Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest Day

Today is Sunday. Sunday is my day of rest. But I'm hating not working out or doing something so I'm thinking about going for a good brisk walk. I like to walk.....just not by myself so that keeps me from doing it alot. But Beej is home today and Gianna is out at my Mom's house for the afternoon so I think we might go here in a bit. We have officially completed 28 days of P90X and I couldn't be more proud of us! I'm kinda addicted to the feeling of working out! I like the sweat and the burn! Hopefully I'll continue to like it. I've just got to get over liking the taste of food too! Haha!
Beej was able to work three days this week which was much needed. And since the guy who replaced him's wife is having a baby he'll get to work two days this week too! It's such a blessing. We've both put in applications every where possible and still haven't heard back from any of them. It's quit discouraging and frustrating. Beej is supposed to go down to Outback from time this week and see about getting back on there. Not his favorite job but it's take home money every night so that's nice. We're really just hoping his old job opens up ASAP! We never thought that the band that he quit his job for and worked his butt off for would turn on him like they did and leave him hanging. Goes to show you can never count of people, well, very few of them at least. But these past fews weeks Beej has put together alot of his own stuff and has gotten things recorded and started for his EP. I'm so thrilled and his stuff is sounding so good! I just want other to embrace his music too, not just his music but his passion for it!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's been a long day. Nothing special to report! I worked out late last night and hated it. I think it was the worst workout I've had so far. Mainly because it was so late, second because it was a new workout I wasn't geared up for, and because my tattoo is still not healed so it was kinda hard to do any exercise that I had to bend my foot for! Lol! I didn't think it through very well! Anyway, I felt pretty discouraged. Today I got up and got my workout done right away. It was Kenpo and I love that one! It's such a great calorie burner and I still feel sore after it and that makes me feel like I've accomplished alot! Spent the rest of the day with my siblings running them around to their different activities. Met my parents for dinner and then came home. Beej did his workout and crashed. He's worked all week and worked out. It's alot of hard work, drains him. But I do miss hanging out with him in the evenings some. Now he eats dinner, works out, cleans up and promptly falls asleep. He's looking great though, not that he didn't before! But this working out thing looks good on him! Me, well, I don't know. I can see some changes. My muscles are much more toned and defined. But I'm not losing weight like I wanted to right away. I'm going to keep at it though, it's at least keeping me from gaining anymore. My goal is 20lbs. So far, I've still got twenty to go! Lol! But I feel much tighter and firmer which is nice! I'm just eager to be able to wear clothes that I haven't been able to wear for awhile. I have got to get my diet under control. I was doing great until this past weekend. My birthday totally threw me off. And now I just can't seem to get back on track now. *sigh* Too much sugar. I totally need a new hair do. I'm so tired of my boring hair cut. I just don't feel like I have the time or energy to do any more with my hair then I already do.....Ugh, who knows. I'm so tired and I'm just ready for bed. I'm calling it a night. See ya another day and another time when I'm feeling a little more chipper!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girl's Night Out!

Last night was a total blast! I went out with my two best friends for a belated birthday "Girl's Night Out". They are such fun and I enjoyed myself so much! We went first and got my new tattoo! I'm so thrilled and pleased with it. I went and saw Marcus Clark at Ink Link in Shelby, NC. My friend and her family have all had multiple tattoos done by him and have been very pleased with the results. I went with her when her and her mom got their last ones, which were foot tattoos. And I really liked his work and him as a person. Very quiet but very confident in his tattooing ability. Not to mention excellently priced as well. I paid $60 for the small celtic heart on my wrist and it wasn't even done well (I'm not pleased with it to this day and it needs to be re inked.). I paid $40 for the star on my foot and I was pleased with it very much. But Marcus charged me $45 to add to the star and to re ink the star so that it was the same black! I was thrilled!!! I love the design - Shane K. White of Shane K. White Art drew it up for me (Check out his incredible stuff at and I couldn't be more pleased! After my wonderful tat experience we went out to dinner and laughed our butts off! It's amazing how funny we find some stuff! Then we headed off to the coffee shop and enjoyed some more chatting, a little more serious but enjoyable none the less! Headed home, dropped off one of my friends and then my other friend was taking me home in her car and we had a wreck! Totally not our fault! We were entering a intersection with a light, our light was green and as we entered the intersection some guy decided to turn, really fast and we served to try and miss him but he slammed into the side of us. The airbags blew up - it hit me in the side of the face and for a minute or two my hearing was all muffled. The window shattered in front of me and the seat belt dug into my side when we hit. I've got a nasty bruise there now. She had pretty bad whiplash on the side of her neck. But other then that we left the scene unharmed. Her car on the other hand wasn't unharmed. Bless her heart! I know she loved that Jeep and I did too! Lol! But it was the other guys fault so the insurance will cover her a new one. Just glad we were ok. But we ended the night with a "bang", literally! But over all it was a lovely night out!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My birthday is over.....

