Saturday, October 30, 2010

cutting out, letting go, holding on

Occasionally you hear something that just really hits you in a new way - whether you've heard it before or not. Maybe it's just something you need to hear in that very moment. God has a way of reminding you that He hasn't forgotten about you even when you feel completely alone at times.

I've talked about it at length at different points but I've struggled with some friendships over the past year - it's hard because these were people I loved and trusted and letting them go was hard but the right thing for me to do because they weren't bringing me up but rather pulling me down. But I often go back and forth in my head wondering if I should have done things differently or tried harder to be a different kind of friend, etc. It's hard because I do desire friendship, don't get me wrong, I have friends - friends I love but I don't have anyone that I'm really close to other then family and my hubby and daughter. Perhaps that's enough and for the moment I'm doing my best to find contentment in the place I'm at right now. But sometimes I question.....

I feel guilty sometimes because not only did ending those friendships lose friends for me but also for my daughter - because we aren't involved in a daycare or any kinda of extra curricular activities (at least not yet) Bug doesn't have many friends. Her only friend really is a her cousin who lives 6 hours away. She LOVES going to visit and having someone to play with and enjoy things with. Yesterday when we were getting ready to out Trick or Treating Bug asked who else was going - last year we went with friends and she had a friend go too. I told her no one, just us. She sighed and said "Maybe when I get bigger I'll have friends". It absolutely broke my heart! I'm so eager for her to start school just so she has interaction with other children, she is so hungry for fellowship with children her age. One of the biggest reasons I attempted to resurrect some friendships was because I knew how much my friends children meant to Bug and I hated to take them away from her but I found that immaturity on the parents parts didn't allow for that.

But yesterday while we were in the Jeep headed home Beej was playing his iPod and he just has iTunes auto fill it alot so we get all sorts of random stuff out of his iTunes. It's cool because you hear stuff you might not pick on your own and then sometimes we get stuff I'd rather not hear! Lol! But occasionally we'll get little clips from sermons from a church near us - usually I gripe about it because I want to hear music but both times this has happened recently it has been something I needed to hear. And yesterday was no different!

The preacher was talking about friendship and relationships and about something that Bishop T.D. Jakes said that change his life and his view on relationships forever. I listened with an eager heart and what he said was so true, probably something I already knew but something my heart and head needed to be reminded of.

He said, "Some relationship in life are meant to be cut off and removed, some are for a season or temporary and some are permanent. Those that need to be cut off, once removed, will bring you closer to God. Those that are for a season are to teach you something in that moment and those that are permanent are meant to bring stability to your life. But if we choose to hold onto relationships that need to be cut off then we are taking ourselves out of God's perfect plan for us, if we try to make seasonal relationships permanent we will experience conflict and strife and if we try to cut off relationships that are meant to be permanent we will miss out......"

It's hard for me to realize that some relationships and friendships are seasonal, I want them all to be permanent. It's hard for me to let go even if I know it's the best thing. But I have seen how much more fruitful my life has been since removing some relationships. Does that mean they were all bad? Absolutely not, for a season those friendships were very much needed and loved in my life. If nothing else they taught me to be a better friend, an honest friend - maybe that was preparing me for a more long term friend down the road. Who knows? But I have to remember that God has my best interest in mind - He hasn't forgotten me or the desires of my heart!

"Why does everyone smile at me?"

Yesterday while we were at Atlanta Bread Co. I had to take Bug to the bathroom -
we had to walk through the entire restaurant which was fairly full.
Once we got to the bathroom Bug said, "Mommy, why does everyone smile at me?"
I laughed and said, "Because you are so cute!"
She laughed and I told her, "When you smile back it makes their day better!"
She thought about it for a second and smiled......
such a cute little smile!
That should make anyone's day better!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


So first of all let me explain the title before I delve into this post! For as long as I can remember I have thought nick names were cute, maybe it's because weren't allowed to have nick names growing up! Lol! My dad had pet names for us and I always loved them, I always liked the way it made me feel special when he called me by my pet name (which was Wooglesmop by the way, who knows where he came up with that!). So I'm always had little pet names and nick names for Gianna - Gi, Gigi, GiBug, Monkey, etc. None of them have officially stuck - although both my sisters call her Gi alot. But for the most part I've always called her GiBug but recently I've found myself making it shorter by calling her Bug. I think it's cute and fits her and her this blog post is all about our day out with Bug!

