Monday, January 24, 2011 goes on and on and on.....

Today has been a long day. Not necessarily in a bad way but just
seems to have lasted forever. In fact, I'm surprised it's only 8:45pm.
I feel like it should be 11pm.

I got up when my alarm went off at 6:45am.
It's so much easier for me to get up early in the summer because
it gets light out sooner. I hate getting up in the cold darkness
of winter. Brrrr.
But I got up anyway, ate some breakfast ( I eat bran flakes and banana EVERY
morning without fail, at least since the beginning of January.
It's my absolute favorite breakfast!),
worked out - I only managed to get in 65 minutes but
hey, that's pretty darn good.
I had to be ready and out the door by 10:40am
because my dad wanted to meet my sister on her lunch break
from work and her lunch break was at 11am.
I eat six small meals a day so usually my eating times are
7am, 10:30am, 1pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm and 8:45pm.
So I had to wait to eat "lunch" at 11:30am and well,
it sorta threw my whole eating plan off. I ate fine but
my eating times were all out of whack and so what I normally
eat at each time was off. So needless to say I never really
ate dinner tonight, I ended up having what's normally my
afternoon "meal" - a meal bar and low fat string cheese!
But, it was fun to meet up with my sis and hang out a bit
before my dad had to leave today.

After that I ran errands with my dad for the first part of the afternoon.
We did a lot of driving around from place to place and driving
always seems to tire me out for some unknown, silly reason!

Then my mother in law met me at the chiropractor's office and
took Bug to the store while I went to my appointment.
I'm so glad I did too.
My lower back has been bothering me a good bit for the
past week. And I knew I had done something to it
working out. I do a lot of high impact stuff so it affects my spine
a good deal.
He told me my hips were totally out of whack and that
had caused my lower back to "lock up". He said it just
comes from working out hard.
He showed me some stretches to do because I stay really tight
in my hip flexors. And I popped and cracked
like popcorn when he was adjusting me.
Once we were done I was hurting! I guess putting
my hips back in place messed with my hip bone and it
hurt so bad for awhile. I went home and took an Aleve and
that helped, he told me to ice my lower back tonight so once I get
Bug in bed I'm going to lay on the couch, watch a little TV or read and
ice my back! Fun times!

Ran by the store and picked up a few items. We seem to go through
banana's like mad. I guess because I usually eat one a day and then
if anyone else in the household eats them they just seem to go so fast!
Bug started in on another pirate kick last night and "needed" some
pirate dress up items so we looked around and found her some -
a hat, hook, spyglass, etc.
I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow of her and post.
She's so funny running around yelling "Aaaarrrgggghh!"

And here's a random thought-
I'm totally craving hot wings right now!
Occasionally, when you are eating right you just get this
insane urge for something totally awful for you - and no,
I don't give in but I like to think about it! Haha!
But ultimately I know if I did give in I feel awful that I cheated
myself out of the great feeling that comes from eating
right so I don't do it.
Most people think how bad could hot wings be for you - it's chicken and
hot sauce, right?
Wrong. What people don't realize is that most hot wings
are served skin on - that totally packs on the fat and calories.
Not to mention it's nearly impossible to create a really good
wing sauce without LOADS of butter!
Plus you have the fat/oil the wings are fried in to begin with.
Hot wings are totally unhealthy!
But oh, SO, wonderful!

I'm off to put Bug in bed and put some ice on my back!

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