Well, I am having post birthday blues! Lol! No, but I am surprised that after all the anticipation leading up to my birthday its all over. I had a great time out. My mom took me and my little sister and my best friend out to lunch at a Japanese place where the cook in front of you! My best friend had never been to one so it was kinda fun! We had a great cook and we got SO much food! Yay for doggie bags! They made me put on a crown and stand up and dance for my birthday! I used to be insanely embarrassed about these kinda things but as I've gotten older I've gotten over it! I'm just learning to have fun! After lunch we went and did a little shopping, I got a new pair of sunglasses and a cute pair of houndstooth ballet flats! Houndstooth is now one of the "colors" of the Alabama Crimson Tide. In honor of an old, great coach! So those are for this fall and football season! But I was holding onto my birthday cash for my tattoo! I also got two purses, both which I'm going to have monogrammed with my initials. I haven't had anything with my "new" initials on it since I got married four years ago! So that's going to be nice! After that we went to a coffee shop and got something to drink. Headed back to my parents house for cake and ice cake had cartoon lizards on it because it was the only chocolate cake they had! Lol! But it was yummy. I def. got a serious sugar rush yesterday - after the giant Shirley Temple at lunch, the a sugary drink at the coffee shop and then cake and ice cream! Whew! Tony Horton wouldn't be proud of me! Lol! Today I'm doing good, until tonight! Lol! We're having a "girls night out" - belated since my other best friend couldn't make it yesterday. We're going out for pizza and they are going with me to get my new tattoo! I'm so excited, and nervous too! Even though this will be my third tat it's also my biggest one so far! Yikes! Bring on the pain! I'll post pictures after......So so thrilled! Thank God for best friends!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stranger In Bree - photo

Stranger In Bree

As those of you who read this blog know, my hubby is no longer with the "band" he was with before. But he now has more time to devote to actually writing and recording songs! He's been working like a mad man at his keyboard and computer. And the results have been great! I'm very impressed with his new song. It's different for him but very ground breaking towards where he wants to be. Right now you can check him out at or you can go on Facebook and search Stranger In Bree and become a fan! Right now if you send your email to him you get a completely free download of his new song and it's signs you up to receive another free song in September, brand new! I'm very excited about his upcoming EP and what's to come after that! Even though we are very much indeed, Christians, this is not a "christian" album or single. The content is wholesome and you will never hear anything questionable on Beej's songs. But nor are these are going to be "Go to church, sing your praise to the Lord...." songs! Beej and I are way past the whole Christian radio, christian music stuff! Beej wants to write quality songs, quality music and that's it! So please, check him out, get the song, enjoy it and please please please leave him some comment feedback. He likes to hear what you have to say, good or bad. But hopefully you won't have anything bad to say! Lol!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

23 on the 23rd!'s my birthday tomorrow and I'm over the moon excited! I'll be 23 tomorrow, seems so much "older", so much more grown up! Lol! If I'm not already grown up then I'll never be! I think being a wife for four years and a mother for over two qualifies me as a grown up! Anyway, back to my birthday! After church tomorrow my mom , my little sister and my best friend are taking me out to eat Japanese, do a little shopping and maybe hit up the coffee shop. Then we'll probably go back to Mom's house for some cake and ice cream! Yay! Then later in the week I'm going out for a "Girl's Night Out" with my two besties for pizza and a new tattoo! I'm so excited to get it! Beej's friend, Shane, drew it up for me! I'm really excited about having some of his "art" on my foot - as simple as it might be! It's going to be a great 23rd birthday!!! Woohoo!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Style In My Head!

