Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life's A Bumpy Road......

So I know that lately my posts have been about P90X.....It may seem boring to you but I'm still so pumped and excited about it! I've felt so good the past week or so inspite of all the soreness! I feel like I'm accomplishing something and it only takes like an hour or so. I'm very inspired by the guy who does the workouts...not so much how he looks, although that's great too! Lol! But more by his passion and love for being fit. I haven't met alot of people like that. I'm eager to see some results although I'm not expecting them to be over night either....
So the A/C has been out at our house for the past couple of days. We've been spending the days and nights over at my parents house. Which has been fine with me because I'm spent the past two days swimming. I love swimming and it's great to be in the water when it's 100 degrees outside, not to mention it's great exercise for me and for Gianna. It wears her out, short naps plus swimming equals Gigi sleeping in until past 8am this morning! Yeah, I actually had to go wake her up! That's a nice change!
We've been having some potty training set backs the past couple of days too. Maybe it's because we aren't in our home, in her comfortable setting but she has had so many accidents I quit counting. I'm so frustrated but going back to diapers isn't even an option for me. It's been so nice not having to buy any at all! This morning I got her up and she had peed in her undies and I mentioned it and she said "I want diapers!" I was like Yeah, right! We have worked to dang hard on this to just give in and go back to diapers. Not to mention I'm not changing any more diapers - my changing diaper days are OVER, forever! That thought cheers me greatly even when I'm washing out wet panties!
Gianna seems so grown up to me lately. It's really hitting me how much she has changed in the past year or so. How much she's changed even since March. She's talking in full sentences now. She's a copy cat and copies everything especially everything Beej does. She loves him so much and wants to do everything like him. I really want to get her into dance lessons or gymnastics or something but it's just not in the budget right now. I've thought about getting a part time job but paying for babysitting just wouldn't make it worth it. We are kinda at an unsure time in life. The band Beej is with doesn't look like they are going to be continuing on much longer. I think everyone has a different idea of what a "band" is supposed to be and so Beej and one guy see it eye to eye and then the others all see if differently.....so needless to say that doesn't make for a good band. Plus Beej has so much amazing music in him and he needs to be somewhere that encourages him to write and this is not where it is. I'm still praying that God will send Beej some truly amazing band mates. Guys who want to do quality music and who truly have a heart for music and fans. I'm not sure where we are going to find them though.....maybe we need to move to Nashville. Lol! Not sure how we're going to get there but it's a nice thought!
I'm so glad to have a couple of good girl friends right now too. Over the years I've learned that having a couple of good friends in your life is important. And making sure you reach out and show yourself a good friend is important too - so many people don't even understand what it means to be a true friend. Someone who doesn't stab you in the back, talk about you, or throw you under the bus to get where they wanna go.....It's so nice to have someone to go out with, enjoy some chit chatting, some serious laughing and feel like your cares are forgotten for awhile! Not to mention both of my close friends are young married moms, just like me. It's so nice to have people who understand where you are at and the things you are struggling with or triumphing in! Thank God for my dear friends, I'll call them "The C's"!!!! And they know who they are!!! Thanks, girls!!!! Love you dearly!

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  1. awwww... I love you too!!! and thank God for you! (: