Saturday, October 9, 2010

Night Out.

So last night Beej and I had a "date night" out - much needed and much appreciated! My dad and brother are in town and they graciously kept Gi last night so we could go out and enjoy ourselves and also support an amazing band.

We drove to downtown Charlotte to Amos' Southend - we saw Mute Math there last year in November and it's a really venue. I was so thrilled that Campbell the Band was getting to head line there!

We got there a few minutes before the doors were supposed to open so we walked around the corner and grabbed a sub at the Sub Station. When we got back the doors still weren't open so we decided to walk around a bit and enjoy the night and the beautiful downtown Charlotte skyline. We ran into one of the band members on the way back and said hey, exchanged hugs, what-not.

We got in right before 8pm and found out there were three opening bands before Campbell. So we grabbed a couple of seats - it's most standing room but they have some bar style tables around the bar area. I knew Campbell wouldn't be playing for a bit and I didn't want to stand for 3 or 4 hours straight. So we sat through the opening acts - there were three - Jackal & Dice, Air Station and Harvard. J & D and Harvard were really great. J & D had a bit of a bluegrass meets rocks sound - really cool and the lead singer had a good voice. I wasn't impressed with Air Station, they had a few technical difficulties but even without those I still wouldn't have been impressed. They seemed a little "showy", not really into their music and a little generic. Harvard was GREAT! A little heavy here and there but super talented and the lead singers voice was awesome. He was hitting some insane notes. Very creative, unique. Beej and I shared a Red Bull during the third act, I think we were both a little sleepy and needed a jolt so that we could really enjoy Campbell. (Check out Jackal & Dice HERE! And Harvard HERE!)

Once Harvard was done everyone spread out a bit to grabs drinks or use the bathroom before Campbell we got up and got great "standing area" right at the front! I was thrilled because I'm so short anywhere else is nearly impossible for me to see. I'm sure some people hated that Beej was in front of them but no one complained! We watched the guys set up their stage and it was so cool and very creative - Black tree cut outs, black umbrella's hanging from the ceiling, light bulbs on stands that pulsed with the drum beat and the guys all wore head to toe black! They had a black drop cloth with a large moon and lighted "stars" on it....all in all a very creative, magical feel to the whole stage. They opened up with "Cancer" and I was SO thrilled, my favorite Campbell the Band song. They did a slightly different version musically but it was stunning! Matt Padgett, who I've known for awhile, did all the lead vocals and I forgot how amazing his voice is - his range is lovely! The guys were so real and so into their music - I think that makes some of THE best live shows. Some bands spend the whole time just trying to be impressive and end up not impressing anyone, it's the band that just get up there and show how much they are in love with their music are the ones that make you fall in love with their music as well. The music set wasn't nearly as long as I had hoped for and all the songs they did were impressive although most of them I hadn't heard before because they aren't on their EP "Bear With Us" but I enjoyed them none the less. I was slightly disappointed they didn't do "Get Brave" or "Through Your Veins" but we bought the EP afterwards so I can listen to them! Their EP is great but much more mellow and "raw" then they are live. I'm so eager for them to put out a full length album with all the songs they did last night! My hubby said he was beyond impressed with them! We've seen some awesome bands (Mute Math being THE best) but I think I would put Campbell the Band in my top three live performances - yeah, they are that good, and yeah, they are going to be HUGE! I'm so excited for them all - Matt, Grant, Cole, Michael and Dominic - make sure you check them out and purchase their EP -

And if you ever have the chance to see them live DO IT! Don't hesitate, just go!!!!

I even bought a t-shirt - I think it's the only band t-shirt I own! I plan to get a MM t-shirt next time we see them but Campbell is my first official band t-shirt!!! Lol!

All in all, we had a great night out!!!

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