Whats your style?

So over the past few years of my life my style has come and gone, lacked greatly, etc. Growing up I had zero style until about 15 years old and then I realized I liked fashion. I had a bit of a preppy look for awhile. With a splash of unique! I tried to mimic bands I liked and their "fashion taste". I've always been a fan of a good pair of jeans and a rockin' pair of shoes! I think that a new pair of shoes can make an old outfit feel brand new! I have SO many shoes - currently about 30 pairs I think. And the only reason I don't have more is because, well, there are more important things to buy and pay for right now! Working at a shoe store would be AMAZING for me!!! Lol! But as I've changed my style has changed, or gone away really! I'm so much more stylish and experimental in my mind. Yet it doesn't translate out. I think I started losing a bit of my fashion sense in Cosmetology school (I know, a fashion industry and I lost my style?!) but at school we had to wear a black t-shirt, black pants and black shoes 5 days a week and the every evening a worked a job where I work black pants and a button up shirt. I started wearing flats and comfortable shoes instead of cute, sexy shoes like I used to! After school was over I went to work as a stylist, on my feet all day. Again comfy shoes, black dress pants and a shirt that was hidden under an apron! Then I got married and got pregnant, again, just comfy! After Gianna was born my body was out of shape and foreign to me. I continued to gain weight. None of my cute clothes fit, I was uncomfortable with how I looked in clothes so everything got big, shapeless and well, comfortable! I hate my style. I hate the clothes I wear. I get tired of the preppy "mom" look. I'm only 22 for God's sake. I still have lots of "cool" in me! I love the rocker chic look, a little grunge, a little prep and little hot! Lol! I'm working hard at getting back in shape so that I can once again dress cute! Dress in the style that's in my head! I wanna wear skinny jeans, leggings and short skirts again! And I will be soon! Bring on the style, baby!!!

To Raise Up A Child....

I am still learning as a parent what works and what doesn't work. I have watched my parents raise 5 children, all with different techniques and I've tried to glean the best from them. I've watched others around me and how they deal with their children. What they use as punishment or what they do to try and prevent having to punish at all. I have an excellent child, don't get me wrong, she's a two year old. She's still learning, and we are still teaching every day. She still gets into things she shouldn't, she still acts up when she doesn't get her way, etc. I am not one to immediately resort to spanking. I correct her first and see if she does it again. Most of the time, I don't have to tell her again. Remind her later sometimes, yes. But she usually moves on right away. But at the same time I'm not against spanking. Sometimes Gianna does things that just need a good swat on the butt or a pop on the hand to remind her that I've told her over and over not to do something. I don't do it in anger nor do I do it to be mean. I do it because I love her and I expect a certain amount of obedience out of her at the time being. I get so tired of people complaining about things their children do as though they have NO control over it at all. They complain about the horrible fits their children have in the store, or how they kick and hit when put in their car seats, or say filthy things and call them names. There is no call for that and it should never be tolerated. Period. You have to teach your child. I know so many people are against spanking but I say, look at the results! Gianna never pitches a fit when we go to the store, she'll cry when she wants something but we gently remind her that behavior like that is not allowed, if she keeps it's up the results is a trip to the bathroom. And she's usually done! I never have to fight to get her in her carseat or fight her to get dressed. She does have issues with sharing but we are actively working on that one! Believe you me, I am much more relaxed about things then I was raised. I tend to let Gianna have her way alot. I don't like to tell her no but I do for her own good sometimes. I am teaching my child that not everything goes her way all the time. That she has to learn to control her actions so that their are horrible consequences to follow. Yes, everything has a consequence if you do it but what if we taught our child not to do it in the first place? Wow. We might actually keep some horrible things from happening in life. Yes, if you steal you get punished but how about we just don't steal in the first place? Or if we get mad and start a fight someone is going to get hurt. How about we just teach our child to control their anger and emotions in the first place so that no one has to get hurt?
Just my thoughts for today! I have a great couple of mothers around me. We don't always agree on how to handle our children or how to correct them. But I do think we learn from each other! I get new ideas almost daily! Things I want to do and things I don't want to do. I want Gianna to be able to think for herself, choose the right path and live her life to the fullest! I want to guide her through new things and new ideas. I don't ever want to keep my child from trying things or going where she will. But I always want the line to be open for her to ask me anything or talk to me about everything! I only have to do this once and I want to do it right!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another day....

