Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am feeling a little "blah" today. Not really down, or sad, or tired, just "blah"! I don't really have the motivation to get up and do much. I've started on the laundry and thawed out chicken for dinner, managed to get Gianna dressed - although I haven't bothered to change out of pj's myself! But some days are like that! Gianna is watching SpongeBob, whom she loves dearly. And eating a late lunch of peanut butter and jelly. As I was making her sandwhich she said "chockit mil, Mommy" and I was like, "What?" Finally after repeating herself several times I understood she wanted Chocolate Milk with her sandwhich! She is too cute and I love her dearly! And even though it 75 outside and 68 inside she has insisted on wearing her jacket and socks all day!
After much encouraging from lots of people in my life but most importantly my hubby, I have once again picked up my guitar and pen to hopefully starting writing songs again. I often doubt myself and they doubt keeps me from trying things. I see others that are oh, so talented and I tend to just bottle up and hideaway. But I felt sorta inspired lately so I have started trying to play some each day. Beej has listened to some old recordings of a few songs I had written and I has picked one he feels he can resurrect (my words not his!) and make it something. So as soon as my voice heals up ( I have a cold!) I will hopefully record it and get it put up for everyone to listen to! I'm excited to see what Beej can do with it. He's so crazy talented!!! I am beyond proud of him!
Our lives are about to change though, Beej is leaving his job of almost 3 years to pursue his love and passion in life - music - full time! We are excited and yet a bit nervous! We both have prayed and feel this what we are supposed to do and the direction we need to go but it's always nerve wracking to step out in faith! Please pray for us, that God will bless and provide! Beej will be traveling alot now, even more then he has been. Between the band and the "side job" he will be working he'll be gone around 3 weeks out of the month. I miss him terribly when he's gone but I am thrilled he is doing what he loves!
Tomorrow I'm going to refine and finish the lyrics to the song I plan to record and I'll post them for you to read.....they are simple......

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  1. I'm glad you are trying to write more. Try not to compare yourself to other people, it will make you crazy!! Just be the best you that you can be. (does that sound dorky?) Welcome to blogland!