Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trips, Butts & Cleanses!!!

We made a trip down to Bama last week on Friday - the trip down was fun, it was just Beej and I because Gigi had gone down early with her Janou. We just cranked up the tunes and had a good time! Spent some time in Huntsville at my parents house and with the whole fam - we celebrated my Nana, my uncle and my aunt's birthdays while we were there with a yummy trip to Outback! We haven't been in forever and the steak was SO good.....after that we headed to B-ham to spend some time with my aunt and uncle and their kiddos. The guys played golf on Sat. in Hville and I must brag on my man - even with a sprained thumb he shot a 77!!!! Oh, yeah!

While in B-ham my aunt treated us to her latest "addiction" - the Yogurt Lab! So much fun! You choose your flavor yogurt and then they have bars of toppings and you choose your toppings then they weigh it and they charge you by the ounce. Gigi had strawberry yogurt with gummy bears and sprinkles, and I had a super chocolate indulgence with chocolate yogurt, chocolate chips and a little fudge! It's so modern and sleek inside - they had these great little mini tables for the girls to sit at. A really fun experience!

Sunday afternoon we went to my aunt and uncle's community Fall Festival. They live in this awesome neighborhood community - everyone knows everyone, everyone has lots of kids and they do lots of festive things all through the year. This was a Fall Fair and they had hot dogs, rides, face painting, and bouncy things. The girls had so much fun playing together and absolutely wore themselves out! We also did something called a Butt Sketch - there are actual artists who do sketches of your backside! Lol! It's not a dirty as it sounds, it actually turned out super cute and we're going to frame it at some point.....the artist, Krandal, was so nice and funny! It took about 7 mins. to do it and Gigi even made it through quite well!

Here we are posing for our butt sketch!!! He made us look quite fabulous!!! Lol!

We came home yesterday - sad to part with family and friends but back home is nice too. I do hope we aren't here in Rutherfordton forever......We have a little over a year or so I think because I want to move before Gigi officially starts kindergarten. I think we'll do the More at Four here but hopefully move on before school officially starts......

I ate like crap all weekend and totally skipped out on my work outs for a week. Yeah, you heard me - a whole dang week!!! I am quite disgusted with myself but maybe I needed the break to remind me why I put in the hard work I put in.....I felt awful, fat and slow! Lol! That's just being honest. I ate lots of junk and feel bloated. Before I left I decided when I got back I'd try this thing called Tri Cleanse. It's a dietary supplement and you take it twice a day along with a good diet and then see what it does! Lol! I did a little research on this product and beware, what I have to say in the following few sentence is a little nasty (and kinda funny too!!! Beej and I had a good laugh over it all!) But this product is a colon cleanse. Most people, according to research, have anywhere from 10-25lbs of dried fecal matter stuck in their colon! This leads to bloating, fatigue, back ache, irritable bowels, head aches, etc. I've heard that cleansing your colon occasionally can lead to weight lose and just an overall feeling of feeling better! So I'm trying it! I've been instructed to stay near a bathroom all day. I'll let you know how it goes! Gosh, some of the things I try.....

I also starting eat right again today, I've got about 10lbs I hope to get off before Christmas and at least 5lbs before Thanksgiving. I've got to buckle down hard because I know that the Holidays always make it really hard to eat right....we do so much traveling around that time too and that makes it hard to focus on a work out routine. I'm hoping to get some new bands this week since I can't put up a pull up bar at this house I'm going to use bands instead with P90X. But I'm going to wait and officially start that Nov. 1st. For now I'm going to just keep doing a mix up of Insanity, P90x and a little Turbo Jam.

I can't believe we are so near all the fun Fall holidays! Halloween is Sunday! We finally decided on a costume for Gigi, she is going to be a bee and we are going to paint her face! It's going to be so cute....I've wanted her to be a bee a couple of times over the past few years but it never worked out due to some one else being a bee or something! So I'm excited to get her to be a bee before she's too old......and then Thanksgiving and Christmas! Already starting our Christmas lists!!!!

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