Today has been one of those days where I just don’t feel motivated. I seem to have a lot of those lately for some reason. But I am learning to push through that and get things done anyway. I got up and got my work out done early on. Got Gigi and I ready to go meet our besties for lunch. I was treated to lunch as an early birthday outing! So very nice to be thought of! After we got home Gi took a nap and I thought about taking one but it never happened. I ended up getting started on cleaning instead. I try to do basic clean up every day but then things just start getting out of hand and I have to deep clean stuff. The two cats make the biggest mess in the upstairs bathroom. Nothing I hate more then getting out of the shower and getting cat litter on my feet. It’s like no matter how much we sweep it’s always there. But I swept up, mopped, cleaned toilets, bath tub and sinks. Vacuumed and did laundry too. And cleaned Gi’s room which was a mess! I felt pretty good once it was all done and Beej came in from work and noted how clean the house smelled!
We went out when Beej got home and grabbed Taco Bell for dinner, we can eat pretty healthy there. At least fairly low calorie. Gianna’s grandma gave her some money to go get some new panties! So we took her and picked out some with Dora the Explorer and Spongebob on them. She was pretty excited! She’s doing pretty good with potty training. She had a couple of rough days this past week but she seems back on track now. Which is so nice!
Gianna is so smart – today I sat down with her and went over her alphabet. Showed her the letters and told her the names. Next thing I know she brought the tablet up to me awhile letter and starting pointing out letters! Showed me a W and a Q and then an O! I am so proud of her! She is memorizing song lyrics faster then I thought was possible for a two year old! When we get in the car now she tells us to “turn it off” which means to turn it up!
Lunch out tomorrow with our besties again. Both of them are coming along – I am excited to see them!
We are going to have Gi’s picture made soon, one of my bestie’s just started her own photography business and she’s offered to do Giannas! I am so excited! I’ve never had professional outdoor pictures made of her! It’ll be great!


I just wanted to take a moment to say what an amazing best friend I have! Sometimes I forget to thank her enough for just being there and having my back. I feel like no matter and to no matter who she would be willing to stand up for me! And that's a nice feeling....We don't always agree on everything or every subject but some how we don't really care and we move on to what we do agree on! She is expecting her second child and I couldn't be more thrilled! Because I'm an "honorary aunt"!!! I love that term, especially since I probably won't be a real aunt for many years to come. Her daughter is beautiful, silly and charming and I can't wait to see what #2 is going to be like! Today she is taking me out to lunch as an early birthday outing! She knows that in my mind my birthday is a big deal, practically a holiday and you can't start celebrating too soon! I would be extremely bored and lonely without her! She is funny, outspoken and strong! I admire her willingness to try anything and go for what she wants. She is a great mom and an amazing wife!
My other "bestie" is very dear to me too - we used to be best friends growing up and kinda drifted apart for awhile but now that we've both grown up a little we can see the great qualities in each other that we loved to begin with! She is a sweetheart - caring, vibrant and always seeing the best in the world. She is a devoted mom to her adorable little son and a great wife. She is always on the go and I do wish I saw her more....but we keep up best we can! I admire her contentment with what she has and where she is going!
And of course I can't forget my sister in all this because she is one of my best friends too - we spend alot of time together and even though there is a 7 year difference between us she always acts like she's older! Lol! well in her mind she is! She is hilarious and keeps me laughing all the time. She is stylish and witty. And I am eager to see where she goes in life. She should never let anything in her mind hold her back from all the talent she possesses!
I am very blessed to have women like this in my life! I love them all dearly!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My tattoo!!!

