Monday, January 31, 2011

All in a day....

We started our morning around 7:30am but I didn't get this idea, to post pictures
from through out the day in time order, until about 8am.
James over at Bleubird Vintage introduced this idea on her blog this morning
and I loved it!
Although I forgot at several points and missed a lot of the "hour" marks but it was a
good first attempt spur of the moment.
Bug usually watches NickJr. while I make us breakfast and feed the cats.

This morning while I worked out - this is my "recovery" week so my workouts are a little
less intense - Bug put on her ballet outfit, which she would live in by the way,
and I turned her on some "ballet music" and she danced and danced!

After that we had to run into town and go by the Post Office and Wal-Mart.
Bug was SO good at the store - I got her a cup of popcorn chicken from the deli
and that usually keeps her pretty happy while we shop.
(Don't you just love her little striped cardigan?!!!)

When we got home I got a few things done - vacuumed, did some laundry while I finished watching the last episode of Moonlight. I hate that show didn't make it any
further then the first season. So sad, it was really great and Alex O'Loughlin
was a fabulous "I am but I don't want to be" vampire!
Worked on piano a bit, as much as I love Bella's Lullaby it's becoming quite frustrating....

Made us some dinner - kept it simple and healthy tonight.
Breaded some skinless chicken breast in whole wheat bread crumbs and baked it in
the oven - it gives it a little crunch that's nice!
And green beans - Bug had a little Mac N Cheese too but she ate more
green beans the mac, so I was pleased with that!

Before Bug went to bed tonight she helped me make a smoothie for a snack.
We used:
1 Cup Dole Ready-Cut frozen fruit (bananas, strawberries and peaches)
1/2 cup 1% Milk
1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
1 tsp. honey.
Blend and yummo!!!
She said, "Mom, this is the best smoothie ever!"
Ah, the simple joys!

Oh, and also, I called today about starting Bug in dance. She is obsessed with
ballet and being in her ballet "costume" and dancing and I know
she would just LOVE to be in a dance class.
So I've found a small studio with a young, professional dancer who owns it
and teaches. Her classes are small which I think will be perfect for Bug at least
to start out with and very reasonably priced.
So I think we're going to go next Monday evening and see what we think and
maybe get her signed up!!!
I've wanted to do this for her for the past year and now I'm just
so pleased that it's going to work out!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday - Part 2 of 2

First let me say, yup - that's my handsome mister!!!
I'm really quite proud to call him mine!!!

Ok, glad I got that out! Lol!
Today was absolutely gorgeous!
This afternoon the temperature was about 72 degrees out.
Too crazy because it has been so unbelievably cold for what seems like
ages. So we took advantage of the weather and wore our thinnest
shirts and dresses to church this morning and I broke out my Toms because I've
missed them so!
It was so nice - after church we made a stop by Taco Bell (of course!) and then
we went to the park - haven't been there in ages. We took Bug's bike
and spent some time letting her peddle around and running around the slides and swings.

( A little help from Daddy...)

( She is such a ham!)


(So pretty!)

After that we headed home and Bug spent some time out in the yard with Beej
practicing their golf swings! Bug's needs a little work but she'll get it,
I think we are going to buy her a set of real children's golf clubs. We've been
scouting them out and we found an adorable girl's set (pink of course!).
And see, we even broke out the shorts for the occasion of warm weather!
They won't be out long because I think it's supposed to be back to the 40's by Tuesday.
And dang, is it already almost February?
The mister and I were discussing where to go for Valentine's Day dinner today....

After that Bug and I headed out with my mother in law to go to
Costco since we didn't get a chance to go last night.
We scouted around and picked up a few things - I found a great deal on the Flat-Out
Flatbread I LOVE!
My mother in law also bought some steaks - she sent a couple home with us
and the hubby pan seared one up tonight and oh my! was it ever delicious!

All in all, a great weekend.
Now the new week is almost upon us......

