Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Braggin'!

Sometimes it's ok to do a little braggin' on yourself!
Especially if it's been a long, hard road and you've accomplished
something you never thought you had in you to accomplish.
I spent the two years after Gianna's birth
absolutely miserable and insecure.
I hated my body, I hated myself.
I simply couldn't seem to pull myself together.
I felt like I was trapped in an alien body I
didn't recognize or want.
For awhile I just pretended to resign myself to
"that's just how it is after you have a baby."
Then I realize that was simply a lazy cop out on my part.
In August 2009 I began my fitness journey.
And it has absolutely changed my life!
Not only physically but also mentally and emotionally!
Because I'm happier and more confident
I'm a better mother and a better wife.
I know now there isn't anything
I can't set my mind to do and not accomplish!!!
I ran across this picture the other day
of my little family,
and I was at my heaviest and lowest point in life.
When I look at myself I see someone who is
absolutely trying to shrink away
enough to be invisible.
I look so unhappy, at to myself, I guess
because I know how miserable I was.
I see such joy in my face
in the other photo.
And no, it's not just because I feel I look so much
better but it's also because there has been
a change on the inside as well.

Don't be defeated today. Stand up, find the strength in you
to do something you have felt you could never
do or stick to. The result of doing it
will be the most powerful feeling
you will ever experience!


  1. You look amazing and congrats on the life change. It takes a lot to do it and stick to it. Its always easier to make the excuses. I will be fallowing you shoes soon. Congrats again!!

  2. look at you, mama! you look amazing! congrats on the big accomplishment---and yes, it's always okay to brag on yourself every now and then :)

  3. ooops, sorry, that was me {emily anderson} :)