We started off the day with lunch at Atlanta Bread Co. we usually do fast food with Bug, it's easier and less "formal". But today it was blustery and chilly out in Hendersonville so we thought something warm might be a better choice - we love Atlanta Bread's soups, especially their soup in a bread bowl! MMMM! Bug opted for a peanut butter and jelly and mandarin oranges which she ate ALL of! I was quite proud and I'm expecting a growth spurt any time now because she usually eats big around the time she sprouts! I had Clam Chowder in a bread bowl and it was the perfect lunch for the day!

After that we headed over to Grandad's Apples to pick out a pumpkin - they didn't have a lot left but enough for us to happily choose from.......we also fed the goat while we were there and snapped a few photos!

The sun was in her eyes but it's still a cute shot!
Me and Bug on such a pretty Fall day!
Bug and Ms. Birdie Bird (she named her all by herself!)

After that we ran by Wal-Mart and picked up some face paint and headed home to get all dressed up for Trick or Treating downtown. I hate it they do it so far before actual Halloween but we like to go anyway and Bug was SO excited! She originally opted to be a cat but then we ended up going with a bee instead.....maybe we'll do a cat next year!!!

Daddy and Bug - isn't she precious?!!!
Me and my Bug
Out and about trick or treating!
Lots of lines to stand in.....

After we gathered up candy and spent some time with Aunt Char Char and Uncle Jonathan (and even their furry baby, Roscoe, came along too!) We headed home to carve our pumpkin with our new carving kit!
Digging out the guts!
Bug graciously chose a "hard" one for me to do - the cut outs have levels and this was the harder ones! Lol! But I managed ok.....since it's only the second pumpkin I've ever carved I was pleased with the turn out. And those kits make it SO much easier then just a kitchen knife!

Our creepy little house!!!

All in all - we had a great day! I'm so glad the Fall weather has shown up, at least for the Halloween weekend. We are bathing Max, the Golden Retriever, and moving him to his new house with my sis and her hubby and Roscoe tomorrow. That should be an interesting chore, Bug has agreed to help me! Lol! On Sunday we're doing a bonfire and roasting hot dogs and making s'mores! Fun times ahead!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleepless Nights

Pretty much my whole life I have been a great sleeper! Lol! I'm not a super heavy sleeper but I wouldn't say I'm a light sleeper either. Somewhere in between which is nice....I need my sleep though, I do not do well on little to no sleep! I've always been early to bed and fairly early to rise - I have never understood people who stay up til 1 or 2 am and then sleep half the day away.No wonder they never have time for anything!

But the past two nights have been almost completely sleepless for me and it's wearing me out! Occasionally this happens to me, I don't know what triggers it, I haven't figured that out yet. But every once in a blue moon I have a few nights in a row where I just can't sleep. No matter how late I stay up, or how sleepy I feel, or anything. I can't get comfortable, I feel hot or really cold, restless and I just can't fall asleep. I kinda wonder in and out of a light sleep but most of that is full of weird, odd dreams that just wake me up and make what little sleep I get not worth much. Again, I have no idea what causes this, I do know that usually after a few nights it's gone. And I hope that happens soon. So far it's been two nights of this and I'm exhausted and frustrated already. The first night I thought maybe it was because I slept with Gigi due to a nasty storm going on, I didn't want her to wake up and be scared so I slept with her - no sleep for me that night - I figured it was a combo of sleeping with her and the storm. But then last night I slept in my own bed and again, I couldn't sleep! I kept hearing Gigi move around, the cat was snoring right next to me ( I think it's sweet he wants to sleep with me though!), it was hot but when I kicked off the covers I was cold, etc.

I think I finally fell asleep around 3 or 4 am after I got up and took Gigi a drink of water.....and then my alarm went off at 7am! Lol! I thought about cutting it off and sleeping some more but decided I couldn't afford it and had too much to do before leaving here at 10am for some errands. So here I am - up, sleepy and slightly head achy! But I'm hoping a healthy breakfast and a good work out will pull me out of my slump!

On a better note, the weather looks like it's clearing up, finally!!! I feel like it has been raining forever! I hate rain, I know it's a good thing but I hate how nasty it gets, everyone tracks in stuff on their shoes, the dog gets all wet and stinky, and it's impossible to do anything out and about with a child and not get soppy wet!!! So, I for one am really glad to see the clouds parting a bit this morning!!!!