Saturday - Part 1 of 2

Friday night Bug spent the night with Grandma while the mister and I had a date night.....
So we slept Friday night, completely uninterrupted (usually I'm up at least once
or twice a night answering to "Momma, I can't find my sock!", "Momma, I
need to pee.....", etc.), and then I we got up and Beej headed out to go golf
with his dad and I worked out, got ready and headed out to pick up Bug.
Ended up hanging out for most of the day while we waited for a client to come
pick up a cat (it ended up my mother in law had the day wrong and she wasn't coming until
Sunday!!! Lol!)
Bug has such a blast playing with all the kitties and "helping" Grandma.
She loves to help vacuum, she gets very intense on sucking up each little bit of hair, dirt,
debris, etc.! So funny the things that entertain children!
After we discovered the customer wasn't arriving until the next day my mother in law
suggested we have a "girls night" and do a little shopping.
So we left Bug with her daddy and Papa J. and headed out -
we ended up getting dinner at Jason's Deli - their Club Lite sandwich is so good!
They serve it with fresh fruit and it's perfect!
After that we went to Costco (but they were closed.....), went to the mall and spent
a bunch of time in Bath & Body Works - sniffing and trying on all the lovely scents.
I really have to force myself to branch out there, I love my "original" scents like
Moonlight Path. But my sis recently got their new scent "Secret Wonderland"
and I LOVED it - so I ended up with some body spray and shower gel.
My mother in law bought herself some stuff - which I was proud of her because
you'd have to know her, she NEVER buys anything for herself.
Then we went by Old Navy - the store is relocating but they get rid of all their
current stock before they move so they were having HUGE sales on their clothing.
So we scarfed up some stuff for Bug - nothing makes me happier then then buying
her stuff! She always looks so adorable in everything but I especially love
Old Navy's clothes - they are cute, sassy and durable. Perfect for Bug!
Even got her a new ballerina outfit and ballet shoes.
I desperately want to get her started in dance lessons, she is obsessed with dancing
and ballet - she lives in her ballet costumes and spends hours watching
Angelina the Ballerina! I know she would love it and be SO good at it.
So sometime this next week I'm going to scout around and check on some studios and prices.

While we were out and about I decided to swing by the piercing shop where I got my
nose pierced. It's not under the same name but the same girl who pierced my nose still
works at the "new" shop. I've been wanting a hoop for my nose for forever but the ones I've tried have been too thick for piercing. When I had it pierced I had it pierced with the
smallest gauge and plus the stud I've had in for quite awhile had a really small post so the
hole had shrunk quite a bit. Even though I've had the piercing for almost 3 years now
I'm still really chicken when it comes to changing my piercing! I can handle the pain as long as
someone else is inflicting it, I can't inflict it on myself! So I picked out a hoop, and she
pulled my stud out and then proceeded to try and get the hoop in but she couldn't find the opening on the inside, she finally got out a piercing needle (that has a hollow end)
and put the hoop end in it and pulled it through.
Dang, it hurt! I didn't cry but my eye was watering like mad!
But it's in, I love it and it's sore as heck!!!

So we had a great day yesterday!
I'm leaving you with a picture of my little buddy,
he thinks everything I do he has to "do" too - he sits right there
while I'm on the computer, he sits in the laundry while I fold it,
he sits by the litter box while I clean it, jumps under the covers while I
make the bed.......he's so funny! I love him to death!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date Night....

We had a great time out last night! Really enjoyable and fun - laid back and no rush.
Most of the time when we go out we usually go to one of our two favorite places to eat-
Outback or Carrabba's.
But last night Outback was totally packed and we didn't want to wait that long
so we decided to do something a little "different" and a little more casual.

So we hit up Moe's Southwest Grill! It was a fun atmosphere and the food is always yummy!
I've only been one other time but the burritos are super tasty. They can make them
with flour or whole grain tortilla. I got the small version of their burrito which
is still plenty of food!!! You can choose what goes in it - I had some chicken,
a little bit of black beans, a little cheese, lettuce and pico.
SO good! I splurged a little and had a few corn chips and queso dip.
My only other splurge night will be when we go out for Valentine's Day. Even then I
still won't have sugar so no dessert but I won't feel bad eating whatever I
want that night!

After that we went and saw Unstoppable. We love Denzel Washington and we saw the TRAILER awhile back and knew it was one we'd like to see but kinda forgot
about it until I checked what movies were playing.
About 45 minutes from us we have a discount theater. It's actually not a bad little
place and you can see movies for $2.50! They usually get movies that have been in
main theaters but aren't anymore, but they get them before they come out on
DVD. So we were down to Unstoppable, Due Date or Love & Other Drugs.
We went Unstoppable and it was a really good movie! A nail biter for sure, I'm missing
a thumb nail now! Lol! But very enjoyable.

I'm pretty proud of our date night price tag too -
not including gas because we filled up in SC where it's a little cheaper
so we got gas for the week.
But excluding that we went to dinner and a movie for $20!!!!
Yup, now that's a fun date on a budget!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today, tomorrow, & the likes.