I finally have a picture of what I'm getting tattooed on my foot for my birthday! A friend of Beej's drew it up for me and I'm super pleased with it and can't wait to get it inked on my foot! I already have the black star, adding all the lacy swirls! My birthday is Sunday and I plan to get it done sometime next week! Yay yay yay!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE to scrapbook! I'm doing my best to keep up with all the major events and holidays that happen in our lives. Since Gianna is the only child we are going to have I want to document her life as well as I can. Videos are great but pictures capture something completely different. And although I'm not a great photographer and I don't have a very good camera I do the best I can to hold on to the memories! These are a few scrapbook pages I've done....a few among MANY!!! The quality isn't great but it's an idea! I'm proud of my work and it's the one place I feel fairly creative!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It is the first day of Week 3 on P90X. I'm getting fitter. Slow but surely! I am really trying to get the diet part down this week. So far today has been the first day and it's gone pretty good. I'm trying to replace my lunch with protein bars. Lunch is the hardest meal for me to find a meal for anyway so it kinda makes it easier to just replace it with a bar. Today I did that and it worked out nicely! I love breakfast so that's no problem for me!
Gianna is doing pretty good with potty training. She had a bit of a lapse week this past week and I thought I would never see her dry again! But she seems to have jumped back on the band wagon and it doing good again. I'm still not brave enough to go out in public without a pull up on. I try to take her to the potty even with one on but being out in public makes it hard sometimes.
So now that Beej is no longer in the band he is back to working on his own stuff again. Thank God! He has so much talent and I'm eager to see what he completes. He let me hear a sneak peek of a song he is working on and it's so cool! I'm eager to start working on my second song's another older one I wrote but I've always been pretty proud of it! But I do need to write some new stuff as well.
So many of my friends are having babies. Most of them are having second, third and fourth ones! Lol! My best friend is preggers again with her second. She has a daughter and they are hoping for a son this time...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I thinking having a boy around would be so fun! But another little girl would be great too!
But I will never understand why people want more then one child! I LOVE Gigi with a passion but I can't imagine doing this over and over again. Being pregnant, having another c-section, being up all night, lugging all that stuff around, teething, potty training.....No thanks! I can't imagine doing everything I did with Gi over again with another child on top of it. I'd lose my mind! But good luck to all! Lol! I'm willing to help everyone else out as long as they go back home when we're done!
Still crossing my fingers for that job at CVS! It would be great to have some extra money. Beej is still trying to decide what to do himself. We're not even sure where he could find a job around here right now. He's thought about going back to Outback for a couple of nights a week. But we're just not sure it would be worth it since it's such a long drive. Please keep praying for us as we make decisions.....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Those who matter!

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr.Seuss

A good friend of mine passed that quote on to me today and I just loved it! Thought I would share it! And I do greatly appreciate all the wonderful words of encouragement my friends have given me today. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all that has gone down in the past two days. I still can't believe how two people who could claim to be and seem to be such great friends could turn on Beej so quickly. I keep waiting for someone to say it's a joke. But I don't think that's going to happen. We aren't sure what we're going to do now. Beej doesn't want to go back to his old job, which at the moment isn't available anyway. We're looking at possibly each getting a part time job to try and make ends meet for now. I really want Beej to be able to do music. He has a couple of guys he's going to do a few side projects with while working on his own solo stuff. I'm eager to hear a complete finished project from him!

A Piece of my mind.....

