Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet Gypsy!

So after much thought and some back and forth feelings we have decided it's time to get a new pet! Even though we have two extra animals right now we are hoping that Max, the dog, will be gone soon. We are actively trying to find him a home. He just doesn't fit our family, life style or what we want. Gandalf is getting older and has never enjoyed Gianna playing with him or dragging him around and she's at that age where she just wants to play with him. So I've been thinking for awhile that it was time to get her a pet of her own. Something she could help take care of and a kitty that would let her play with it and love her. As many of you know my mother in law owns a cattery, she raises and breeds high dollar Himalayans cats. We've spent a lot of time with her kitties and they are all beautiful and each has their own personality. Recently she had 5 breeders have kittens all within a month of each other so she has 19 beautiful kittens that she is selling and finding homes for. She has always told us that when we were ready she wanted us to pick a kitten for Gianna so we decided now was the time and after watching and spending time with all the kittens we knew we had the one we wanted. Originally I wanted a "dark" haired kitten - either a tabby or a chocolate kitten. But after meeting this little sweet heart and seeing Gianna with her and how much she likes Gianna and lets Gianna cart her around, hold her little a baby, etc. we knew this was the one we wanted! So everyone, meet Gypsy! I have gone back and forth on names - we kinda had settled on one but had originally picked a name out for a chocolate kitty and a name for a tabby kitty. We were using the tabby kitty's name choice but I just felt it didn't fit this little baby's personality. So I've been thinking and trying to find a name I thought suited her. I also decided I wanted to keep with the "G" theme - we have Gianna and Gandalf so I wanted to pick a new name that started with a G. Gianna wasn't sold on it right away, she was still stuck on the other name but after a little coaxing and a little explaining she agreed to change it's name and I think Gypsy suits her so much better. Gypsy won't come live with us until around Christmas time - she's still a baby and has to be with her mama right now. But we visit her often and spend as much time as we can. I want her to get to know us between now and when she comes to live with us! We are so excited about her and I'm in love with her sweet little self and Gianna is so proud and excited about "her kitty!"

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