If I drank coffee, I'd need some right about now.......

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trips, Butts & Cleanses!!!

We made a trip down to Bama last week on Friday - the trip down was fun, it was just Beej and I because Gigi had gone down early with her Janou. We just cranked up the tunes and had a good time! Spent some time in Huntsville at my parents house and with the whole fam - we celebrated my Nana, my uncle and my aunt's birthdays while we were there with a yummy trip to Outback! We haven't been in forever and the steak was SO good.....after that we headed to B-ham to spend some time with my aunt and uncle and their kiddos. The guys played golf on Sat. in Hville and I must brag on my man - even with a sprained thumb he shot a 77!!!! Oh, yeah!

While in B-ham my aunt treated us to her latest "addiction" - the Yogurt Lab! So much fun! You choose your flavor yogurt and then they have bars of toppings and you choose your toppings then they weigh it and they charge you by the ounce. Gigi had strawberry yogurt with gummy bears and sprinkles, and I had a super chocolate indulgence with chocolate yogurt, chocolate chips and a little fudge! It's so modern and sleek inside - they had these great little mini tables for the girls to sit at. A really fun experience!

Sunday afternoon we went to my aunt and uncle's community Fall Festival. They live in this awesome neighborhood community - everyone knows everyone, everyone has lots of kids and they do lots of festive things all through the year. This was a Fall Fair and they had hot dogs, rides, face painting, and bouncy things. The girls had so much fun playing together and absolutely wore themselves out! We also did something called a Butt Sketch - there are actual artists who do sketches of your backside! Lol! It's not a dirty as it sounds, it actually turned out super cute and we're going to frame it at some point.....the artist, Krandal, was so nice and funny! It took about 7 mins. to do it and Gigi even made it through quite well!

Here we are posing for our butt sketch!!! He made us look quite fabulous!!! Lol!

We came home yesterday - sad to part with family and friends but back home is nice too. I do hope we aren't here in Rutherfordton forever......We have a little over a year or so I think because I want to move before Gigi officially starts kindergarten. I think we'll do the More at Four here but hopefully move on before school officially starts......

I ate like crap all weekend and totally skipped out on my work outs for a week. Yeah, you heard me - a whole dang week!!! I am quite disgusted with myself but maybe I needed the break to remind me why I put in the hard work I put in.....I felt awful, fat and slow! Lol! That's just being honest. I ate lots of junk and feel bloated. Before I left I decided when I got back I'd try this thing called Tri Cleanse. It's a dietary supplement and you take it twice a day along with a good diet and then see what it does! Lol! I did a little research on this product and beware, what I have to say in the following few sentence is a little nasty (and kinda funny too!!! Beej and I had a good laugh over it all!) But this product is a colon cleanse. Most people, according to research, have anywhere from 10-25lbs of dried fecal matter stuck in their colon! This leads to bloating, fatigue, back ache, irritable bowels, head aches, etc. I've heard that cleansing your colon occasionally can lead to weight lose and just an overall feeling of feeling better! So I'm trying it! I've been instructed to stay near a bathroom all day. I'll let you know how it goes! Gosh, some of the things I try.....

I also starting eat right again today, I've got about 10lbs I hope to get off before Christmas and at least 5lbs before Thanksgiving. I've got to buckle down hard because I know that the Holidays always make it really hard to eat right....we do so much traveling around that time too and that makes it hard to focus on a work out routine. I'm hoping to get some new bands this week since I can't put up a pull up bar at this house I'm going to use bands instead with P90X. But I'm going to wait and officially start that Nov. 1st. For now I'm going to just keep doing a mix up of Insanity, P90x and a little Turbo Jam.

I can't believe we are so near all the fun Fall holidays! Halloween is Sunday! We finally decided on a costume for Gigi, she is going to be a bee and we are going to paint her face! It's going to be so cute....I've wanted her to be a bee a couple of times over the past few years but it never worked out due to some one else being a bee or something! So I'm excited to get her to be a bee before she's too old......and then Thanksgiving and Christmas! Already starting our Christmas lists!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods.....

