Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest Day

Today is Sunday. Sunday is my day of rest. But I'm hating not working out or doing something so I'm thinking about going for a good brisk walk. I like to walk.....just not by myself so that keeps me from doing it alot. But Beej is home today and Gianna is out at my Mom's house for the afternoon so I think we might go here in a bit. We have officially completed 28 days of P90X and I couldn't be more proud of us! I'm kinda addicted to the feeling of working out! I like the sweat and the burn! Hopefully I'll continue to like it. I've just got to get over liking the taste of food too! Haha!
Beej was able to work three days this week which was much needed. And since the guy who replaced him's wife is having a baby he'll get to work two days this week too! It's such a blessing. We've both put in applications every where possible and still haven't heard back from any of them. It's quit discouraging and frustrating. Beej is supposed to go down to Outback from time this week and see about getting back on there. Not his favorite job but it's take home money every night so that's nice. We're really just hoping his old job opens up ASAP! We never thought that the band that he quit his job for and worked his butt off for would turn on him like they did and leave him hanging. Goes to show you can never count of people, well, very few of them at least. But these past fews weeks Beej has put together alot of his own stuff and has gotten things recorded and started for his EP. I'm so thrilled and his stuff is sounding so good! I just want other to embrace his music too, not just his music but his passion for it!!!

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