Saturday, May 30, 2009

Savannah Sun

Savannah was beautiful today! A little hot but not unbearable by any means! I was just so glad to see the sun shining all day long! I felt all "sunny" today! Even wore bright yellow in honor of it.......
Didn't sleep in much but I'm not one for late mornings, I like mornings so I don't sleep in often. Why waste the day especially when you are on vacation? Beej got up early and went golfing with his big brother, Matthew (aka Uncle "Peaches" to Gianna!). Gianna slept in late for her, but she went to bed 2 hours after her normal bedtime! Then she was very patient while I got ready, watched her favorite cartoon - SpongeBob (or G-bob as she calls him!). Then we ventured across the parking lot for a late breakfast at Denny's! She wore her sunglasses and wouldn't take them off! Everyone thought she was a little diva. She wanted pancakes so we split a plate. Then we headed over to visit with my sister in law, Candi, who is much more excited about seeing Gianna then us! Lol! She offered to keep Gianna most of the day and overnight for us so we could enjoy some time to ourselves. Gianna was thrilled about staying and when we went to leave she said, "See you guys!" Lol! She is just too sweet!
We spent the afternoon/evening down on River Street in downtown Savannah. We took a trolley tour of Savannah, which was awesome! It's so beautiful! Then we ate a early dinner at Tubby's Tankhouse - yum! I had broiled shrimp! Checked out the shops, did a little shopping and bought a delicious caramel apple at Savannah's Sweet Shop. Too good!
I hate that we have to head home tomorrow, I love hanging out here and spending time with Matthew, Candi and Magyn! They are such great people!!! But I'm sure our cats will be happy to see us!

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