Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday - Part 1 of 2

Friday night Bug spent the night with Grandma while the mister and I had a date night.....
So we slept Friday night, completely uninterrupted (usually I'm up at least once
or twice a night answering to "Momma, I can't find my sock!", "Momma, I
need to pee.....", etc.), and then I we got up and Beej headed out to go golf
with his dad and I worked out, got ready and headed out to pick up Bug.
Ended up hanging out for most of the day while we waited for a client to come
pick up a cat (it ended up my mother in law had the day wrong and she wasn't coming until
Sunday!!! Lol!)
Bug has such a blast playing with all the kitties and "helping" Grandma.
She loves to help vacuum, she gets very intense on sucking up each little bit of hair, dirt,
debris, etc.! So funny the things that entertain children!
After we discovered the customer wasn't arriving until the next day my mother in law
suggested we have a "girls night" and do a little shopping.
So we left Bug with her daddy and Papa J. and headed out -
we ended up getting dinner at Jason's Deli - their Club Lite sandwich is so good!
They serve it with fresh fruit and it's perfect!
After that we went to Costco (but they were closed.....), went to the mall and spent
a bunch of time in Bath & Body Works - sniffing and trying on all the lovely scents.
I really have to force myself to branch out there, I love my "original" scents like
Moonlight Path. But my sis recently got their new scent "Secret Wonderland"
and I LOVED it - so I ended up with some body spray and shower gel.
My mother in law bought herself some stuff - which I was proud of her because
you'd have to know her, she NEVER buys anything for herself.
Then we went by Old Navy - the store is relocating but they get rid of all their
current stock before they move so they were having HUGE sales on their clothing.
So we scarfed up some stuff for Bug - nothing makes me happier then then buying
her stuff! She always looks so adorable in everything but I especially love
Old Navy's clothes - they are cute, sassy and durable. Perfect for Bug!
Even got her a new ballerina outfit and ballet shoes.
I desperately want to get her started in dance lessons, she is obsessed with dancing
and ballet - she lives in her ballet costumes and spends hours watching
Angelina the Ballerina! I know she would love it and be SO good at it.
So sometime this next week I'm going to scout around and check on some studios and prices.

While we were out and about I decided to swing by the piercing shop where I got my
nose pierced. It's not under the same name but the same girl who pierced my nose still
works at the "new" shop. I've been wanting a hoop for my nose for forever but the ones I've tried have been too thick for piercing. When I had it pierced I had it pierced with the
smallest gauge and plus the stud I've had in for quite awhile had a really small post so the
hole had shrunk quite a bit. Even though I've had the piercing for almost 3 years now
I'm still really chicken when it comes to changing my piercing! I can handle the pain as long as
someone else is inflicting it, I can't inflict it on myself! So I picked out a hoop, and she
pulled my stud out and then proceeded to try and get the hoop in but she couldn't find the opening on the inside, she finally got out a piercing needle (that has a hollow end)
and put the hoop end in it and pulled it through.
Dang, it hurt! I didn't cry but my eye was watering like mad!
But it's in, I love it and it's sore as heck!!!

So we had a great day yesterday!
I'm leaving you with a picture of my little buddy,
he thinks everything I do he has to "do" too - he sits right there
while I'm on the computer, he sits in the laundry while I fold it,
he sits by the litter box while I clean it, jumps under the covers while I
make the bed.......he's so funny! I love him to death!

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