Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simply Put....

Simply put - I got lazy yesterday and never took the time to blog.
But I did enjoy reading all my blogger friend's posts!
They always have such fun, interesting, helpful, encouraging things to say and I just
love it.
I'm going to be gone pretty much all day today -
going to S'burg to get Bug a few more ballet things, I don't know who is more
obsessed, her or her Grandma!
But I'm blessed that she will be completely outfitted for dance lessons
by the time she starts next Monday!
After that we are headed in the opposite direction to my mother in law's
doctor appointment. She has struggled with some time with her feet,
she's had two or three surgeries on them, pins, bars, etc put in. Yikes!
But she has a problem where the bones in her feet actually start
rotating! Ouch! It's quite painful and basically she has to have the "fixed" every
5 years or so. This is just an examination so I agreed to go with
her and see what they have to say.
We won't be back till dinner time.

Last night the hubs cooked up another amazing sirloin for dinner,
along with steamed broccoli and salad.
My hubby has made the commitment to stick with a healthy eating
plan (minus Super Bowl day and Valentine's!) for the month
of February. My hubby is the kind that really has never needed,
nor does he truly "need" it now, a diet or a eating plan.
He can pretty much eat anything and still look great!
But I'm proud of him for taking the challenge, mainly challenging
himself. It's good to know you have the motivation and discipline to set out
and do something you've set for yourself to do.
I could tell his first day yesterday was hard, it is for everyone.
But he did well and I'm proud of him!
(P.S. I think the picture above would be a great tattoo on my hubby,
just sayin'! For those of you who don't know, my hubby is a musician
and I have been begging him to get at least one tattoo for quite
awhile now. I have 4 and I'm planning another one soon,
but he just hasn't found anything he "wants on his body
for the rest of his life!" Soooo.....I keep making suggestions!)

I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and I will be back!

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