Saturday, January 8, 2011

Me & the Mister

Tonight me and the mister got to go out on a bit of an unexpected date. I started off the day with a great work out, then cleaned up and took Bug and headed over to the mother in law's house. We took a quick ride out of town to get some hair supplies I needed to do some people's hair next week. After that I figured we'd just head home and hang out at the house for the rest of the night but she offered to keep Bug for a while so that the Mr. and I could have a much needed date night out!

The start of the New Year has been a bit rough on us - just things here and there that have happened and come up. We've been feeling a bit on edge about things and with each other. I'm pretty sure this happens with most normal couples in a relationship or marriage. There just comes a point when circumstances and life seem to weigh on you heavier then normal and of course the person you are closest to gets the brunt of it. Poor spouses! Lol! Of course there are those couple who never get into it and never fight and that's because they either are just perfectly matched as far as personalities go (and those are rare although I think we know one couple!) or there is a uneven match up - ya know where one person is "in charge" and the other just goes along with it to keep the other one happy (I know alot of those! Lol!)

But the Mr. and I just needed some time out to reconnect and enjoy each other outside of thinking about the stresses of life. So we took off and went out to dinner at our favorite place - Outback! Hooray! Even though my hubby worked there for quite some time and we've eaten there hundreds of times it never gets old and the food is always delicious. You can't go wrong there, and if you do, somethings wrong with you! Just kidding. But seriously - we both had steaks, I skipped the bread and appetizer since I'm doing the Insanity diet but throughly enjoyed my salad, steak and broccoli with a little cheese! Not to mention great company, very pleasing to the eye kinda company!

It was a good, unexpected night out....and I've learned that no matter how rough things get or out of hand they seem at times in the end I know that no matter what I want my Mr. by my side and I want to be by his. Truly, I just love him!

Even in the hard times try not to forget to thank God for your "other half"! You wanted to be with them for a reason, and they with you - don't let circumstances, issues, problems, or day to day routines let you forget that! Love the one you're with!


  1. Such a great reminder! It's so easy to take your loved ones for granted!!

    Glad you had a great night out, and I love all the pics...y'all are one lovely couple!

  2. Thank you! Those pics are from this past summer but I just love them! My sis does photography and she did these for our 5 yr. Anniversary!