I woke up this morning to the news that Beej is no longer apart of the band he was in. Well, I can't actually say they were a band really - he's no longer apart of the "outfit of traveling musicians"! I'm very angry right now about. Mainly because of how it was done and the way it was handled. They had a gig scheduled for this weekend and instead of being mature and working things out so that they could play together - some, and let me repeat, some of the guys decided they'd just rather have a stranger come play with them. Lame? Yeah, I know! But out of it all I know that Beej has made one good and dear friend and I do hope and pray that his friendship continues on......along with some musicial opportunities too! It still never ceases to amaze me at how ignorant, immature and low people can be. Not to mention how two faced too. They'll say one thing to your face and something completely different to another. How can people live with openly lying day after day? And still call themselves Christians - go to church, serve on the worship team and go to bed with a clear conscience? It's beyond me. That's why more and more I'm finding myself with drawing from "Christians". Am I saved? Yes. Do I believe in Jesus? Absolutely. But I believe Christians are the FARTHEST thing from Jesus there is. I still attend church because I feel it's important for Gianna but do I like it? No. And I don't want to be apart of anything there. The less I'm involved the less people can get close to me and then turn around and stab me in the back. It's happened so many times I think my back bone is hacked in half! I've realized that when people feel threatened by you or feel like you are making them look bad they'll do whatever is within their power to take you down and as quickly as possible too. And people in leadership have no back bone to stand up for what's right either. They go with the majority and with what's easiest. Give me a break.
Well, thanks for letting me vent! Although I don't think I'll truly feel better until I tell people to their face what I think of them! Lol! But does it do any good? Nope. They still go on in their blind stupidity cutting down anyone they think it "messing up" their cushy positions in life. I've always been taught it's better to have a few quality people in your life then a bunch of stupid ones! And that's what I'm doing in life! Quality over quantity. I think it's a my new motto in everything!!!! Hopefully your day is better then mine has started off. I'm going to work out and burn off some of my frustration and hurt! See ya here later.....oh yeah, I started a blog last night and it go lost! Just wanted to say that this blog will continue. I have the right to say what I want and if people choose to use it against me, well, that's their issue not mine! So you find me here anytime!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Blog is Over.....

When I started this blog I intended for it to be a place that I could share thoughts, feelings, and ideas freely. A place where I didn't feel like everything would be taken wrong....I told everyone who chose to follow my blog that this was a place I intended to vent or share concerns. And that I would appreciate everyone's respect on that. Not to take anything personally or view it in a negative light. What I shared here wasn't intended to be passed around or shared with other people. If you were following this blog I trusted that what I said was between me and you and those others who followed also. But after some "issues" I will be discontinuing this blog.....I will however be starting a new blog, a private blog that can only be viewed or followed by invitation only. If you would like to continue following my blog please send me your email address to Thank you and I hope to see you again in a new location!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tattoo design decisions

Some of you may or may not know that I have tattoos, so far it's at two. A solid black star on my right foot and then a celtic heart on my left wrist. I'm now addicted! Lol! I love tattoos, well done tattoos. I think color is pretty but I personally prefer black for myself. I currently have two more tattoos ideas for myself and I plan to get one of them done here soon, around my birthday. I'm pretty sure I'm going to add something to the star on my foot but I haven't been able to find exactly what I want. I have a friend of Beej's looking over some ideas and hopefully he'll be able to draw up something that will work for me. But my other idea is wings on my shoulders, I plan to wait on that I think until my arms and shoulders are in better shape (hence P90X!) so that may wait til later on this year or maybe next year. I'm trying to talk Beej into getting some but so far he hasn't been really interested. He says he's never seen anything he wants on his body for the rest of his life!!! I want him to get Gianna's name in Elvish but he says that's too nerdy for him! Haha! I'm posting pictures of a couple of wing ideas I have...not sure which one I like best! I love them all! Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! I love the idea of angel wings but I'm leaning towards the tribal wings at the just seems to fit me better I think!

Life's A Bumpy Road......

