Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little of this, little of that......

So yeah, hi people!!! I have had quite the weekend.....a wonderful weekend but a busy one! I have started working on my "products" so that I can hopefully start my "shop" soon. I'm wearing one of the little beauties I made in the picture's my favorite so far! Still working on a name for the shop - so far I've only gotten a couple of ideas from people and they have been, uh, creative but not what I'm looking for. I was hoping to get some feedback from my lovely blog readers but I didn't get not one response. I was rather disappointed. But I'm still thinking.....

I just had to share this photo! Bug fell asleep the other day and when I glanced back this is how she looked so of course I had to snap a photo to share with all of you! Poor child!

I wore a hat the other day - this picture is proof! I think I like it.....I think! Come summer it'll be cute once I have a TAN!

Today my hubby and I dropped of Bug with her Grandmother and headed out on our Sunday date. We decided to stop up in Chimney Rock, NC and have brunch at a cute little place called Medina's Bistro. It was quite yummy - I had a bacon, egg and cheese croissant! So good - and Beej's blueberry pancakes were pretty tasty too!

(My handsome Mister at Medina's!)
(Me - so happy to be getting a hair cut tomorrow!)

We finally arrived at the Biltmore House - isn't it beautiful? It was Beej's first time going there in person.....
(What a beautiful view - in more ways then one! Lol!)

(I got so many compliments on my shirt today - totally worth the $4 I spent on it!)

All in all we had a wonderful day out together! We picked up Bug and took her home for a bit, repacked her and she went to stay with her other grandmother, Janou. She is here for the weekend and heading home tomorrow. I'm pretty sure Bug is going to be thrilled to be home for a bit after this - and sleep in her own bed! I know I have slept so much better being back in my own bed......

I'm sick again - not a stomach bug this time but now I have a cold, or allergies or something. My nose is completely stopped up and I hate it so much. Not being able to breathe, trying to breathe through my mouth and it being dry all the time, sore throat.....ugh. It's miserable.

But on a happy note, tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut! Oh yes, I am beyond thrilled. I haven't had it cut since AUGUST of last year. That is so not acceptable....but I got busy and it just hasn't seemed to work out. Then I had to cancel last week, etc. etc. But nothing will stop me from getting my hair cut tomorrow - I had it originally cut into a wedge, shorter in the back and longer in the front (opposite of a mullet, haha!). Now it's growing out and I need to get it evened up and my bangs cut again. SO excited! Even though you might not be able to tell much of a difference I know I most certainly will.

So until tomorrow......


  1. I loved the pictures! And you hair accessory looks lovely! I can't wait to see what you put in your shop!

    You pictures are amazing! It looks like you had a wonderful Sunday!
    Feel better soon!

  2. I love your headband, girl! I think you could definitely sell some of those. Hmmm, seeing just how cute that headband is I may just have to come over to your house for a lesson on how to make one! Yes, it's just THAT CUTE!!

    I'm so glad you and Beej had a wonderful date day out at the Biltmore Estate. It is uber lovely isn't it?

    I would've suggested a name for your shoppe had I had any brilliant name ideas...tried but my brain fizzled out before I even had one idea. lol

    That shirt is BEAUTIFUL! I am so jealous of your trendy stylish clothes that you get for steals! I need to learn from you, seriously.

    Anyways, have fun getting your hair cut! Post pics please! =)

    Happy Monday to you girl! Hope you feel better soon!