Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the first day of Kindergarten....

Welp, the day finally came! Gigi started Kindergarten. I feel like we've been thinking about it and talking about it forever. I was afraid we wouldn't get moved and we moved exactly a month ago today! Great timing! We went and saw her room and met her teacher last week and she was really excited. I'm honestly not a big fan of her teacher, so far. She's nice but she seems very uptight and formal. Gi's preschool teacher was so much more outgoing & I really felt like he throughly enjoyed being with the kids. Her...well, I dunno. I'm sure she's great. Her assistant seems super nice & I like her a lot! 

 She was so excited when she got up this morning. Her aunt bought her the backpack and her lunch box. So naturally she decided, at least for now, she wants me to pack her a lunch! So now I'm trying to find some creative lunch ideas for my little picky eater.

Her backpack was SO heavy this morning with all her school supplies! She couldn't even carry it, poor thing. We got there a little too early but I'd much rather be early than late. She was the first in the classroom. She was very excited about hanging her lunch box on a special hook and coloring a picture of a gingerbread man. There were no tears (THANK YOU, JESUS!) and she waved happily as we left. I think she has been ready to get back into the routine of school. Even though we try hard to keep her entertained I think she's just been bored the past few weeks.

The pick up line was insane (all those kids are just the kindergarten classes!). I think there are four or five Kindergarten classes with 18-20 kids in each class. So it's a big school!  I got in line 30 minutes early but by the time I got through the line and actually got her it was almost 20 minutes after school dismissed. But she was very happy and kept saying she couldn't wait to go back tomorrow so I'm pretty pleased with that!

She seemed so grown up carrying her backpack and lunch box in when we got home. She didn't eat a lot of her lunch (which I expected) so she ate the rest when she got home! Lol! They do rest time at school but I can tell she's exhausted, I think we'll start doing a short nap when she gets home....maybe.

One a side note I've been planning to start running now that we live less than half of a mile from a really great park with a paved trail and a nature trail. So after I dropped off Gi at school I headed over there and it was super busy. A few middle aged moms but mostly old people with dogs! Haha! But I ran and I'm proud to say I ran 3 miles in 35 minutes with only 3 short breaks. Woohoo! I'm hoping to do that at least 3 days a week maybe more. I just need something new, I'm tired of my old work out routines so maybe this will give me a big of a boost. My eating habits have been crap since we moved and I eat junk from the deli. I've got to get that together too, ugh! But yeah, one step at a time....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

....and then we moved!

So we have finally moved, people! It has been an extremely busy three weeks. We found out we were moving about a week and a half before we actually moved. Luckily we had gotten rid of everything we didn't absolutely have to have and packing wasn't too bad. Especially since my husband did most of it! My husband's friend and his wife came and helped us load up, it didn't take long to load everything and then we headed up the mountain! The hard part came when we got to our new place. We're on the third floor and there is no elevator. Yeah, it took forever, we were all dripping sweat and exhausted. I can't thank our friends enough, it was such a kind act on their part and such a HUGE blessing for us. But we're finally moved in. Currently we are renting from the owner until the bank processes everything and actually lets us buy it. We are getting closer, we think. Lol! They keep telling us "soon". We were hoping by the first of September but who really knows. I'm just happy to be up here and near work. It's been so nice being like 7 minutes away. The hubby is still about 25 minutes from work but that's way better than an hour away. We are just ready to really call this place ours and be home owners.

We've been dealing with vehicles issues since we got up here. We are down to one vehicle and now it's been having issues. After several trips to the mechanics we've finally figured out it's a part in the transmission going out. Not the whole transmission but an expensive part. And since we have so many miles on our Jeep they've told us it would be stupid to replace the expensive part & risk the actual transmission going out any time. So we are going to have to replace the whole thing. Oy. BUT the good news is we've worked out getting a second vehicle now. We wanted to wait to take out a car loan until after we get this house purchased but since that is taking awhile we really needed a second car by the time Gigi starts school on Tuesday. So we are purchasing a car from family....it's really worked out well and I'm very grateful. I was starting to really worry but every time I did I just prayed....HARD! And even though things haven't gone perfect every time a need or an issue comes out somehow God works it out for us even if it's not in the way we imagined. We truly are blessed.

For now everything in the new place is kinda neutral. The bedroom walls and carpet are all various shades of cream and beige. The main living room/kitchen/dining space is all various shades of grey with wood flooring. And as pretty as it is my husband and I had already decided that when we moved we wanted to go the complete opposite of neutral and go with bright bold colors! Now I'm just trying to decide which colors! These are a few inspiration photos I've pulled.....

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday. Honestly I'm feeling sorta, well, undecided on it. It's kinda weirding me out that I'm 26. I don't feel that "old", but part of me is happy with who I am, slowly, becoming as a person. I've grown and changed a lot of the past few years and I hope to continue to do so. The hubby is working and I'm going to be driving to TN to meet up with family and get my "new to me" Explorer. So I think we're going to do a little window shopping and grab lunch. And then the hubby is taking me out for Mexican for dinner. We have a place up here called Papas & Beers that is supposed to be really good authentic Mexican food. So I'm excited to try it out!

The kiddo starts Kindergarten on Tuesday. We've checked out her school and it's really big! There are 4 or 5 K classes with 20 students each. Whoa. We're going to meet her teacher and see her classroom Friday. She's more excited now that we've been to visit the actual school. I think she'll still be nervous the first day but I think she's going to have a blast. We went and bought school supplies last night so we are ready to roll!

Her school is less than half a mile from the house and we also have an amazing park too. I'm hoping to get into running now. Drop her off at school then go run at the park. I'm getting kinda bored with my home work out programs and I just need something new to try and challenge myself at.

So that's what's up with us! Hopefully I'll be able to say we are home owners soon!