Saturday, January 22, 2011

Picture Post!

Thought I would update with a few pictures, I try to snap some when I think about it but usually the moment has passed before I think about it!
Here's a a couple of pics of my sweet girl!
I swear she gets cuter every day.
Her hair is finally getting long enough to start trying a few
little hairstyles - we have high pigtails, low pigtails, one ponytail
side swept bangs and then all in her face which is
how she prefers to wear it! Lol!
I can't believe she's two months away from being FOUR!!!

My sweet boys!
It's funny saying that now - thinking all this time Gypsy was a girl!
Gandalf (grey) and Gypsy (white)
I have such great cats - they are sweet, fairly docile and only get
excited when they know it's time for a "goody"!
Cats are THE best pets!

Gypsy went to "Grandma's" last night
and got a bath and got groomed.
I don't have the patience or the skill to do it. She does
it quite often since she owns a cattery and has about 25 cats!
He was really good for her - last time I attempted it
he clawed my neck really good. Not fun!
But now he smells really good and his fur is all

I don't have any pictures from tonight but
we went to my husband's niece's birthday party
this evening. Bug was feeling a little better and wanted
to get out so we went.
It was fun - Bug enjoyed some cake and a few chips,
I think it's pretty much all she's eaten all day.
They had a big screen set up with
the dance game on the Wii.
I actually got up there and danced with my sister in law!
It was really fun!

Bug is still feeling a little "under the weather".
We're hoping the laxative starts working soon.
Fingers crossed.
She's had two doses and if something doesn't
happen soon we are going to have
to go to the dr. on Monday.
And I SO don't want to do that.
I know she's miserable and I just feel so bad for her.
I think now it's a fear thing,
I think she needs to go but is scared to.
I'm not sure how tonight is going to go......
I'm sure I'll report about it later!

Tomorrow I'm going to make up the work out I missed,
maybe go hear my Dad preach since he's in town.
After that I need to re-stock our kindling supply,
it takes a lot of wood to keep the
stove going and keep us warm!
Hurry up, Spring!!!


  1. Ugh! I'm ready for spring, too. ;)

    Your little one is so precious and she looks so cute and happy in these pics!

  2. Your daughter is the cutest little girl.

  3. Ah, thanks! I certainly think she's scrumptious!