Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be my Valentine.

We had such a great time out on our early Valentine's date last night! We had originally planned to go out tonight (Sat.) but decided to bump it up a bit and kick off the weekend with some fun. We ran a few errands after we dropped off Bug at her Grandma's to spend to the night and then headed out.....we had originally discussed going to Bonefish Grille but since I was allowing myself to splurge last night I just couldn't pass up Carrabba's bread and pasta!

We went by Barnes & Nobles first and hung out for a big - grabbed a oatmeal raisin cookie to share and browsed the books and magazines. The mister and I are huge fans of reading - we started collecting books by our favorite authors awhile back, buying from used bookstores and thrift shops. We both love reading and it's fun to share that with each other. Spending time talking about what we are currently reading, what books we recommend each other read next, sharing stories or lines from the books we've read and always looking for a new good book to add to the collection! We really had a great time just relaxing and enjoying each others company.

After that we headed over to Carrabba's for a totally scrumptious dinner. I've been eating healthy (again) since the beginning of January. I've had two "small" splurges but nothing big like last night. Beej has been eating right since the beginning of February so we were both looking forward to enjoying our meal last night. Carrabba's has THE best bread too!

We had some calamari as an appetizer, again, Carrabba's has the best and freshest. They usually have the small round pieces and then a few very small whole octopus but last night we had one that I'm pretty sure wasn't supposed to be in there - he was HUGE compared to the rest of them! Lol!
But Beej ate it anyway!!! Such a brave man!

The food was SO good and SO rich. Beej got the Sirloin Marsala which is to die for and I was in the mood for some seafood and pasta so I got the Pasta Weesie which is alfredo and shrimp with mushrooms. It was heavenly was after bread, salad and calamari I was starting to feel super full not to mention my stomach wasn't quite used to eating so much rich, heavy food so I only ate 5 or 6 bites. (I think the hubs is enjoying the leftovers for breakfast as we speak!)

We ran by the grocery store and picked up a small pint of Blue Bell Strawberries N Homemade Vanilla ice cream to share and picked up a couple of movies. We ended up watching Life As We Know It, a total chick flick but the hubby even enjoyed it. Such a super cute movie! We ended the night snuggle in bed and that!

It never ceases to amaze me what fun we can have out together on a date. Don't get me wrong, we have so much fun with our sweet little munchkin in tow too but it's nice to get out and enjoy it just being us again sometimes too. It's fun to talk, to listen to music, to joke and laugh and to share our hopes, dreams and desires for the future. Last night, while at dinner, I talked to my husband about something I felt like God had been speaking to my heart - about our future and about our family together. I was a little nervous, not because I thought he would judge me or laugh at me but because what I had to tell him I felt like it was a pretty big thing. It was such a blessing to be able to share what was on my heart and have him listen to with his heart and mind open to what I had to say. It was a relief to me to be able to tell him and have him share this vision with me - to know that he is praying and believing along with me for what it is God may have for us one day. Sometimes it's hard to share things that God has laid on our hearts because God never thinks like we do, He doesn't think in terms of dollars, time, or our plans. He knows what is best for us - He would never have us do something we don't want to do. Instead sometimes I think He helps to change and channel the desires of our hearts so that they are better in line with what He has for us! I am grateful I have a partner and a mate who believes that and is willing to listen to the heart of God and to my heart!

I love you, Benjamin! Thank you for being my Valentine - may we have many more Valentine's in the future!

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