Bug and I didn't manage to stay home today! Lol! I had barely been up and out of bed before my mother in law called me and asked me if I would ride with her up to Arden, NC. About a 50 minute drive. We usually go there to hit Petsmart for her cattery supplies. Today we went to meet some people who had purchased cats from her and needed to medicine for their cats.
It was kinda a half way point but she didn't want to go alone so I went.
We had to run by the vet first and after we met up with her customers we stopped by Taco Bell and had lunch. I'll admit, we probably eat there way too much but it's good food,
as far as fast food goes and I can eat fairly healthy there (hard shell beef taco!) and Bug loves it too. We just happened to be in the same area the Mister was delivering today we he was
able to stop by and have lunch with us! It was fun getting to see him mid work day.
And Bug always gets a kick out of seeing him in his delivery truck!

After that we decided to swing by a place that I've driven by a million times and thought about stopping at but have never actually done it.
It's called Needful Things Antique store. And it's HUGE! It's a large, two story building.
I'm not an antique collector or anything but I love to look at all the cool vintage stuff and see how crazy the prices are! This place had everything from the tiniest carved ivory skull (about an inch wide and an inch high and priced at $85!) to these massive carved bars and curios. It seemed everything my mother in law and I picked out had a SOLD sticker on it! I guess someone else has good taste too!
The place was endless it seemed and we spent over an hour just walking around looking, ooohhing and ahhhing and wishing!
The reason I have been interested in the place wasn't even because of the antiques or how big it was but because the name - Needful Things - is from a Stephen King book by the same title. In the book the Devil, disguised as a man, opens a store in a small town. The store is called Needful Things. He has something for everyone and a price for everything - usually not money but a trick to be played on someone else. The people in the book feel an overwhelming love, desire or need for the certain object that they are willing to do whatever in order to have it. By the end of the book "Satan" has managed to turn everyone against each other to the point of killing......
Sooooo......that was my curiosity with the place! Not that I expected to walk in and find Mr. Gaunt/Satan behind the counter but hey, ya never know! Lol!

Tomorrow I have piano lessons - I'm getting up really early so that I can get my work out in and clean up before I head out. I'm excited because last week I started learning Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell. One of my favorite pieces of music and not just because it was in the Twilight movie! I think it's just such a moving piece of music. We're breaking it up in sections because it's a bit above my level as of right now but I was SO eager to learn it and be able to play it. Tomorrow we'll start working on the next part......
The Mother in law offered to watch Bug tomorrow so that the Mister and I can have a date day/night! I'm very excited, even if we do nothing but get a movie and take out I would be thrilled to just get to hang out with him!
Bug loves spending time over at her Grandma's so it's a win-win situation!
If we do get to have a day together I'll make sure I snap a few pictures of me and the Mister. He's growing his hair out and so am I! I don't know why I find that so funny but I do!

The weekend is supposed to be sunny and a little warmer (think upper to mid fifties) and I'm pretty thrilled about it - even a hint of warmth would be so wonderful!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random stuff on hump day.

(My boys - getting toasty by the fire!)

This is going to be a rather random post. I don't have a lot to say or share. Nothing important really but I thought I'd share a few pictures.
It was SO chilly and wet and rainy today. I hate rainy days especially if I
have to get out in it. I had planned to stay home again all day today. I managed to do that
yesterday and got some stuff done around the house.
That was again my plan today - we slept in kinda late, the rain and the overcast skies
kept us in bed till almost 8am. Yikes.
So I worked out late and by the time I cleaned up and actually got dressed it was after lunch
time and then my mother in law called and BEGGED me to come over and help
her get her paperwork in order for her cattery so that she could get her taxes filed.
So I got Bug and I ready in a hurry - didn't bother straightening my hair since
it was still kinda rainy out. I think I've worn a pony tail for like a week straight.
Partly because I CAN now and partly because I've been in a hurry to head out
the other half of the time.
We spent the afternoon over there, Bug playing with the kitties and me sorting receipts
and organizing mileage. Whew.
The guys brought us Subway back when they got done at work. It was super yummy!
I skip out on the chips and drink now but I still enjoy turkey, cheese and veggie on wheat!
Bug even ate pretty well. I am doing my best to "balance" her meals and snacks out more.
After our little potty issue this past weekend I realized she needed more fiber
for sure. So she's only a daily regimen of more fruits and veggies, a fiber gummy and
a little Benefiber in her juice in the morning.
So far it seems to be working!
We're home now and I'm tired. Bug is in bed, the Mister is reading and I'm crashed on the
couch torturing myself with American Idol - not much else on tonight and I do like
Steven Tyler!

