Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laughing with.....

I had a great day today - fast paced and busy! Got up early and got GiBug and I ready to go to Greenville with my parents and siblings. They go there to shop at Whole Foods and Costco. It's a fun week day outing for Gianna and I. My parents are always super generous and buy us lunch. We usually go eat at Doc Chey's - yummy Thai food! We also went to Build-A-Bear for the first time and Gianna's "Janou" bought her one. Gianna has fun getting it stuffed and putting a heart in it and "washing" it. We named her Rubi. Gianna has alot of fun out and about, it wore her out though! She slept all the way home!
After we got home I fed her and then left her with Beej for the evening and I went to meet my "bestie" for dinner and some shopping. I love my best friend dearly and wouldn't know what to do without her! We are so different in so many things but some how that makes us even better friends. Our daughters are about 8 months apart - I'm so glad Gianna has a playmate and I have a dear friend! I can be so open and honest with her and I never feel like she judges me or doesn't like me because my opinion is different then hers. She understands where I am in life because she's right there too. We were both married right after highschool, had daughters around the same age, we're both supporting husbands who are pursuing their dreams and trying to be good, christian wives raising good, christian daughters!!! I love her dearly!!!
Tomorrow Beej and I are loading up the Jeep with Gianna, golf clubs, computers and clothes and heading down to Savannah, GA for a mini vaca! Beej's oldest brother, sis in law and niece live there and we are so looking forward to seeing them and spending a little time with them. Plus enjoying the sites and sounds of Old Town Savannah! I can't wait to spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying time with family!!! I'll have pictures to post when I get back of course!!!
We are starting potty training with Gianna next month. It has to be done! I'm tired of changing "big girl diapers"!!! I have heard, through some friends, about a 3 day potty training method and I plan to read up on that and kiss "di-pee's" bye bye in the month of June! It seems like such an overwhelming task! Lol! But I shall conquer it one way or another!

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