Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Burns, Broccoli and Bieber-fever!

So first let me say, I love this coat! It's this bright, burnt orange and it's corduroy! The funny this is, I've had this coat for several years and I haven't worn it in quite awhile. Kinda shoved it to the back of the closet because it wouldn't button closed - I've worn it once or twice last winter, I think. But this winter I pulled it out, put it on and buttoned it up and bless me, if it isn't almost too big now!!! Lol! Rather it be too big then too small....But I love the color, it's bright and cheery but totally Fall/Winter-ish too. I wore it out to run some errands and Bug told me "That's a pretty nice jacket you have there, Momma!" So funny! (I also realized that I NEVER post full length photos of myself, it is not by choice. My camera is on the fritz, the self timer thing isn't working right and it's impossible to get a full length picture with my iPod Touch. I tried having Bug do it but she can't hold still enough for it to turn out.....So, you'll just have to put up with my face for now! Haha!)

Bug has to stick her tongue out in at least one picture every day lately! Today when we left to run errands I realized Bug's hair was a stringy, static-y mess so I pulled it up in a quick pony tail (I love that I can do that and she actually has a cute pony tail!) and we left. I kept thinking what I mess her hair was while we were out but of all days she got a compliment on her HAIR! Lol! The lady taking our order at lunch said, "Her hair is just so cute! How do you get it to stay like that?!" I'm telling you, bad hair days always get compliments. What's up with that?!

Dinner tonight was a favorite - it's quick, simple and helps me get some veggies in that we all need. This is simply broccoli and chicken stir fry with brown rice. Healthy, hearty and yummy! I chop and cook up the chicken with a little black pepper and garlic powder. Then I steam the broccoli in a separate pan, once it's tender I add it to the chicken. Then I mix up a half cup of warm water, 1/4 cup of soy sauce and about a tablespoon of cornstarch, stir and add to the chicken and broccoli and heat until the "sauce" thickens a little bit. I use instant brown rice because it's just as good and takes a whole lot less time the slow cooked brown rice. I eat a half cup portion of rice and a little more then a half cup portion of chicken and broccoli. It's so good!

And yeah, we have Bieber Fever here at the Carroll household! My sweet little girl has been bitten by the Bieber Bug! And I think it's adorable, absolutely freakin' adorable! She wants to watch his videos every night now, and while she waits for them to load she says (over and over!), "I just love him!" She has also informed me that she likes him better when he wears his hat....oh, my. I never thought she'd have her first celebrity "crush" this early but it's too sweet. I didn't have my first celebrity crush till I was like 12 or so but that's only because I didn't have a clue who the "hot" celebrities were up until then - hey, I lived a nice little sheltered, home school life on a farm in the middle of no where, AL!!! Haha!!!

Oh, and tonight poor Bug got her first real burn from our wood stove. She has this habit of standing by it to warm up after I take her out of the bath tub. She stands there while I get her clothes ready....she likes to get really close and I always have to tell her to step back, don't get burnt, etc. And tonight she finally got too close. I came out of the bathroom and she was rubbing her elbow and looked kinda "pained" and I asked her what was wrong and she started crying and said she had touched the stove! Poor thing! She has a nice one inch long burn mark - she had rubbed the skin off of it where it had blistered. Then as we were getting her ready for bed and brushing her teeth she popped some tooth paste in her eye.....and on top of it all she has a cold! Poor baby!

Tomorrow might be another "snow day" for us - it's supposed to snow up where my hubby works so he may not be going on. He won't know for sure until in the morning. Have I mentioned I'm tired of winter?!


  1. you are beautiful! and i am lovin' your new blog look, sweet friend!

  2. Well, thank you so much!!! I like the kinda fresh look the blog least for now anyway. I'm still learning how to do alot of this blog changing stuff, I kinda learn as I go!