( Bug watching Blue's Clues. How comfy does that look?!)
(Who stands on their tippy toes while they watch TV?!)

(Me - rockin' my Bama hoodie! Roll Tide, peeps!)

Tomorrow my plan, if I get to stick with it, is to again get some laundry done,
clean up around the house and attempt to work with Bug on her numbers and
letters again. We started awhile back but kinda stopped when the holidays hit but
we've got to get her ready for pre-school in August!
She's so smart and she picks up things so quickly, she did really well when I worked
with her before so we're going to try again. Although what little "teaching" I've
done I've realized it's not something I would want to do forever, such as home school!
Sheesh! That takes some serious dedication and patience. My mom
did it with all of her kids, all five of us. My sisters and I never went to an
actual school until college. My brothers started out being home schooled but
have ended up in public school now. I'm excited about Bug going to school, and
she's even more excited then I am!
I do hope that once she starts school, I can finally get a job and start helping
save towards her starting dance lessons, a new car (our Jeep is running great but we'll need something in the next couple of years.), and possibly a move to somewhere else!!! Who knows!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Life Demands A Smile!

There are times when you have to smile, or else lose your mind!
I don't claim to be a happy go lucky person,
I have great days, good days, Ok days, bad days, horrible days.
But I have ultimately learned that a smile seems
to fix a lot of things and gets you a long way.
It's not always easy, usually it's rather hard but in the end
it's the best thing for you!
I've heard a lot of people talking lately about being happy with yourself.
Just being confident in who you are.
That's all well and good but I've found that people
who constantly have to convince you they are happy
with themselves are really trying to convince themselves as well.
I am happy, for now, where I am in life.
But that doesn't mean I'm completely satisfied.
I do want more and there is nothing wrong with that.
I love being a mother to my beautiful daughter and a wife
to my amazing husband but there is more to me then just that.
I can't find my whole being wrapped up in them and who I am
when I am with them. Nor do I wish that they would find
their whole being wrapped up in me.
My husband is a musician, a golfer, a hard worker,
a friend, a father, and a son on top of being
my husband.
I do not want my daughter to be completely wrapped up
in nothing but her family. I hope she has the courage
and the confidence to step outside her comfort zone and
find friendships and relationships outside of her
People who claim happiness but are only happy when their
world is perfect are truly happy.
I believe truly happy is finding joy not only in where you are comfortable
but finding joy despite your circumstances or surroundings.
I have seen, too often, people who can only be happy when they are
in control and nothing changes.
They aren't good friends outside of their immediate family
because "you" don't fit in with their idea of perfection.
If you can't adapt to their controlling environment then
they want you gone because you remind them that outside of the little
world they've created they are not whole or perfect.
No one wants to be reminded that they need to change!
They are happiest around those they have convinced they are
perfect to. And that is no true happiness.
They don't want to be challenged, they don't want anyone
around that they are jealous of or who remind them they need to
step up.

I don't pretend I'm perfect, everyone who knows me knows that's not the
case. I have plenty I need to work on and change.
I hope and pray that when I come across someone who in my mind is
"better" then me that I don't shove them out of my life but
instead I step up to their level and perhaps challenge them on!
I appreciate greatly some ladies in my life who have
challenged me in different ways -
several have challenged me to be healthier and fitter,
others have challenged me to see myself in a better light,
still others have shown me that encouragement goes
a lot farther then "advice".
My husband has taught me that believing in your dreams
isn't silly or out of fashion.
My daughter has taught me that having a zest for life
is what keeps you young and vibrant!

I am happy!
I'm not trying to convince anyone.
I am teaching myself what happiness truly is.
And sometimes life just demands a smile!

Excuse the mess!

Please excuse the mess around here if you should visit while I'm changing some things around. I'm not super great with the html code stuff and I have to kinda go by trial and error. I'm just hoping I don't mess up anything too badly! So if things looked mixed up and strange it's because I'm working on my blog look! Check back and see if I managed to do what I wanted! Lol! Keeping my fingers crossed!

When you wonder.