Yesterday I spent the day at work with Beej - I've done it a couple of times and I always enjoy it! He drives a delivery truck so I ride with him and we just talk and laugh and enjoy time together and when he's out of the truck making deliveries I have a book a read. I managed to finish up Pet Sematary by Stephen King yesterday in between everything! We stopped for a quick lunch together too. Since Gigi is gone to Bama with my Mom we didn't have to be home by any certain time so we decided to truck down to Greenville after he got off work and attend the Eisley Over the River and Through the Woods tour! We kinda debated it because Beej had to work this morning and we knew he wouldn't get much sleep but he felt like it was important because Eisley is one of my favorite bands and Stacy Dupree is a hero of mine! And it was well worth it, at least for me, I don't know how Beej is going at work today - poor guy. I think he got about four hours of sleep last night. But the concert was great, not a lot of people. Maybe 100-150. Eisley said they didn't have a lot of fans in SC not to mention it was a week night too. But it was a fun, intimate show and we were right up front where we could see everything! Eisley's younger siblings, Christie and Collin Dupree, opened up first with a little acoustic, coffee house type set. Christie has a great voice, similar to Stacy's but not as soulful. After that a band that we hadn't heard a lot about opened, Ives the Band. We were BLOWN AWAY! They were incredible and I can't wait to get some of their music! They were just amazing, very talented, great music. After that Eisley was great too - more of a low key concert but great! Stacy's voice is so awesome and Sherri's is just a wonderful. I really, really enjoyed it! I'm glad I got to see them....very inspiring!

I am missing my girlie too - she's been gone since Monday night. But I've also enjoyed the time to myself and Beej too. I needed a little break - plus I know she's having fun visiting with the family and Ava and Emma.....she loves seeing her friends and that makes me happy! I've talked to her on the phone a few times and she says she misses me but she's having a blast too. She's getting independent and that makes me proud! I'm glad we've raised her secure enough in herself that she's already ok to be with me and her daddy for a few days. I love her so much and I can't wait to see her tomorrow evening! She got to spend some time with her cousin Ava and her new baby cousin Glavin. She got to hold him and help feed him and she just loved it! She just loves babies!!!

But for now I'm going to work out, feed the dog, do some laundry, start packing, clean up the trash the dog drug out, call my mother in law, call my dad and see if he can fix my "new" iPod that isn't working, vacuum the floors, etc. Whew. I'm tired already! Lol! And I have to fit some piano practice in there too since I have lessons tomorrow....gotta run, time is already getting away from me!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kick in the butt!

It's time to give myself a swift kick in the rear soon! I've been slacking with my eating habits and just my general motivation. I've still been working out daily but with a little less zest then I was there for awhile. I've just gotten busy and my schedule has been up and do and all around but I'm ready to get back into what I know I need to do. I've have been up and down between 126.5 and 129lbs. which I don't like at all. I still have a goal of 120lbs. I'm so close but I know this last 8-9lbs is going to be the hardest of all to get off and then keep off. It's so easy to put on a couple of lbs. and not think twice about it. But those pounds build up and the next thing you know you are back where you started and I really don't want that to happen.

I started doing the SlimFast diet and I actually really liked it. I just got lazy with it and stopped doing it for awhile. But I want to get back at it. So I've decided to kick start myself at the beginning of next month. And I hope to be back down to 125lbs by Thanksgiving and down to my goal weight of 120lbs by Christmas!!!! I'm going to get my equipment together and start another round of P90X. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks and I've been adding a few P90X work outs in with my Insanity and my Turbo Jam. Just kinda doing a "mash up" of work outs.....I still really want to get Turbo Fire but that will probably have to wait until Christmas or the beginning of the year to get it so until then I'm going to do P90X. I think I need to re-build my muscle up and really get focused on building my body back and getting toned up again.

You may ask why I don't just go ahead and start now - well, like I said I need to get my pull up bar back up and I also need to get some resistance bands. Beej broke mine! Lol! He's so strong he snapped it....yup! And we are also headed to Bama next weekend and I know that I won't be able to stick with everything like I should while we are there and it's harder to get on track and then get off and then get back on so I'm just going to wait. And something about starting at the beginning of the month seems to make it fresh and clean! I don't know, that's just me! I'm ready to buckle down and prove to myself I can do it again!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dreamin' About Weddings!

