Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Still HERE!

Hello all my blogger lovelies!!!
I just wanted to jot down a quick blog and let you know
I'm still alive and I'm still here.
I've had quite the week, lots going on
emotionally for me. Quite stressful.
I had to pack me and Bug up unexpectedly a day
early to head down to Bama with my
dad. He's been having some health issues and needed
to get back to the doctor but didn't want to
travel alone.
So I packed us up in about an hour and headed
to Bama yesterday. We are here now and
it's so good to see my family!
But we are staying quite busy.....
So you may not hear from me a whole lot this weekend.
But I promise, I'll be back soon
and hopefully with lots of photos of our

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