Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday - Part 2 of 2

First let me say, yup - that's my handsome mister!!!
I'm really quite proud to call him mine!!!

Ok, glad I got that out! Lol!
Today was absolutely gorgeous!
This afternoon the temperature was about 72 degrees out.
Too crazy because it has been so unbelievably cold for what seems like
ages. So we took advantage of the weather and wore our thinnest
shirts and dresses to church this morning and I broke out my Toms because I've
missed them so!
It was so nice - after church we made a stop by Taco Bell (of course!) and then
we went to the park - haven't been there in ages. We took Bug's bike
and spent some time letting her peddle around and running around the slides and swings.

( A little help from Daddy...)

( She is such a ham!)


(So pretty!)

After that we headed home and Bug spent some time out in the yard with Beej
practicing their golf swings! Bug's needs a little work but she'll get it,
I think we are going to buy her a set of real children's golf clubs. We've been
scouting them out and we found an adorable girl's set (pink of course!).
And see, we even broke out the shorts for the occasion of warm weather!
They won't be out long because I think it's supposed to be back to the 40's by Tuesday.
And dang, is it already almost February?
The mister and I were discussing where to go for Valentine's Day dinner today....

After that Bug and I headed out with my mother in law to go to
Costco since we didn't get a chance to go last night.
We scouted around and picked up a few things - I found a great deal on the Flat-Out
Flatbread I LOVE!
My mother in law also bought some steaks - she sent a couple home with us
and the hubby pan seared one up tonight and oh my! was it ever delicious!

All in all, a great weekend.
Now the new week is almost upon us......

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