Monday, January 31, 2011

All in a day....

We started our morning around 7:30am but I didn't get this idea, to post pictures
from through out the day in time order, until about 8am.
James over at Bleubird Vintage introduced this idea on her blog this morning
and I loved it!
Although I forgot at several points and missed a lot of the "hour" marks but it was a
good first attempt spur of the moment.
Bug usually watches NickJr. while I make us breakfast and feed the cats.

This morning while I worked out - this is my "recovery" week so my workouts are a little
less intense - Bug put on her ballet outfit, which she would live in by the way,
and I turned her on some "ballet music" and she danced and danced!

After that we had to run into town and go by the Post Office and Wal-Mart.
Bug was SO good at the store - I got her a cup of popcorn chicken from the deli
and that usually keeps her pretty happy while we shop.
(Don't you just love her little striped cardigan?!!!)

When we got home I got a few things done - vacuumed, did some laundry while I finished watching the last episode of Moonlight. I hate that show didn't make it any
further then the first season. So sad, it was really great and Alex O'Loughlin
was a fabulous "I am but I don't want to be" vampire!
Worked on piano a bit, as much as I love Bella's Lullaby it's becoming quite frustrating....

Made us some dinner - kept it simple and healthy tonight.
Breaded some skinless chicken breast in whole wheat bread crumbs and baked it in
the oven - it gives it a little crunch that's nice!
And green beans - Bug had a little Mac N Cheese too but she ate more
green beans the mac, so I was pleased with that!

Before Bug went to bed tonight she helped me make a smoothie for a snack.
We used:
1 Cup Dole Ready-Cut frozen fruit (bananas, strawberries and peaches)
1/2 cup 1% Milk
1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
1 tsp. honey.
Blend and yummo!!!
She said, "Mom, this is the best smoothie ever!"
Ah, the simple joys!

Oh, and also, I called today about starting Bug in dance. She is obsessed with
ballet and being in her ballet "costume" and dancing and I know
she would just LOVE to be in a dance class.
So I've found a small studio with a young, professional dancer who owns it
and teaches. Her classes are small which I think will be perfect for Bug at least
to start out with and very reasonably priced.
So I think we're going to go next Monday evening and see what we think and
maybe get her signed up!!!
I've wanted to do this for her for the past year and now I'm just
so pleased that it's going to work out!!!!

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