Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's been a long day. Nothing special to report! I worked out late last night and hated it. I think it was the worst workout I've had so far. Mainly because it was so late, second because it was a new workout I wasn't geared up for, and because my tattoo is still not healed so it was kinda hard to do any exercise that I had to bend my foot for! Lol! I didn't think it through very well! Anyway, I felt pretty discouraged. Today I got up and got my workout done right away. It was Kenpo and I love that one! It's such a great calorie burner and I still feel sore after it and that makes me feel like I've accomplished alot! Spent the rest of the day with my siblings running them around to their different activities. Met my parents for dinner and then came home. Beej did his workout and crashed. He's worked all week and worked out. It's alot of hard work, drains him. But I do miss hanging out with him in the evenings some. Now he eats dinner, works out, cleans up and promptly falls asleep. He's looking great though, not that he didn't before! But this working out thing looks good on him! Me, well, I don't know. I can see some changes. My muscles are much more toned and defined. But I'm not losing weight like I wanted to right away. I'm going to keep at it though, it's at least keeping me from gaining anymore. My goal is 20lbs. So far, I've still got twenty to go! Lol! But I feel much tighter and firmer which is nice! I'm just eager to be able to wear clothes that I haven't been able to wear for awhile. I have got to get my diet under control. I was doing great until this past weekend. My birthday totally threw me off. And now I just can't seem to get back on track now. *sigh* Too much sugar. I totally need a new hair do. I'm so tired of my boring hair cut. I just don't feel like I have the time or energy to do any more with my hair then I already do.....Ugh, who knows. I'm so tired and I'm just ready for bed. I'm calling it a night. See ya another day and another time when I'm feeling a little more chipper!

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