Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."

We are home from our little weekend trip to Savannah. It was such a great time, we enjoyed seeing Beej's brother and his family so much. It was Gianna's first time to actually spend time with them and she loved them! I hope we'll get to see them more often.
It is good to be home though, I love to travel but I always love to come home! I like to be where I am comfortable and my routine is established. Gianna is a great traveler but I do enjoy the routine I have with her when I am home.
I have so many "plans" for June and I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish them all. It seems every plan takes money and I currently don't have a ton of that pouring in! Lol! I am looking at getting a part time job. Since Beej will be home more with his job "change" coming up. And my mom is out of school for the summer so between Beej, her and my sister I'm hoping I wouldn't have to put Gianna into daycare or anything. Plus not only would the extra money be nice but it would be nice to kinda "get out" and have a little edge of independence back too. Plus, like I said, I have several projects I'd like to get done this month for Gianna.
Beej only has 8 more days of work at the plant and the he starts his new "job" officially and he'll be gone half of June to help the band at some Summer Camps.
Gianna is officially, in my book, ready for potty training! She came to me earlier today and said, "Time for di-pee change, momma!" and sure enough her diaper was full! And then just a few minutes ago she came to me and turn around so I could check her diaper and said, "I have poopy now!" Dear Lord!!! June is the month of change at the Carroll household for sure!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Savannah Sun

Savannah was beautiful today! A little hot but not unbearable by any means! I was just so glad to see the sun shining all day long! I felt all "sunny" today! Even wore bright yellow in honor of it.......
Didn't sleep in much but I'm not one for late mornings, I like mornings so I don't sleep in often. Why waste the day especially when you are on vacation? Beej got up early and went golfing with his big brother, Matthew (aka Uncle "Peaches" to Gianna!). Gianna slept in late for her, but she went to bed 2 hours after her normal bedtime! Then she was very patient while I got ready, watched her favorite cartoon - SpongeBob (or G-bob as she calls him!). Then we ventured across the parking lot for a late breakfast at Denny's! She wore her sunglasses and wouldn't take them off! Everyone thought she was a little diva. She wanted pancakes so we split a plate. Then we headed over to visit with my sister in law, Candi, who is much more excited about seeing Gianna then us! Lol! She offered to keep Gianna most of the day and overnight for us so we could enjoy some time to ourselves. Gianna was thrilled about staying and when we went to leave she said, "See you guys!" Lol! She is just too sweet!
We spent the afternoon/evening down on River Street in downtown Savannah. We took a trolley tour of Savannah, which was awesome! It's so beautiful! Then we ate a early dinner at Tubby's Tankhouse - yum! I had broiled shrimp! Checked out the shops, did a little shopping and bought a delicious caramel apple at Savannah's Sweet Shop. Too good!
I hate that we have to head home tomorrow, I love hanging out here and spending time with Matthew, Candi and Magyn! They are such great people!!! But I'm sure our cats will be happy to see us!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The way things go....

We are in Savannah, Ga for the weekend and I'm so happy to have a few days to relax and enjoy myself with family! Beej's brother and sis in law are always so much fun, so generous and welcoming! I love visiting them and everytime we visit I wish we lived closer to them. Gianna loves them already, "Aunt Candi" and "Uncle Peaches"! They have been kind enough to offer to keep Gianna tomorrow evening so that Beej and I can go down to Riverstreet and eat dinner, shop around and just enjoy some time with each other! I'm very excited and very thankful!
So I have decided that the month of June will bring big changes to my routine with Gianna. We will taking away her sippy cup at night - she goes to bed with a full cup of juice or milk and I'm ready for that to be done with. Then I think it's time to move her into a "big girl" bed before we start trying to potty train. I am going to get rid of her crib and changing table and replace it with a toddler bed and dresser. I want to get new bedding and re decorate her room a little more 'grown up! And then the big step - potty training! I'm studying up on a "3 day" method of potty training. I know someone who is trying it now with her son - I hope they have great success and that we will follow in their footsteps in a few weeks time! I can't believe Gianna is getting so big, so fast! I guess I thought she'd be in her crib forever! Lol! But I think I'm ready for this! Or am I?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laughing with.....

I had a great day today - fast paced and busy! Got up early and got GiBug and I ready to go to Greenville with my parents and siblings. They go there to shop at Whole Foods and Costco. It's a fun week day outing for Gianna and I. My parents are always super generous and buy us lunch. We usually go eat at Doc Chey's - yummy Thai food! We also went to Build-A-Bear for the first time and Gianna's "Janou" bought her one. Gianna has fun getting it stuffed and putting a heart in it and "washing" it. We named her Rubi. Gianna has alot of fun out and about, it wore her out though! She slept all the way home!
After we got home I fed her and then left her with Beej for the evening and I went to meet my "bestie" for dinner and some shopping. I love my best friend dearly and wouldn't know what to do without her! We are so different in so many things but some how that makes us even better friends. Our daughters are about 8 months apart - I'm so glad Gianna has a playmate and I have a dear friend! I can be so open and honest with her and I never feel like she judges me or doesn't like me because my opinion is different then hers. She understands where I am in life because she's right there too. We were both married right after highschool, had daughters around the same age, we're both supporting husbands who are pursuing their dreams and trying to be good, christian wives raising good, christian daughters!!! I love her dearly!!!
Tomorrow Beej and I are loading up the Jeep with Gianna, golf clubs, computers and clothes and heading down to Savannah, GA for a mini vaca! Beej's oldest brother, sis in law and niece live there and we are so looking forward to seeing them and spending a little time with them. Plus enjoying the sites and sounds of Old Town Savannah! I can't wait to spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying time with family!!! I'll have pictures to post when I get back of course!!!
We are starting potty training with Gianna next month. It has to be done! I'm tired of changing "big girl diapers"!!! I have heard, through some friends, about a 3 day potty training method and I plan to read up on that and kiss "di-pee's" bye bye in the month of June! It seems like such an overwhelming task! Lol! But I shall conquer it one way or another!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Make Believe

These are lyrics to a song/poem I wrote almost 6 years ago. It was at a time when I felt like my imagination was my only route anywhere.....they seem a little childish now but I still love them!