Do you ever sit back and wonder about certain things?
I most wonder about people I think.
What makes them tick.
Why they do the things they do, to themselves
and to others.
It's amazing to me how someone can let their bitterness
from a situation that happened long ago
dictate how they feel about EVERYONE!
Somehow that seems so unfair to good people who
truly want to have a good relationship
with you. You've written
them off before they could even try.

I often think about past relationships and friendships
and I wonder where exactly they went wrong.
Or what I was thinking in the first place!
Some people you are glad that
you knew them because it taught you a valuable
lesson. Like how NOT to act or treat

But again, people never cease to amaze me at the things
they will do to others.
How cruel and mean they will be.
How immature they'll be just to feel better about themselves.

Most of my past relationships from when I was
a teenager are long "forgotten".
I dated a few guys throughout my later highschool years
before I married my first and true love.
I do not regret these relationships
mainly because they never went to far and they
taught me some valuable lessons in life.
In fact, I'm friends with two out of three of my exes.
One of them is married and expecting a baby and his wife is
super sweet and has always been nice to me.
The other one is a great guy, almost got married,
works hard and we're friends on Facebook.
I'm glad that I don't have to shy away from these people
or not talk to them because of harmful things in our
past. My husband has no problem with them either.

But what's funny is that past friendships are what
haunt me more then anything.
I may not have been the greatest girlfriend ever,
that's much harder then being a friend!
But not to "toot my own horn" but I'm a pretty darn
good friend. I listen, I don't give advice unless I
think you are asking for it, I do my best to make
sure we go do things that we'll both enjoy,
I never let differences or lack of the same interests
stop me from liking you......
Yet for some reason the people I have tried to be
the greatest friend to have stab me in the back
and left me for dead for all they care.

It blows my mind how sweet, kind and wonderful a person
can seem and how one little thing, blown out of proportion
can have them acting like Satan himself!

Don't get me wrong, I know lots of great people.
I have some very nice acquaintances but
I still don't have that really great
Sometimes I'm a little jealous of women who seem to have
such wonderful friends. People they can get
with, laugh with, talk to, share their hearts with.
I'm a serial bad friend picker!

My last two "best friends" - and I say friends in the
loosest of terms - were rather
controlling and selfish when it came to friendship.
Neither of them liked each other, which was fine,
but neither of them wanted me to friends with the other.
Ultimately they made me choose.......
Of course, both of them had horrible things to say
about the other one behind their backs.
I was a bit shocked because I'm not stupid,
I know if they talk about someone else that way,
but they are nice to their face then they are
probably doing the same thing to me!
They hated each other, for no real reason, and said
some of the meanest things about each to me.
In the end, they drove me away,
I couldn't deal with them.
The sad thing is they were both my age or older.
I figured there would be some level of maturity,
yet there was none.
I felt bad mainly because my daughter was friends
with their children.
I hated her losing friends as much as I hated losing friends.

It's sad because we did have some good times, I look
back and realize they were more "strained"
then I realized at the time but we had
some laughs.

But after everything was said and done,
they ended up being "friends".
How crazy is that?!!!
They are so nice to each other, commenting and complimenting
each other......
I laugh because I know what they are saying behind each others
backs. And I can't imagine being so fake to someone.
I'm sorry, if I don't like you, I don't pretend to.

I stay busy for the most part and I don't think
about my lack of friends.
Oh, don't get me wrong - I have made some wonderful
"blog friends". I love being apart of their lives
through their daily blogs.
But my heart still longs for a true friend.
Someone who knows how to truly be a good friend.
I wish that my husband and I have more young couples/families
to hang out with and enjoy doing things with.
My family has moved now, we do alot with my husbands parents,
but we don't really have a lot of friends.
Perhaps our expectations are too high?
No, I don't think so.
I think we are just in the wrong place to have the kind of
friends we'd like to have.

More then anything I want my daughter to have
healthy friendships.
She misses having someone to play with.
She loved having playdates with my old "friends" kids.
Starting school has been such a huge thing
for her because she knows there will be other kids her age
there. And that is something she talks about all
the time.

I need a friend who is truthful, honest, trust worthy,
confident, outgoing, a good listener,
creative and funny!
Someone my age, who's married and has kids like I do!
Someone to share my love of fitness and health, fashion and shopping,
tattoos, blogging, reading and music with!

I'm starting to think they don't exist!!!

(P.S. This blog was not meant to be a pity party.
Don't get me wrong, I really am happy.
Much happier then I was when I was
trying desperately to please people
who didn't want to be a true friend anyway.
But I still long for a good friend!)

