Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself, or go nuts! Last year I took a full 60 days off from sugar and I felt amazing, lost weight and loved it! Then slowly but surely I started eating sugar here and there and before you know it I was hooked yet again. Starting at the beginning of this year I cut out sugar again along with just eating healthy overall. The first week is H*ll, pardon my French! I feel awful and every time I see or smell anything containing sugar I drool and fall apart and cry and whatever else! Lol! It sounds so silly but it's true, I get totally addicted to sugar! But after a week, or sometimes two, I feel good - I feel strong. I can now get my daughter a Chewy Chip-A-Hoy cookie without salivating to death! But I do have a few items that do help me through my "sugarless" days. One of the things I love and I have a couple a week as a snack in the evening when I feel a sugar/sweet tooth moment coming. And that's Jello's new Sugar Free, 60 calorie Mousse. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not but I do!!! So far I've only tried the Chocolate Indulgence flavor, but I think I may try the Mint Chocolate flavor next time since I LOVE Mint Chocolate.

It's light and creamy and really tastes great - now granted for someone who is eating sugar regularly it might not taste so great but since I haven't been eating sugar it tastes totally decadent to me!!! Lol!

I will admit that I do have one item that contains refined sugar but I have it in a very small amount and I honestly drink it because it's recommended for after a hard work out so I usually have a little chocolate milk after my work out - it's a quick pick me up that my body needs after pushing that hard. I usually make it myself with skim milk, about 4 ounces, and then I add a tablespoon of Nesquick. It has a little less sugar than most chocolate milk additives.

So those are my two indulgences, peeps! I'm doing great with eating right. I haven't cheated! Hooray! And I do feel really good. I'm starting to see my body shape up again and tone up. I still have about 6lbs. to go to my ultimate goal weight and I'm working hard towards it. My goal this time is to do two rounds of Insanity back to back so that will be a total of 120 days. I think my reward at the end might be a new tattoo?!!! I've been thinking about it but I need to go talk to my tattoo artist and see if he can do what I want him to. Can't spill the beans yet on what I'm thinking about, wouldn't want anyone stealing my idea (had that happen before!). But I'm gearing up for summer - I'm so ready for it to be here, ready for the heat, the pool, shorts, cookouts, longer days, etc.

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