Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celebrate Good Times!

Last night we had Sister/Girls Night Out! It was a lot of fun and we had a blast together. My sister, C, even let my sister, D, the birthday girl, drive her convertible!!! BIG step for C, I think besides her and her hubby D was the first person to drive it. D was thrilled and it was a great start to the evening. We all got dressed up and headed out into the chilly night. We didn't realize they were calling for rain/snow until the last minute but decided to brave it anyway. It was cold and rainy but the roads were fine, and there was no snow. We headed up the mountain to Asheville and ate dinner at P.F. Changs. Oh, so yummy! And the atmosphere there is fabulous as well. We couldn't decide if our server was a manly woman or a womanly man! Lol! Dinner was good, I ate a little too much but didn't touch the dessert! After dinner we traipsed about in the rain and hit up Barnes & Nobles to browse through the fashion/gossip magazines just for a bit before our movie started. We went and saw How Do You Know? with Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd. Really long, not the most exciting ending but a cute chick flick non the less! We really wanted to see Country Strong but it doesn't come out until Friday. I have a list of movies going already that I can't wait to to see this year!

I hated to see my mom and sis head back to Bama this morning but it was fun getting to spend a few days hanging out with them. Living in separate states makes me appreciate the time we do get to spend together a lot more! But I am glad I got to be with my little sis on her 18th birthday. Maybe if I start planning now I can throw her a big bash for her 21st birthday, oh, wait, she said she didn't want one. Oh, well! But here a few pictures from our fun night out....

My sis, C.

Being silly!

D's birthday "cake"!


  1. i love girls nights...they rock.

    thanks for your sweet words on my blog, friend.

  2. yay for girls night….i could use one right about now!

  3. Yes gotta love girls nights! I also love date nights with the hubby, I am due for one of those soon! Thanks for your comments!