Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some days.....

Some days are just rough. Period. I don't care how positive of an attitude you try to keep or think you have on life at some point you will have a bad day. Used to I would channel my stress by eating, but I'm glad to report that on this oh, so stressful day I haven't turned to food or really thought about it. It's kinda been the opposite, I haven't wanted to eat but I've forced myself to keep up my normal eating routine because I don't want to kill my metabolism. I woke up, quite abruptly, to Bug falling out of bed this morning. Which is so not like her. She's been in a big bed for almost two years now and she fell out only two or three times when when first moved her into it. So I was kinda surprised. But I got her up, comforted her and put her in bed with me. She slept a few more minutes before waking up and telling me she had to go to the bathroom.....and it's all been downhill from there. Off and on throughout her 4 years Bug has struggled with constipation and bathroom issues. For awhile we chalked it up to a fear of going but I think it seems from constipation issues. But today has been the worst it's been for a long time. She's miserable and sick - her tummy hurts and she's been getting so upset that's she's gotten sick to her stomach. We've been pushing fluids and putting fiber in her drinks and this afternoon we finally got her a laxative, hoping and praying it does the trick. I so don't want to have to cart her off to the doctor again. But she's spent most of the day sleeping on and off and camped on the couch watching cartoons. She doesn't want to eat though. I've spent the day in a complete state of stress and frustration. I just want her to feel better and be well! I hate not knowing exactly what to do for her, and I hate not being able to fix the problem right away.

I'll admit I skipped out on my work out today, but fear not, I will make it up tomorrow instead. Sunday is usually my rest day but occasionally, depending on what's going on, I'll switch up and take off Sat. and do my work out Sunday morning instead. I started to work out this morning but I was too stressed to even put half my heart into it. And I've found that if I do it half heartedly I might as well not even do it. It's better if I just make it up another day.

So far though I'm still stuck at a 3.5lb weight loss since I started really watching what I'm eating and doing Insanity but I know I've lost inches. I'm not sure how many because I can't find my measuring tape! Lol! It's helped I think that I've been doubling up three days a week by adding in 30-45 minutes workouts from my Nike Training App. I love that thing! And then I add an additional 20 minute ab workout the other three days a week so I've really been pushing hard!

It kinda floors me seeing people who have made an effort to workout and lose weight before just stop. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you put all that time and effort into something like getting healthy and watching your body change for the better and then let it go and go right back to where you were before or even worse! I know that when I kinda let my eating habits slip over the holidays I was still faithful to work out 5-6 times a week and seeing that 4lb. gain over the holidays totally freaked me out! I couldn't believe I was letting myself slip back again - I hated being frumpy and "plump"! Lol! And I can't imagine working hard to leave that behind and then go right back to it. At the same time letting yourself slip some is no reason to quit completely - jump back into it, get back into the swing of things! What it boils down to is people are just too lazy (I know that sounds harsh, but I've applied it to myself before!) - they make up all sorts of excuses. And if you are truly happy that way then I say good for you but the reality of it is most people aren't. They hate others for their motivation and will power. I crack up every time someone makes an excuse for themselves to me - even when I don't ask for it. "I just don't have the time.", "I just can't eat that much or that often....", "I just like my sweets!" Yeah, yeah, yeah - I feel the same way some days but you know what, I still keep doing what's right because I want to feel good about myself! People who don't eat all day and then eat a huge, nasty dinner think they are doing themselves a favor by not eating "as much" when in all honesty they probably consume more calories in that one meal then they should all day. Sugar is THE biggest issue for most people - they think because they don't eat a lot of food (but spend the day sucking down soda and eating candy) that they should be thin and healthy. They don't realize how much damage they are doing to their metabolisms. But hey, in the end, they are the ones who have to live with their poor body image and awful feelings about themselves. I have ceased to have sympathy for people who are truly capable of changing themselves but won't get off their lazy butts to do it. Plain and simple. I did it, and if I can do it then so can anybody!!!

Well, I think I hear some cottage cheese and a protein bar calling my name! Gotta run!

(P.S. I know I'm way behind on my "picture posts" but they are coming! I've snapped pictures here and there over the past couple of days and I've already edited them and they are ready to put up just haven't taken the time! So don't get bored and run to far off - check back soon!)


  1. Hey girl! I just found your site and love the fact your so genuine definitely will follow.
    I can totally relate to that feeling of no matter how hard you try, one cannot cheer up, food is no solution at all, it will only bring further frustration, but working out will you haha endorphines make you happy! ... Hope things get better soon!

  2. Well, thank you, darlin'!!! I appreciate the compliment and I'm always happy to welcome new followers! I'm following your lovely blog now as well - I can always use help with fashion tips and ideas!!! I always try to be straight up honest about my life and how I see it.....!