I adore weddings! I really do - I watch all those wedding shows all the time - the ones where they choose their dress, ones where they plan their whole weddings, ones where they make wedding cakes, etc. I even watch Bridezilla's and laugh! People get so bent out of shape over the craziest stuff. But needless to say, I would love to help people plan their weddings, but I don't know if I could handle the stress of a bridezilla though! Each wedding is unique and special no matter how big or small, how expensive or budget friendly. I had my wedding planned out about 5 or 6 years ago but obviously things have changed, fashion trends have changed, and my taste in things have changed too. So my wedding would be a little bit different then it would have been 6 years ago. I've seen so many cool ideas and things lately that I thought I would put together a "dream" wedding. I've thought about having a wedding for my 10th anniversary maybe. I just don't know if that's "cool" or not! Lol! But it's an idea anyway.......

If I were to get married today I would want my wedding to be in late October. I love the Fall time of year. The colors, the feeling in the air, the festive feeling that Fall brings as holidays approach. Even though August is my birthday month it's my least favorite month of the whole year. We got married in August because it just worked out best not because that's the month I would have chosen. I would want my wedding to celebrate Fall and have a slightly formal/vintage feeling. I don't know that I would have a set "theme" so much as just a set "feeling" that I would want my wedding to have. I would choose Fall colors like cranberry, pumpkin orange and golds! (I'm going to divide these posts up into several different "categories" over the next week or so.....)

Bridesmaid's dresses and shoes:
I love this dress - it's formal without being "stuffy". The color is rich and beautiful and would look good on just about any one with any kind of skin tone and hair color. The neck line gives coverage without swallowing you up, leaving the arms open for a fresh look!

These shoes of course are stunning! Wouldn't they look adorable with the dress above? I love the little stacked bow. This same idea would even work in a flat for someone uncomfortable with wearing a heel like this.

Groomsmen and Groom:
I would keep the idea simple - cream colored pants and vests with cranberry colored ties to match the bridesmaids dresses. Guys don't like to dress up for the most part. Leaving out the suit coat makes them feel more casual and easy going while still giving them a modern, dressed up look.

The Bride:

I love the "messy" elegance of this hair style. It's actually the hair style I had picked out for my wedding back in 2005. I think the idea is timeless and beautiful. I'm not one for veils or big tiara's. Not my thing. A little jeweled "bling" and I'd be good! But I think this hair style is beautiful and fun!

I love these shoes too - the heel is good because I have a tall man! Of course, still keeping with the gold theme.....
And THE dress! Isn't this dress stunning? I looked at tons of dresses online and had found several I thought were lovely but when I saw this dress I was hooked! I love the vintage lace, the scoop neckline, all the flowing layers at the's just beautiful! I would feel like an absolute princess in this dress!

*Note: This wedding is obviously planned with NO budget in mind! Lol! This is strictly a "dream" wedding to the max!

Stayed tuned for location ideas, table settings, food, music, etc.! Enjoy dreamin' with me!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been gone....

Yeah I haven't been around much on blogger. Honestly I just haven't felt like blogging. Not a lot happening although I feel like I'm super busy all the time. Right now my dad is back and forth between Bama and here every other week and he has been staying with us so I feel like I can't get on any kind of real schedule. Something about anyone being here throws me off. Not to mention the whole change of light thing gets me too - I feel so tired when it's dark all the time. It doesn't get light really well until after 7:30am now. So I feel like I'm always struggling to get up in the mornings and that's not me at all. I keep trying to get my bedtime back in order, I don't like going to bed super late, makes it hard to get up in the morning. Last night I managed to get in bed by about 10:30pm, night before I didn't get into bed until after midnight because I stayed up watching Moonlight on DVD. Yeah, it's another vampire show and so far it's been really good! I hate that it was canceled.....but I am catching up on it through Netflix. I'm alternating movies we want to see and movies for Gigi now. We are trying to watch the Disney Princess movies. We started off with The Little Mermaid and I think we have Snow White coming next!

We have FINALLY found a home for Max, my parents Golden Retriever that's been staying with us. I'm so glad because we really didn't want to keep him but really had no where for him to go, my parents just don't have any room for him at all. But my sis and her hubby are moving into a house at the end of the month with room for a dog and they want to have a "friend" for their new puppy so they are going to take him! My mom is thrilled that he will still be in the "family" so to speak. And my parents are going to take their outside cat too so that will leave us with our cat, Gandalf and then once Gypsy moves in with us at Christmas time we'll be set! I'm so glad it's all worked out! It's a huge load off my mind!

