Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ah, the weekend!

So I mentioned the other day on my Facebook page that my "bangs" driving me nuts.
My plan was to grow them out a long with the rest of my hair.
I thought I'd try to "no bang" look for awhile because I've had some kind
of fringe or bang for a long time now.
But they were long enough that a couple of times I had worn the pinned back
or pulled back and ICK!
Let's just say my forehead is WAY too high to do that and it look cute!
Plus they just looked stringy and flat.
I need a little "umph" and bangs give me that.
Bug's were starting to hang in her eyes pretty bad too so I decided
we'd have bang trimming party last night.
And we did just that!
I knocked about half an inch off hers, where they still brush the lower part
of her eyebrows but they aren't all in her eyes.
After I was done she said, "I can see!" Lol! Poor baby!
I took a good 2 or 2 1/2 inches off mine and I'm SO glad.
It's so nice to have them back and I just think, personally, I look so much
better with some bangs.
Here's a "before" and "after" of my bang trim.


Bug lives in her ballet stuff practically these days.....
I dress her and then a few minutes later she says "Can I dress up to a ballerina?!"
"Yeeessss....." Lol!

And later she redressed her self and added her clear flip flops - she was thrilled
that she found them. Dang, I thought I had hidden those so well! Haha!
Besides tackling the floors in my house today I also tackled Bug's room.
I'm afraid I let it go and let it go and then just tackle it all in one
afternoon! Probably not the best philosophy but it works for me!
Today I also cleaned out her clothes too. She gets new stuff, I get rid of older stuff
or stuff I know I just never put on her.
I'm also gearing up for WeeRuns again this year. I liked doing it last year and it's
nice to get in to the early because I'm a "seller". I'm excited about
shopping for cute summer clothes in March! But right now I'm just collecting
stuff and getting it together to go to the sale.
I actually did ALOT better then I thought I would back in September.
I was really pleased with what I made. It pretty much covered what I spent!
But here are the "before" and "afters" of her room today.....

I'm glad the weekend is upon us. Our weekends start on Thursday night because the
Hubs works four 10 hour days a week and then has three days off.
I love it!
Tonight he cooked up some ribeye steaks and we made corn on the cob
and we were all very happy campers! I ate a little more steak then
I should have but hey, it's protein and it was too good to pass up.
If that's the worst of my "splurges" then I'm good!
I'm half way through Insanity and I've lost 4.5lbs.
So far so good. Hopefully this next month I'll see that last 5lbs go.
Once I'm done with this round of Insanity I'm moving on to Turbo Fire!!!
I'm bound to have abs by the time summer hits,
I'm already starting to see some definition that I'm pretty excited about!

We're finishing off tonight watching Couples Retreat. I've had it on our movie
list on Netflix for awhile and I think it'll be funny.
I'm in the mood for something funny and bright.
So I'll let you know later how it was!

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