Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally melting....

The snow and ice is finally starting to really melt. Yesterday was very sunny and today has been the same way. We went out yesterday and went to dinner with the in-laws so we traipsed about quite a bit and there was only a couple of places that were iffy and that you had to be careful on. I'm going to venture out in just a bit since I know the roads are good and I know where the spots are - yeah, I'm kinda paranoid so I've memorized them! We going to the in-laws again today this time for homemade beef stew! So uber yummy and perfect for the weather....

We had to reschedule Bug's "big" dental appointment. It was supposed to be yesterday, early morning, but we weren't sure things would be good road wise so we were going to cancel but they ended up cancelling on us because they were running behind being closed for two days at the beginning of the week. So she is going this coming Tuesday morning. I'm just glad she'll be out of it for this procedure! They are just going to cap the tooth but there is no way she'd sit still and quiet for a numbing shot and drilling and all we paid a small fortune for them to give her a little medicine that'll make her drowsy and calm. But it's worth it to me!!!

So my diet and work out routine is going well - I'm really proud of myself. No cheating and I've been pushing hard with my workouts. Three time a week I add an extra workout using my Nike Training App on my iPod. I choose the Advanced setting and it really pushes me hard for 45minutes. Plus on those three days I also do a 45 minute Insanity work out which is super intense too. Those days by the time I'm done I'm shaking I'm so tired but after some protein I feel great! The other three days I do the 45 minute Insanity work out (the second month they lengthen to an hour long) and then a 15 minute Ab routine. Usually I used the Ab Jam from Turbo Jam - I love it! But today I switched it up and did a 15 minute Ab workout on my Nike Training App. It wasn't bad but not as fun as Ab Jam. But I try to switch it up so I don't get bored. But after just a week and a half of this I got on the scales this morning and woohoo, I've lost 3.5lbs!!! So now I'm only 6lbs away from my ultimate goal weight. I have an adorable pair of size 4 jeans sitting in my drawer waiting for me to fit in them - I'm hoping by March 19th, which is Bug's birthday party day! I'm hoping six more pounds down and I'll be in them! I love setting a fitness/health goal and then seeing it happen. I did this last year when I started Insanity and I had a goal by Bug's birthday and I made it...I couldn't have been more proud!

The hubs went back to work today after being home since Friday! Usually he has Fri-Sun off. Which I love! It's so nice having a three day weekend. He works 4 ten hour days during the week. But due to the snow and ice he couldn't get out of our driveway Monday and Tuesday it was still so bad where he worked they closed the plant (he works way up in the mountains so it's always worse there.) and then Wednesday it still wasn't looking good. Today they let him brave his way up and then he'll work tomorrow too to help make up some time. It was kinda fun having him home for 6 days straight - being all snuggled up in the house, hanging out with each other. I really enjoyed it!

We're headed out the door now - but enjoy a few pictures from Tuesday when Bug and I went out to play around in the snow a little more. By then it was a bit icy but we still had fun!

Snow days....

Old swing set....

Most certainly boot weather!


Don't ask me why but I actually love this pic of me - no make-up, bad hair and a hat but I love it!


You have no idea how long it takes me to get a decent photo of myself - I always have to take them myself. One day Bug will be big enough to photograph me! Haha!

It's so chilly out!

It's me!


  1. so much snow! woah, you guys rock for going out in all that. cute pics for sure, esp the on you love. the lighting is fab:)

  2. Cutsie pics! I am so glad that the meltdown is continuing. I've had enough of Winter weather!