I have slacked on my piano practice the past few days. We were out of town all of Sunday and most of Monday so I didn't have much of a chance then and yesterday was just really hectic all day it seemed and I never took the time to practice. Yeah, that's three days of not practicing. Not good. And I'm sure it'll show Friday. *sigh* My goal this morning is to work out and practice piano, that's it. I was hoping to get Gigi's room cleaned today too but I have to take my sis to her orthodontist appt. after lunch. I'm pretty sure she'll be wearing braces for the rest of her life! LoL! They just seem to refuse to take them off......

I think this weekend and the beginning of the week was tainted by Bama's loss to the South Caroline Gamecocks. And I know that South Carolina likes to pretend that they beat the #1 team but they didn't because we didn't play like the #1 team we are. Period. We let them have the game, honestly. We played like crap. No idea why, I think we were tired. We have played every weekend since football season started. We haven't had a off week to rest. But I am pretty sure I would have rather lost to Arkansas then SC. Because I know SC fans and they have gloated like no body's business. And I'll admit I'm a sore loser. We haven't lost in so long I don't remember what it's like. As we were losing in the third quarter I just kept thinking, it's not possible - we have to come back. We can't lose! Lol! Hopefully though this will put the fire under our butt again and we'll stop everyone else we have to take on. But it's funny how people who have never mentioned football suddenly are putting up "Go Gamecocks!" simply because they know what a HUGE Bama fan I am. I'm ok with true SC fans celebrating, it's their right, although I hate it with a passion! But for people who just want to gloat in my pain are immature. I ended up deleting a grown woman because she told Bama fans to grow up and stop whining and she isn't a fan of either team!!! I was wasn't like her at all but she got down right ugly. And I won't stand for that. Anyway, we are still feeling the loss. And yeah, I'm bummed so for those who don't like it don't read my status updates or my blog! It's my team, I love them and I was raised to be the biggest fan I can be. I don't become a "fan" of something or someone light heartedly - it's all or nothing! Lol! So may the Tide roll on....and how awesome would it be for us to meet SC in the National Championship and absolutely whip their "cocky" little smiles off their faces?!!! We can only hope!

That's about all I have to say for now! Lol! I am thinking about doing a blog "series" on weddings. Yeah, I know......but I love weddings and I didn't get to plan one of my own so I thought I would do a series of what I pick if I were planning a wedding for myself today. I've already been looking at ideas and things. It might be a fun idea...let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Night Out.

So last night Beej and I had a "date night" out - much needed and much appreciated! My dad and brother are in town and they graciously kept Gi last night so we could go out and enjoy ourselves and also support an amazing band.

We drove to downtown Charlotte to Amos' Southend - we saw Mute Math there last year in November and it's a really venue. I was so thrilled that Campbell the Band was getting to head line there!

We got there a few minutes before the doors were supposed to open so we walked around the corner and grabbed a sub at the Sub Station. When we got back the doors still weren't open so we decided to walk around a bit and enjoy the night and the beautiful downtown Charlotte skyline. We ran into one of the band members on the way back and said hey, exchanged hugs, what-not.

We got in right before 8pm and found out there were three opening bands before Campbell. So we grabbed a couple of seats - it's most standing room but they have some bar style tables around the bar area. I knew Campbell wouldn't be playing for a bit and I didn't want to stand for 3 or 4 hours straight. So we sat through the opening acts - there were three - Jackal & Dice, Air Station and Harvard. J & D and Harvard were really great. J & D had a bit of a bluegrass meets rocks sound - really cool and the lead singer had a good voice. I wasn't impressed with Air Station, they had a few technical difficulties but even without those I still wouldn't have been impressed. They seemed a little "showy", not really into their music and a little generic. Harvard was GREAT! A little heavy here and there but super talented and the lead singers voice was awesome. He was hitting some insane notes. Very creative, unique. Beej and I shared a Red Bull during the third act, I think we were both a little sleepy and needed a jolt so that we could really enjoy Campbell. (Check out Jackal & Dice HERE! And Harvard HERE!)