So I know that lately my posts have been about P90X.....It may seem boring to you but I'm still so pumped and excited about it! I've felt so good the past week or so inspite of all the soreness! I feel like I'm accomplishing something and it only takes like an hour or so. I'm very inspired by the guy who does the workouts...not so much how he looks, although that's great too! Lol! But more by his passion and love for being fit. I haven't met alot of people like that. I'm eager to see some results although I'm not expecting them to be over night either....
So the A/C has been out at our house for the past couple of days. We've been spending the days and nights over at my parents house. Which has been fine with me because I'm spent the past two days swimming. I love swimming and it's great to be in the water when it's 100 degrees outside, not to mention it's great exercise for me and for Gianna. It wears her out, short naps plus swimming equals Gigi sleeping in until past 8am this morning! Yeah, I actually had to go wake her up! That's a nice change!
We've been having some potty training set backs the past couple of days too. Maybe it's because we aren't in our home, in her comfortable setting but she has had so many accidents I quit counting. I'm so frustrated but going back to diapers isn't even an option for me. It's been so nice not having to buy any at all! This morning I got her up and she had peed in her undies and I mentioned it and she said "I want diapers!" I was like Yeah, right! We have worked to dang hard on this to just give in and go back to diapers. Not to mention I'm not changing any more diapers - my changing diaper days are OVER, forever! That thought cheers me greatly even when I'm washing out wet panties!
Gianna seems so grown up to me lately. It's really hitting me how much she has changed in the past year or so. How much she's changed even since March. She's talking in full sentences now. She's a copy cat and copies everything especially everything Beej does. She loves him so much and wants to do everything like him. I really want to get her into dance lessons or gymnastics or something but it's just not in the budget right now. I've thought about getting a part time job but paying for babysitting just wouldn't make it worth it. We are kinda at an unsure time in life. The band Beej is with doesn't look like they are going to be continuing on much longer. I think everyone has a different idea of what a "band" is supposed to be and so Beej and one guy see it eye to eye and then the others all see if needless to say that doesn't make for a good band. Plus Beej has so much amazing music in him and he needs to be somewhere that encourages him to write and this is not where it is. I'm still praying that God will send Beej some truly amazing band mates. Guys who want to do quality music and who truly have a heart for music and fans. I'm not sure where we are going to find them though.....maybe we need to move to Nashville. Lol! Not sure how we're going to get there but it's a nice thought!
I'm so glad to have a couple of good girl friends right now too. Over the years I've learned that having a couple of good friends in your life is important. And making sure you reach out and show yourself a good friend is important too - so many people don't even understand what it means to be a true friend. Someone who doesn't stab you in the back, talk about you, or throw you under the bus to get where they wanna go.....It's so nice to have someone to go out with, enjoy some chit chatting, some serious laughing and feel like your cares are forgotten for awhile! Not to mention both of my close friends are young married moms, just like me. It's so nice to have people who understand where you are at and the things you are struggling with or triumphing in! Thank God for my dear friends, I'll call them "The C's"!!!! And they know who they are!!! Thanks, girls!!!! Love you dearly!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

P90X Week One down....

So Beej and I are done with Week 1 of P90X! I'm so proud we made it through the first week. I even worked out the day I was sick....didn't want to miss so soon. I've been so sore for the past week. If it's not one body part it was another and most of the time it was just all of them! Lol! But I feel good overall and I'm ready to continue on! Even though the workouts are long they move pretty quick and they are over before you know it and you are standing there sweating like a dog! I've got to get the diet part down a little better though. I haven't done bad this week but I could have done much better. If I can get them both in order I think I'll see some serious great results at the end of 90 days!
We are staying out at my parents house tonight because our A/C is out at the house. It happens one to two times every summer. The unit is old and needs to be completely replaced but our land lord is a cheap skate and just keeps having it 'patched' up. But it's miserable hot at our house so we're over here today enjoying the pool and the A/C! My mom is gone for the week anyway on vacation with my grandmother so Dad always enjoys the company! I think we are going to head out to Sonic in a bit for a treat.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kick Butt!

Beej and I officially started P90X yesterday! We aren't able to do it together due to how small our apartment is and the fact that we only have one pull up bar....but we both managed to fit it in yesterday. I did it while Gigi napped and Beej completed it late last night. It was tough, I was only able to do a fraction of what they were doing BUT I did my best and pushed myself farther then normal. So needless to say my arms felt like noodles yesterday after lots of pull ups and push ups! But this morning I woke up and couldn't hardly turn over in bed! Lol! And my arms and chest are SO sore! But I'm very excited about the work out today. It's great that you don't have to do the same workout two days in a row. That gets old fast. At least you know there are a few days in between the same work outs. So you can kinda sike yourself up for the next time around! My main thing is going to be sticking to the diet plan as well. Unless you do you won't see the same kind of results as you expect. I really want to complete this, not only because it's good for me and I'll lose the weight I want to but also because I want to prove to myself that I can stick with something big and finish it! I'm pretty excited to see myself at 30 days, 60 days and then 90 days! Ready to BRING IT!!!!