So don't take your friends for granted. Ones who have
stuck by you through thick and thin, who
have been honest and upfront with you even when
you didn't want to hear it,
who have offered help and advice,
who have shared laughs and hugs
and who you know, at the end of everything,
will have your back!

Monday, January 24, 2011 goes on and on and on.....

Today has been a long day. Not necessarily in a bad way but just
seems to have lasted forever. In fact, I'm surprised it's only 8:45pm.
I feel like it should be 11pm.

I got up when my alarm went off at 6:45am.
It's so much easier for me to get up early in the summer because
it gets light out sooner. I hate getting up in the cold darkness
of winter. Brrrr.
But I got up anyway, ate some breakfast ( I eat bran flakes and banana EVERY
morning without fail, at least since the beginning of January.
It's my absolute favorite breakfast!),
worked out - I only managed to get in 65 minutes but
hey, that's pretty darn good.
I had to be ready and out the door by 10:40am
because my dad wanted to meet my sister on her lunch break
from work and her lunch break was at 11am.
I eat six small meals a day so usually my eating times are
7am, 10:30am, 1pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm and 8:45pm.
So I had to wait to eat "lunch" at 11:30am and well,
it sorta threw my whole eating plan off. I ate fine but
my eating times were all out of whack and so what I normally
eat at each time was off. So needless to say I never really
ate dinner tonight, I ended up having what's normally my
afternoon "meal" - a meal bar and low fat string cheese!
But, it was fun to meet up with my sis and hang out a bit
before my dad had to leave today.

After that I ran errands with my dad for the first part of the afternoon.
We did a lot of driving around from place to place and driving
always seems to tire me out for some unknown, silly reason!

Then my mother in law met me at the chiropractor's office and
took Bug to the store while I went to my appointment.
I'm so glad I did too.
My lower back has been bothering me a good bit for the
past week. And I knew I had done something to it
working out. I do a lot of high impact stuff so it affects my spine
a good deal.
He told me my hips were totally out of whack and that
had caused my lower back to "lock up". He said it just
comes from working out hard.
He showed me some stretches to do because I stay really tight
in my hip flexors. And I popped and cracked
like popcorn when he was adjusting me.
Once we were done I was hurting! I guess putting
my hips back in place messed with my hip bone and it
hurt so bad for awhile. I went home and took an Aleve and
that helped, he told me to ice my lower back tonight so once I get
Bug in bed I'm going to lay on the couch, watch a little TV or read and
ice my back! Fun times!

Ran by the store and picked up a few items. We seem to go through
banana's like mad. I guess because I usually eat one a day and then
if anyone else in the household eats them they just seem to go so fast!
Bug started in on another pirate kick last night and "needed" some
pirate dress up items so we looked around and found her some -
a hat, hook, spyglass, etc.
I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow of her and post.
She's so funny running around yelling "Aaaarrrgggghh!"

And here's a random thought-
I'm totally craving hot wings right now!
Occasionally, when you are eating right you just get this
insane urge for something totally awful for you - and no,
I don't give in but I like to think about it! Haha!
But ultimately I know if I did give in I feel awful that I cheated
myself out of the great feeling that comes from eating
right so I don't do it.
Most people think how bad could hot wings be for you - it's chicken and
hot sauce, right?
Wrong. What people don't realize is that most hot wings
are served skin on - that totally packs on the fat and calories.
Not to mention it's nearly impossible to create a really good
wing sauce without LOADS of butter!
Plus you have the fat/oil the wings are fried in to begin with.
Hot wings are totally unhealthy!
But oh, SO, wonderful!

I'm off to put Bug in bed and put some ice on my back!


Check out Ms. Shelby's handmade crocheted headbands
She is raising money to go on a missions trip
and makes these lovely headbands to
help out with her financial costs.
They are uber adorable and look so warm!
And with the winter we've been having here in the
Carolina's I most certainly needed some!
So my wonderful mother in law
order me and Bug some!
I can't wait to get them!
Check them out, she can make them in ANY color combination
you would like - just let her know what you like!
They are beautiful and going to help
with a great cause!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the eve of Monday.....

