Valentine's Day was named after died for love, he knew love between two people was so important he was willing to risk his life for it! How amazing!

I'm excited about spending time with my Valentine this weekend. He'll be working actual Valentine's Day so we are celebrating the day before. But I'me excited to just hang out with him, just us, enjoy dinner and shopping......thanks to my mom and sister for being willing to keep Gianna for us while we celebrate the holiday dedicated to our dedication to each other!!!

I love you, Benjamin Carroll! You have made me a truly happy person - I couldn't ask for better! I couldn't ask for someone more devoted, more honest, more motivated. You are talented beyond what you think and you inspire me daily. Thank you for your never ending, always supportive love! Thank you for being honest enough to tell me when I mess up but love me through it all the same! You are my Valentine forever!!!

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