Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girl's Night Out!

Last night was a total blast! I went out with my two best friends for a belated birthday "Girl's Night Out". They are such fun and I enjoyed myself so much! We went first and got my new tattoo! I'm so thrilled and pleased with it. I went and saw Marcus Clark at Ink Link in Shelby, NC. My friend and her family have all had multiple tattoos done by him and have been very pleased with the results. I went with her when her and her mom got their last ones, which were foot tattoos. And I really liked his work and him as a person. Very quiet but very confident in his tattooing ability. Not to mention excellently priced as well. I paid $60 for the small celtic heart on my wrist and it wasn't even done well (I'm not pleased with it to this day and it needs to be re inked.). I paid $40 for the star on my foot and I was pleased with it very much. But Marcus charged me $45 to add to the star and to re ink the star so that it was the same black! I was thrilled!!! I love the design - Shane K. White of Shane K. White Art drew it up for me (Check out his incredible stuff at shanekwhiteart.com) and I couldn't be more pleased! After my wonderful tat experience we went out to dinner and laughed our butts off! It's amazing how funny we find some stuff! Then we headed off to the coffee shop and enjoyed some more chatting, a little more serious but enjoyable none the less! Headed home, dropped off one of my friends and then my other friend was taking me home in her car and we had a wreck! Totally not our fault! We were entering a intersection with a light, our light was green and as we entered the intersection some guy decided to turn, really fast and we served to try and miss him but he slammed into the side of us. The airbags blew up - it hit me in the side of the face and for a minute or two my hearing was all muffled. The window shattered in front of me and the seat belt dug into my side when we hit. I've got a nasty bruise there now. She had pretty bad whiplash on the side of her neck. But other then that we left the scene unharmed. Her car on the other hand wasn't unharmed. Bless her heart! I know she loved that Jeep and I did too! Lol! But it was the other guys fault so the insurance will cover her a new one. Just glad we were ok. But we ended the night with a "bang", literally! But over all it was a lovely night out!!!

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