Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Lil' Laugh (& an update).

Ok, so last night on our way out I was trying to put
Gianna into her carseat...
she was holding a bag of random toys she
was taking with her to her grandmother's house.
I was having a hard time getting her
into her seat and out of frustration I said,
"Gianna, I can't get you into your seat with
that piece of crap in your hand!"

She promptly replied,
"It's not a piece of crap, Mom,

I laughed so hard!


I know I have been a terrible blogger lately,
and I keep apologizing for it and I promise I'm going to
be back soon!
This past week has been insane, between issues
with my dad's health, spending a week down in Bama,
coming home and hitting the ground running....
I am completely spent and haven't
even had time to really think
about putting together a decent blog post.
Not to mention I'm trying to figure out how to
start my Etsy shop and get my products made.

I got up at 4:45am yesterday, drove 6 1/2 hours home,
got home, unpacked (sorta), got laundry going,
grabbed a shower, re-packed Bug to go stay at her Grandma's,
then drove an hour and 1/2 with my hubby
to see an awesome band, Campbell the Band.
You should most certainly check out their Facebook page
and listen to their tunes.
They are amazing live and I've known the lead singer
for years - I'm really proud of how professional
and talented they are and I wouldn't
miss the chance to help support them if it's within my power.

We got home around 2:30am.
Got up at 7:30am and I've been going ever since.

Tomorrow morning we are getting up early (like 6:30am)
and taking Bug back to her Grandma's for the day
while the Mister and I go to brunch
and go tour the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

Monday I have to get Gianna completely
registered for pre-school,
drive 45 minutes away to get my eye's examined
(I'm so excited about getting new contacts and
glasses soon!)
and FINALLY get my hair cut!

Needless to say, my plan for Tuesday is stay home ALL
day and do nothing but catch up on housework
and work on my Etsy shop.
Hey, any name suggestions for my Etsy shop?
I've had a few suggestions but nothing
"pretty" enough!
I'm totally open to ideas!

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