It's the end of the weekend. I'm a little sad. It seemed to go
by so very fast this time.
I guess because most of yesterday was consumed with
worrying about Bug and her little "issue".
We finally got that "resolved" this morning, thank God!
We went to church, not the church we regularly attend,
but a small country church my Dad was speaking
at this morning.
I snapped this picture of me in the ladies room!
Lol! I know, kinda lame but I've
learned that unless I take them of myself
there won't be any photos of me!
I totally threw myself together this morning,
literally in like ten minutes I got dressed and headed out the door
because we had decided not to go and then last
minute, after Bug was taken care of, we
decided to go.
I put on my make up in the car and luckily my hair
is now long enough to put into a cute little
pony tail!
The funny thing is the days I think I look the crappiest
are the days people go out of their way to compliment me
on how I look! Never fails! Which is nice.....

After church we all (all being me, Bug, Dad, the Hubs, my sis and her Hubs!)
went out to lunch and had Chinese food. I haven't
had Chinese in forever, but we do actually have a really great
Chinese buffet in town. I was good though and didn't spoil my diet
at all! A little fried rice and some beef and broccoli and a few
orange slices. I did well! I've learned that you can't
stop dieting every time you go out to eat
or have an "occasion". If you do that you'll never ever lose
the weight you want to! Not to mention Chinese food
bloats the crap out of you anyway!
But it was good, a nice treat, and of course spending time
with family is always great.
My dad is such a great guy and he's a lot of fun to hang out with!

We made a little stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to grab a few things....
Of course, because "Pops" is in town, Bug left the store with
goodies. She was pretty pleased with her kitty cat lollipop and
striped monkey. She named them
Kitty-kitty and Monkey-monkey! Lol!
She is so spoiled by her grandparents.

I did go home and make up the work out I missed yesterday.
I did a 45 minute workout using my Nike App.
Bug gets a kick out of watching me -
"What move are you doing now, Momma?"
She likes to know the names so I recite them as I sweat and
breathe heavy -
"Back *breath* Pedal *breath*
Lateral *breath* Jumps *breath*
But I'm glad she's taking interest in it already. Occasionally
she attempts to try the moves too.

After that I cut my father in law's hair and then headed
over to my mother in law's house ( my father in law was
over at my house watching football with
my hubby and my dad!).
Bug and I visited for a bit before we headed back home,
she's in bed now and I'm headed there soon!

My dad heads home tomorrow - it's always sad to see him
go. We are going to meet my sis
for lunch before he hits the road.
After that I'm headed to the chiropractor!
My mom got me "visit" as a
gift! Lol!
Kinda like you would get someone a massage,
she got me a chiropractor appointment.
I'm rather excited because with all the heavy impact
workouts I do my back takes quite a toll.
My lower back has been "catching" lately especially when
I first get up in the morning. So hopefully
he can straighten me out!
I should be in need of a good "crack up"
after a double work out in the morning.
Yes, people, the week is about to start!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Picture Post!

Thought I would update with a few pictures, I try to snap some when I think about it but usually the moment has passed before I think about it!
Here's a a couple of pics of my sweet girl!
I swear she gets cuter every day.
Her hair is finally getting long enough to start trying a few
little hairstyles - we have high pigtails, low pigtails, one ponytail
side swept bangs and then all in her face which is
how she prefers to wear it! Lol!
I can't believe she's two months away from being FOUR!!!

My sweet boys!
It's funny saying that now - thinking all this time Gypsy was a girl!
Gandalf (grey) and Gypsy (white)
I have such great cats - they are sweet, fairly docile and only get
excited when they know it's time for a "goody"!
Cats are THE best pets!

Gypsy went to "Grandma's" last night
and got a bath and got groomed.
I don't have the patience or the skill to do it. She does
it quite often since she owns a cattery and has about 25 cats!
He was really good for her - last time I attempted it
he clawed my neck really good. Not fun!
But now he smells really good and his fur is all

I don't have any pictures from tonight but
we went to my husband's niece's birthday party
this evening. Bug was feeling a little better and wanted
to get out so we went.
It was fun - Bug enjoyed some cake and a few chips,
I think it's pretty much all she's eaten all day.
They had a big screen set up with
the dance game on the Wii.
I actually got up there and danced with my sister in law!
It was really fun!

Bug is still feeling a little "under the weather".
We're hoping the laxative starts working soon.
Fingers crossed.
She's had two doses and if something doesn't
happen soon we are going to have
to go to the dr. on Monday.
And I SO don't want to do that.
I know she's miserable and I just feel so bad for her.
I think now it's a fear thing,
I think she needs to go but is scared to.
I'm not sure how tonight is going to go......
I'm sure I'll report about it later!

