Monday, August 24, 2009

My birthday is over.....

Well, I am having post birthday blues! Lol! No, but I am surprised that after all the anticipation leading up to my birthday its all over. I had a great time out. My mom took me and my little sister and my best friend out to lunch at a Japanese place where the cook in front of you! My best friend had never been to one so it was kinda fun! We had a great cook and we got SO much food! Yay for doggie bags! They made me put on a crown and stand up and dance for my birthday! I used to be insanely embarrassed about these kinda things but as I've gotten older I've gotten over it! I'm just learning to have fun! After lunch we went and did a little shopping, I got a new pair of sunglasses and a cute pair of houndstooth ballet flats! Houndstooth is now one of the "colors" of the Alabama Crimson Tide. In honor of an old, great coach! So those are for this fall and football season! But I was holding onto my birthday cash for my tattoo! I also got two purses, both which I'm going to have monogrammed with my initials. I haven't had anything with my "new" initials on it since I got married four years ago! So that's going to be nice! After that we went to a coffee shop and got something to drink. Headed back to my parents house for cake and ice cake had cartoon lizards on it because it was the only chocolate cake they had! Lol! But it was yummy. I def. got a serious sugar rush yesterday - after the giant Shirley Temple at lunch, the a sugary drink at the coffee shop and then cake and ice cream! Whew! Tony Horton wouldn't be proud of me! Lol! Today I'm doing good, until tonight! Lol! We're having a "girls night out" - belated since my other best friend couldn't make it yesterday. We're going out for pizza and they are going with me to get my new tattoo! I'm so excited, and nervous too! Even though this will be my third tat it's also my biggest one so far! Yikes! Bring on the pain! I'll post pictures after......So so thrilled! Thank God for best friends!!!

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