Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just another blogger....

I didn't start this blog because I think it's cool ( well, it is cool but that's not the point!), I didn't start it because I know others who have blogs (although I think they are cool for having one!).....I started it because I don't seem to be any good at keeping journals or diaries anymore. So I thought maybe if I started a blog I would be able to record some of my thoughts and some of the everyday things that happen that I know one day I will probably forget if I don't have them recorded somewhere. Plus I've missed out on sharing alot of funny "little" things Gianna does everyday. I hope that this blog won't just be a place to "keep in touch" with me but more of a place to get to know me better and deeper! I think so often people see me as one thing when in my head and in my heart I am someone else completely! I enjoy reading other peoples blogs because I feel like it's a small peek into their everyday lives and their families! Some days I may not blog at all and other days I may blog more then once....but check back with me often please!!!

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