Sunday, January 2, 2011


I know that everyone has probably been waiting for my "Yay, it's 2011!" post and you're probably wondering where it is. You probably won't get it! So don't hold your breath any longer! To be quite honest, 2011 started off rather sour for me. No particular event or great calamity was the cause of this. Just little things here and there that built up. I went to bed around 10pm on New's Year Eve in a crabby mood - we went out with the in-laws to Outback for dinner. We had a good time with them but the restaurant was crazy packed and Bug couldn't sit still at dinner, etc. I can't say New Years Day was much better really. Just stayed around the house, made some snacks and watched football but even that wasn't very exciting - even though the Tide Rolled and we kicked butt it still just wasn't exciting.

It's kinda hard for me to really believe it's a new year. I realize this one is going to go by just as quick or quicker then last year. That kinda scares me in some ways because it means I'm getting older faster, my daughter is growing and changing faster then I can wrap my mind around, we are kinda stuck in limbo as far as what we want to do and where we want to be and how we'll get there. I keep praying for this miraculous answer - that suddenly we'll just KNOW what we're supposed to do and how we're supposed to get there. But I've learned that God doesn't usually work that way! And my patience is thin.

The past week or so it just seems like one thing after the other is going wrong - I realized the other day that the Jeep I drive, which is kinda borrowed from my parents, doesn't have any paper work in it. No registration, no insurance card, NADA. So now I'm freaked out to drive it because IF I did get stopped (and I've only ever been stopped one time for spending, and got off with a warning!) I would be in HUGE trouble! But my parents of course can't find the paperwork. *Sigh* We've also been dealing with a mouse problem. Yep, we live out in the country, not alot of neighbors around, in a old farmhouse. So during the winter apparently this is the field mice populations go to place to keep warm. In the past week we have caught 6 mice. SIX!!! I'm terrified to go in my own kitchen. One came scrambling out the other day and my cats tried to catch it, I screamed and ran! We've put up all the food, we never leave out dirty dishes. I don't know what's drawing them. *Sigh* "Our" main TV went out - we have two. A large one in the living room and a smaller one in my work out room. We don't know what's wrong with it. *sigh* I could keep going on but I'll leave it at that. So now maybe you can see why I haven't really been in a celebrating mood! I'm really trying to stay positive but my grin is a bit forced.

Today was my first official day back on my Insanity work out/diet plan. The first week is so hard but after that I get into a routine and it's a little easier. It's never easy but it gets easier. Fixing all the food is not too hard when you are at home but when I know I'm going to be gone for most of the day or out and about it is hard. I have to make sure I plan ahead and prepare and pack all the food I have to take with me. And some of it isn't easy to just throw into a cooler and go. Tomorrow I have to drive just over an hour to take my daughter to the dentist. That in itself has been a nightmare, trying for six months to get her tooth filled. They still aren't filling it tomorrow. She is getting them cleaned and then I have to sign paperwork so that they'll make the appt. to have her tooth filled. And they've had my money for months as well....*sigh*

Ok, so this blog is depressing! I swear I'll cheer up soon and be back with some happy posting! For now my hubby and father in law are tearing up the floor in the counter under the sink and attempting to seal it off so that hopefully mice can't come up through it....keeping our fingers crossed.


  1. fantastic blog!!

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  2. Your insanity workout/diet plan sounds like something I had to go through last year when I was competing in a figure competition. I had to carry a cooler of food as well, it was horrible. I hope you get into the swing of things easily enough.
    Good luck at the dentist with your child! Aaack! Yuck!