"Make Believe" Bring your mind to a close,
Let sense take flight,

Open your imagination profile
And let's go wild.
Endless, consistant yet so different,

Put aside the reality
And motion for a ride

When questions arise, push the answer aside

And float for a moment, On endless possibilities....

.....So let's imagine rain in the desert, Or snow in July
Let's pretend the rainbow isn't endless

And that we can fly
That under water is a kingdom of sorts

And each stop we make is a magical port

Let's never stop dreaming or grow to old to see

The bright lights of the world of make believe.

I don't "claim" religion.....

This past year I've been really praying and changing my idea on Christianity and religion. I've had to chance to experience first hand the back lash of so called "christians". Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian and I won't let others stop me from being one. But I am going to be one that I feel pleases God. Not a pious, self-assured, hypocrytical one but one that I feel is trying their best to be what God has asked of them. For years I thought that God was some angry, harsh "pie-in-the-sky" thing that was just waiting for me to screw up so He could punish and humiliate me. But I have finally come to the understanding that God, yes, hates sin (with a passion) but He doesn't deal with what He hates like humans do. He loves us and weeps over us until our hearts our softened and brought back to Him. I've watched people, who claim to be "Christ like" treating people with sin in their lives like plagues. Under the impression that if we show distaste and disgust towards them, that shows that they hate the sin in their lives. But I believe that God can clearly love the person whole heartedly without loving their sin. I don't think God turns His back and "spits" on their existence till they come back to Him and I don't think He wants us to be that way either. I don't understand people who can study the Bible for themselves and experience God for themselves and still turn their back and have nothing to do with Him. I can't imagine my life without God in it. The idea of facing challenges without Him is a scary thing to. I trust Him to help me make the right decision and head in the right direction. I trust him to give me patience and understanding with my daughter and to raise her to be truly Christ like, I trust Him to love me so that I can show true love to those I come in contact with.....I am still learning, each and every day.....

Do you trust Him?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am feeling a little "blah" today. Not really down, or sad, or tired, just "blah"! I don't really have the motivation to get up and do much. I've started on the laundry and thawed out chicken for dinner, managed to get Gianna dressed - although I haven't bothered to change out of pj's myself! But some days are like that! Gianna is watching SpongeBob, whom she loves dearly. And eating a late lunch of peanut butter and jelly. As I was making her sandwhich she said "chockit mil, Mommy" and I was like, "What?" Finally after repeating herself several times I understood she wanted Chocolate Milk with her sandwhich! She is too cute and I love her dearly! And even though it 75 outside and 68 inside she has insisted on wearing her jacket and socks all day!
After much encouraging from lots of people in my life but most importantly my hubby, I have once again picked up my guitar and pen to hopefully starting writing songs again. I often doubt myself and they doubt keeps me from trying things. I see others that are oh, so talented and I tend to just bottle up and hideaway. But I felt sorta inspired lately so I have started trying to play some each day. Beej has listened to some old recordings of a few songs I had written and I has picked one he feels he can resurrect (my words not his!) and make it something. So as soon as my voice heals up ( I have a cold!) I will hopefully record it and get it put up for everyone to listen to! I'm excited to see what Beej can do with it. He's so crazy talented!!! I am beyond proud of him!
Our lives are about to change though, Beej is leaving his job of almost 3 years to pursue his love and passion in life - music - full time! We are excited and yet a bit nervous! We both have prayed and feel this what we are supposed to do and the direction we need to go but it's always nerve wracking to step out in faith! Please pray for us, that God will bless and provide! Beej will be traveling alot now, even more then he has been. Between the band and the "side job" he will be working he'll be gone around 3 weeks out of the month. I miss him terribly when he's gone but I am thrilled he is doing what he loves!
Tomorrow I'm going to refine and finish the lyrics to the song I plan to record and I'll post them for you to read.....they are simple......

Just another blogger....

I didn't start this blog because I think it's cool ( well, it is cool but that's not the point!), I didn't start it because I know others who have blogs (although I think they are cool for having one!).....I started it because I don't seem to be any good at keeping journals or diaries anymore. So I thought maybe if I started a blog I would be able to record some of my thoughts and some of the everyday things that happen that I know one day I will probably forget if I don't have them recorded somewhere. Plus I've missed out on sharing alot of funny "little" things Gianna does everyday. I hope that this blog won't just be a place to "keep in touch" with me but more of a place to get to know me better and deeper! I think so often people see me as one thing when in my head and in my heart I am someone else completely! I enjoy reading other peoples blogs because I feel like it's a small peek into their everyday lives and their families! Some days I may not blog at all and other days I may blog more then once....but check back with me often please!!!