Once Harvard was done everyone spread out a bit to grabs drinks or use the bathroom before Campbell we got up and got great "standing area" right at the front! I was thrilled because I'm so short anywhere else is nearly impossible for me to see. I'm sure some people hated that Beej was in front of them but no one complained! We watched the guys set up their stage and it was so cool and very creative - Black tree cut outs, black umbrella's hanging from the ceiling, light bulbs on stands that pulsed with the drum beat and the guys all wore head to toe black! They had a black drop cloth with a large moon and lighted "stars" on it....all in all a very creative, magical feel to the whole stage. They opened up with "Cancer" and I was SO thrilled, my favorite Campbell the Band song. They did a slightly different version musically but it was stunning! Matt Padgett, who I've known for awhile, did all the lead vocals and I forgot how amazing his voice is - his range is lovely! The guys were so real and so into their music - I think that makes some of THE best live shows. Some bands spend the whole time just trying to be impressive and end up not impressing anyone, it's the band that just get up there and show how much they are in love with their music are the ones that make you fall in love with their music as well. The music set wasn't nearly as long as I had hoped for and all the songs they did were impressive although most of them I hadn't heard before because they aren't on their EP "Bear With Us" but I enjoyed them none the less. I was slightly disappointed they didn't do "Get Brave" or "Through Your Veins" but we bought the EP afterwards so I can listen to them! Their EP is great but much more mellow and "raw" then they are live. I'm so eager for them to put out a full length album with all the songs they did last night! My hubby said he was beyond impressed with them! We've seen some awesome bands (Mute Math being THE best) but I think I would put Campbell the Band in my top three live performances - yeah, they are that good, and yeah, they are going to be HUGE! I'm so excited for them all - Matt, Grant, Cole, Michael and Dominic - make sure you check them out and purchase their EP -

And if you ever have the chance to see them live DO IT! Don't hesitate, just go!!!!

I even bought a t-shirt - I think it's the only band t-shirt I own! I plan to get a MM t-shirt next time we see them but Campbell is my first official band t-shirt!!! Lol!

All in all, we had a great night out!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finding Strength.

Why is it that at the time you need strength the most you are at you weakest? Whether is be physically, mentally, emotionally, whatever. I feel like lately I have been at my weakest.....I just feel drained. Physically I just feel like I'm barely making it through my work outs, I don't feel like doing them which isn't like me at all. I usually look forward to working out but I just can't seem to want to lately. Doesn't mean I've stopped, no way, I know better then that! I've seen where that's gotten me but at the same time I know I'm not pushing to my fullest and best because I'm mentally not there. Even though nothing "huge" has been going on I've still felt a little out of it mentally and emotionally. I think maybe everything that has happened since August has really caught up with me - my family moving away suddenly, then my sister moving too when I thought she'd be around for awhile, my other sister getting married, etc., etc. I think lately I've finally had the time to really sit back and let it all truly sink in. The past two weeks no one has been around - my dad was back and forth every week and my sis was with him but these past two weeks they've all been in Alabama and we've been here. I'm doing better then I thought I would without everyone around. I love my family dearly, as crazy and chaotic as it all can be sometimes they still mean the world to me. I have plenty to do and keep me occupied but it's odd knowing that I can't just drive a few minutes down the road and see them or hang out with them. I think even though I've felt OK about it all maybe it's been harder on me emotionally then I realized. Plus Gianna and Beej have been sick with colds and Gianna is always so much more "needy" when she's sick. Luckily, she's been sleeping through the night with the help of Robitussin but still she has been more emotional then normal. Who knows, but it's been a combination of things I think and I just feel zapped. My eating habits have been absolute crap lately too. Honestly I haven't even really tried - when I'm tired, stressed and emotional I turned to crappy eating. Oh yeah, I know STUPID. But I'm trying so hard to get it back together. I don't want to lose it completely. So I'm praying for strength and hoping I find it for tomorrow.....

Hair Did!

I did my sister's hair yesterday and it turned out pretty cute I think! I forgot to take before pictures of course so I just used a couple from her wedding in August. I always love doing her hair because she usually goes opposite of whatever she is color wise - last time I took her from brown to blonde and this time we went from blonde back to dark brown! It's fun watching the transformation happen! We also had a good time visiting since I haven't seen her in a long time - Gianna had a blast playing with their sweet 6 mon. old puppy, Roscoe. She was completely worn out by the time we got home and napped on the couch for awhile. Being sick hasn't helped either. Poor baby....but enjoy the before and afters!



