Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've Been....

(I stole this idea from my fellow blogger, Sarah, over at Daughter of the King!)


1. That some things just aren't worth spending time thinking about. They just bring you down!

2. That I can't be jealous of people who get everything handed to them on a golden platter. They don't appreciate the things they have and the things they get nearly as much as I do.

3. Being fit and healthy has made me feel like such a better person - it has boosted my confidence in so many things!

4. Practice really does work! Lol! Two weeks ago at piano lessons my lovely teacher helped me fumble (I fumbled, she didn't) through two Christmas carols I wanted to learn. I left feeling completely overwhelmed and was pretty sure I would never get it. But two weeks later, and after a good deal of practice, I'm getting it! Slow but sure, it's not perfect yet but it's so much better! I'm moving on to Bella's Lullaby next and I'm uber excited!

5. Well, we discovered today that our sweet dear little Gypsy is......*drumroll, please!*.....A BOY! Lol! Yup, after all this time thinking he was a little girl. We took him in today to get his shots and the vet was feeling around back there as I was commenting that we needed to get "her" fixed at the end of the month since she would be 6 months old. And the vet looked at me and said, you mean HE. "She" is a boy!" I was like WHAT?!! We've taken him to the vet several times and the techs have always looked him over and said girl. The vet explained that a lot of Himilayan males have "floaters" which is were their testicules never descend, they stay up in their stomach thus a lot of times they can be mistaken for females! Lol! We are going to continue calling him Gypsy, he knows his names and well, Gypsy's aren't just females they can be males and females so we are leaving the name. When I was younger we had a Persian that we named Kiki after my mom's friend then later discovered that he was a male and not a female but we continued to call him Kiki!

It's kinda funny thinking of him as a boy now - the funny thing is my mother in law has gone on and on about how rare it is to get a female Himi that is so lovable and relaxed. That tends to be more of the male disposition, where females are either more shy or more uptight and crabby. And now we are know, he's lovable because he's a male not a female! I think that's why Gandalf likes him too - they are buddies! Haha! What a discovery!


Brandon Flower's album, Flamingo. Love it! Some of the songs are still growing on me but I know in the end I'll probably like every song on the album. Right now "Only The Young" is my favorite. He is such a talented lyricist, not to mention he has such an amazing voice. It was the first thing I put on my new iPod and I listen to it alot. I'm also listening to Harvard and Ives the Band, also incredible bands that I recommend you take a listen to!


The other night my hubby and I watched Knight & Day and I was pleasantly pleased! I didn't know how it would be - I love Cameron Diaz and I like Tom Cruise but I figured it would be really good or pretty crappy and luckily it was really good. A bit of comedy meets action and a love story. A good movie for guys and girls a like!

I usually like to watch a little TV while I fold clothes. I hate folding clothes and I usually let them pile up pretty bad before I finally resign myself to the fact that they must be folded! So I turn on something interesting to watch while I methodically fold piece after piece of clothing.....and the other day the BBC was having a marathon of The Tudors. I've been interested in watching it mainly because Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in it. And he's fabulous! Lol! So I kinda jumped into it, I know I missed a lot and I hope to start at the beginning soon thanks to Netflix. But what I have seen has been very interesting - dude, those Kings back in the day were a messed up bunch!!!


So I just finished reading 'Water For Elephants' and just let me say, READ IT!!! Great book, great story and now I'm dying to see the movie even more then before. You can click HERE to watch the fabulous trailer - what could be better then Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon?! I must say I was a bit swayed to think highly of the book when I read that Stephen King loved it and since I think he is one of the most brilliant writers ever I was pretty sure it would be a great book. I will warn you that there are a few scenes that are a bit graphic in their detailing!


1. Valentine's Day - I'm always excited about an opportunity to go out
to dinner with my handsome hubby!

2. My hubby's birthday - I know what I'm getting him and well, I just
can't wait to give it to him!

3. My "baby" girl's fourth birthday! I can't believe it's coming up so soon!

4. All the amazing movies coming out in theaters this year -
Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 and Harry Potter Pt. 2 (Although I've yet to see part 1 yet!)
Click titles to see the trailers!


  1. wow, four? can you believe it? it goes so fast. B will be two in July, crazy! oh, as far as working out goes, i do Jillian Michaels. right now I'm working on "6 week 6 pack." B pretty much ruined the old stomach for me. fun. ;) i so want to try P90X though. looks so intense!

  2. P90X is pretty intense, Insanity even more so! I've heard amazing things about Jillian Michaels work out programs, I may have to try her sometime! And yes, my daughter ruined my stomach as well - between stretch marks and the little pooch that just won't go no matter how hard I work out or eat right! Oh, well....they are worth it, right?!!!