Monday, August 17, 2009

It is the first day of Week 3 on P90X. I'm getting fitter. Slow but surely! I am really trying to get the diet part down this week. So far today has been the first day and it's gone pretty good. I'm trying to replace my lunch with protein bars. Lunch is the hardest meal for me to find a meal for anyway so it kinda makes it easier to just replace it with a bar. Today I did that and it worked out nicely! I love breakfast so that's no problem for me!
Gianna is doing pretty good with potty training. She had a bit of a lapse week this past week and I thought I would never see her dry again! But she seems to have jumped back on the band wagon and it doing good again. I'm still not brave enough to go out in public without a pull up on. I try to take her to the potty even with one on but being out in public makes it hard sometimes.
So now that Beej is no longer in the band he is back to working on his own stuff again. Thank God! He has so much talent and I'm eager to see what he completes. He let me hear a sneak peek of a song he is working on and it's so cool! I'm eager to start working on my second song's another older one I wrote but I've always been pretty proud of it! But I do need to write some new stuff as well.
So many of my friends are having babies. Most of them are having second, third and fourth ones! Lol! My best friend is preggers again with her second. She has a daughter and they are hoping for a son this time...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I thinking having a boy around would be so fun! But another little girl would be great too!
But I will never understand why people want more then one child! I LOVE Gigi with a passion but I can't imagine doing this over and over again. Being pregnant, having another c-section, being up all night, lugging all that stuff around, teething, potty training.....No thanks! I can't imagine doing everything I did with Gi over again with another child on top of it. I'd lose my mind! But good luck to all! Lol! I'm willing to help everyone else out as long as they go back home when we're done!
Still crossing my fingers for that job at CVS! It would be great to have some extra money. Beej is still trying to decide what to do himself. We're not even sure where he could find a job around here right now. He's thought about going back to Outback for a couple of nights a week. But we're just not sure it would be worth it since it's such a long drive. Please keep praying for us as we make decisions.....

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