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chilly and all!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was an absolutely gorgeous Fall day today! The weather was perfection - about 65 degrees at the hottest part of the day and nice and breezy.....I broke out the boots for Gigi and I! I wore my new cowboy boots and she wore her new moccasin boots to church then when we came home I still couldn't get away from them and put on my new cardigan, leggings and more boots! I was really excited when I put on my second pair of boots because I got them last year and they just barely zipped all the way up, they were a little snug on my calves but this Fall I put them on and I have about an inch of space now!!! Woohoo! But I am totally in love with leggings and boots this Fall! I want to find some jewel tone leggings to go with my dark colored tops. I ordered my other pair of boots online the other day because the store didn't have my size. I can't wait to get them - getting mail is great but getting shoes in the mail is even better!!!! I hope I get them before Friday because I'm planning on wearing them on my date with my hubby to see Campbell the Band in concert! Yay for dates nights and great music! I'm kinda bummed though because I was just looking at the weather and it looks like it's going to keep warming up all week until it's back in the low 80's this weekend, so I might have to scratch the boot plan. :-(
Had a good day today - went to church and then had lunch out. We have a Sunday "tradition" of Taco Bell! I'm not sure how it got started but Gigi kinda counts on it now, I think! After that Gigi and I went over and spent some time with my mother-in-law/her Grandma. And of course we like to spend time with Gypsy too! I want to make sure she gets to know us really well.....I took Gigi after that and got her an ice cream cone at McD's. She thinks that's the only way she can eat ice cream now is in a cone. She isn't pleased when it's in a cup!
So far I haven't gotten in to any shows this Fall and that's unusual for me. I wanted to keep up with Fringe but I missed pretty much all of last season and just haven't had a chance to catch up in order to watch this season. I've watched a little bit of The Biggest Loser but I always forget about it. I lost interest in CSI and I missed the premier of CSI:NY but I watched this past Friday night. I do love that show and hopefully I can remember to watch it! Lol! I guess I got tired of trying to keep up with them all! So now I just watch random stuff! I have missed watching Criminal Minds as well. There is a new show on that I really want to try and keep up with but once again I'm already behind and it's called The Event. It looks very interesting!
I am doing my sister's hair tomorrow - I'm excited about getting to spend a little time with her. We haven't seen each other in awhile due to some issues between us but hopefully we have managed to resolve that and can move on. I haven't seen her since she became a married woman either! I still can't believe she's married - she isn't a Pounders anymore, she's a Hyder! Sounds strange to say that....but I'm happy she's happy! But I'm giving her a new do tomorrow - new cut, new color! I love changing up someone's look - it's so much fun! I'll post before and after pics tomorrow...hopefully I'll remember to take before's! Haha! I usually forget till I'm half way done.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet Gypsy!

So after much thought and some back and forth feelings we have decided it's time to get a new pet! Even though we have two extra animals right now we are hoping that Max, the dog, will be gone soon. We are actively trying to find him a home. He just doesn't fit our family, life style or what we want. Gandalf is getting older and has never enjoyed Gianna playing with him or dragging him around and she's at that age where she just wants to play with him. So I've been thinking for awhile that it was time to get her a pet of her own. Something she could help take care of and a kitty that would let her play with it and love her. As many of you know my mother in law owns a cattery, she raises and breeds high dollar Himalayans cats. We've spent a lot of time with her kitties and they are all beautiful and each has their own personality. Recently she had 5 breeders have kittens all within a month of each other so she has 19 beautiful kittens that she is selling and finding homes for. She has always told us that when we were ready she wanted us to pick a kitten for Gianna so we decided now was the time and after watching and spending time with all the kittens we knew we had the one we wanted. Originally I wanted a "dark" haired kitten - either a tabby or a chocolate kitten. But after meeting this little sweet heart and seeing Gianna with her and how much she likes Gianna and lets Gianna cart her around, hold her little a baby, etc. we knew this was the one we wanted! So everyone, meet Gypsy! I have gone back and forth on names - we kinda had settled on one but had originally picked a name out for a chocolate kitty and a name for a tabby kitty. We were using the tabby kitty's name choice but I just felt it didn't fit this little baby's personality. So I've been thinking and trying to find a name I thought suited her. I also decided I wanted to keep with the "G" theme - we have Gianna and Gandalf so I wanted to pick a new name that started with a G. Gianna wasn't sold on it right away, she was still stuck on the other name but after a little coaxing and a little explaining she agreed to change it's name and I think Gypsy suits her so much better. Gypsy won't come live with us until around Christmas time - she's still a baby and has to be with her mama right now. But we visit her often and spend as much time as we can. I want her to get to know us between now and when she comes to live with us! We are so excited about her and I'm in love with her sweet little self and Gianna is so proud and excited about "her kitty!"