Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date Night....

We had a great time out last night! Really enjoyable and fun - laid back and no rush.
Most of the time when we go out we usually go to one of our two favorite places to eat-
Outback or Carrabba's.
But last night Outback was totally packed and we didn't want to wait that long
so we decided to do something a little "different" and a little more casual.

So we hit up Moe's Southwest Grill! It was a fun atmosphere and the food is always yummy!
I've only been one other time but the burritos are super tasty. They can make them
with flour or whole grain tortilla. I got the small version of their burrito which
is still plenty of food!!! You can choose what goes in it - I had some chicken,
a little bit of black beans, a little cheese, lettuce and pico.
SO good! I splurged a little and had a few corn chips and queso dip.
My only other splurge night will be when we go out for Valentine's Day. Even then I
still won't have sugar so no dessert but I won't feel bad eating whatever I
want that night!

After that we went and saw Unstoppable. We love Denzel Washington and we saw the TRAILER awhile back and knew it was one we'd like to see but kinda forgot
about it until I checked what movies were playing.
About 45 minutes from us we have a discount theater. It's actually not a bad little
place and you can see movies for $2.50! They usually get movies that have been in
main theaters but aren't anymore, but they get them before they come out on
DVD. So we were down to Unstoppable, Due Date or Love & Other Drugs.
We went Unstoppable and it was a really good movie! A nail biter for sure, I'm missing
a thumb nail now! Lol! But very enjoyable.

I'm pretty proud of our date night price tag too -
not including gas because we filled up in SC where it's a little cheaper
so we got gas for the week.
But excluding that we went to dinner and a movie for $20!!!!
Yup, now that's a fun date on a budget!

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  1. You look so pretty! And what a fun night!! I have never been to Moe's before...sounds good! AND I canNOT wait to see that movie! I love Denzel!!