Tomorrow I'm going to make up the work out I missed,
maybe go hear my Dad preach since he's in town.
After that I need to re-stock our kindling supply,
it takes a lot of wood to keep the
stove going and keep us warm!
Hurry up, Spring!!!

Some days.....

Some days are just rough. Period. I don't care how positive of an attitude you try to keep or think you have on life at some point you will have a bad day. Used to I would channel my stress by eating, but I'm glad to report that on this oh, so stressful day I haven't turned to food or really thought about it. It's kinda been the opposite, I haven't wanted to eat but I've forced myself to keep up my normal eating routine because I don't want to kill my metabolism. I woke up, quite abruptly, to Bug falling out of bed this morning. Which is so not like her. She's been in a big bed for almost two years now and she fell out only two or three times when when first moved her into it. So I was kinda surprised. But I got her up, comforted her and put her in bed with me. She slept a few more minutes before waking up and telling me she had to go to the bathroom.....and it's all been downhill from there. Off and on throughout her 4 years Bug has struggled with constipation and bathroom issues. For awhile we chalked it up to a fear of going but I think it seems from constipation issues. But today has been the worst it's been for a long time. She's miserable and sick - her tummy hurts and she's been getting so upset that's she's gotten sick to her stomach. We've been pushing fluids and putting fiber in her drinks and this afternoon we finally got her a laxative, hoping and praying it does the trick. I so don't want to have to cart her off to the doctor again. But she's spent most of the day sleeping on and off and camped on the couch watching cartoons. She doesn't want to eat though. I've spent the day in a complete state of stress and frustration. I just want her to feel better and be well! I hate not knowing exactly what to do for her, and I hate not being able to fix the problem right away.

I'll admit I skipped out on my work out today, but fear not, I will make it up tomorrow instead. Sunday is usually my rest day but occasionally, depending on what's going on, I'll switch up and take off Sat. and do my work out Sunday morning instead. I started to work out this morning but I was too stressed to even put half my heart into it. And I've found that if I do it half heartedly I might as well not even do it. It's better if I just make it up another day.

So far though I'm still stuck at a 3.5lb weight loss since I started really watching what I'm eating and doing Insanity but I know I've lost inches. I'm not sure how many because I can't find my measuring tape! Lol! It's helped I think that I've been doubling up three days a week by adding in 30-45 minutes workouts from my Nike Training App. I love that thing! And then I add an additional 20 minute ab workout the other three days a week so I've really been pushing hard!

It kinda floors me seeing people who have made an effort to workout and lose weight before just stop. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you put all that time and effort into something like getting healthy and watching your body change for the better and then let it go and go right back to where you were before or even worse! I know that when I kinda let my eating habits slip over the holidays I was still faithful to work out 5-6 times a week and seeing that 4lb. gain over the holidays totally freaked me out! I couldn't believe I was letting myself slip back again - I hated being frumpy and "plump"! Lol! And I can't imagine working hard to leave that behind and then go right back to it. At the same time letting yourself slip some is no reason to quit completely - jump back into it, get back into the swing of things! What it boils down to is people are just too lazy (I know that sounds harsh, but I've applied it to myself before!) - they make up all sorts of excuses. And if you are truly happy that way then I say good for you but the reality of it is most people aren't. They hate others for their motivation and will power. I crack up every time someone makes an excuse for themselves to me - even when I don't ask for it. "I just don't have the time.", "I just can't eat that much or that often....", "I just like my sweets!" Yeah, yeah, yeah - I feel the same way some days but you know what, I still keep doing what's right because I want to feel good about myself! People who don't eat all day and then eat a huge, nasty dinner think they are doing themselves a favor by not eating "as much" when in all honesty they probably consume more calories in that one meal then they should all day. Sugar is THE biggest issue for most people - they think because they don't eat a lot of food (but spend the day sucking down soda and eating candy) that they should be thin and healthy. They don't realize how much damage they are doing to their metabolisms. But hey, in the end, they are the ones who have to live with their poor body image and awful feelings about themselves. I have ceased to have sympathy for people who are truly capable of changing themselves but won't get off their lazy butts to do it. Plain and simple. I did it, and if I can do it then so can anybody!!!

Well, I think I hear some cottage cheese and a protein bar calling my name! Gotta run!

(P.S. I know I'm way behind on my "picture posts" but they are coming! I've snapped pictures here and there over the past couple of days and I've already edited them and they are ready to put up just haven't taken the time! So don't get bored and run to far off - check back soon!)