Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super? Nah.

Yeah, so I don't know that I would go so far as to say I'm a super mom, wife or woman but I am most certainly super tired! Lol! It's just been an exhausting day even though I can't say that I did too much.....mainly it was this morning that did me in. I get in bed around 10:30pm, and then got up at 6am. My plan was to get up and work out and clean up and get my stuff packed up before I headed over to my mother in law's to do her friend's hair all day. But I woke up and just felt like crap to be honest and I decided to skip my work out today. Some days it's good to do that for yourself. I took my time getting my stuff together and getting Bug and I ready. We got out on time ( I detest being late!) and headed over and then it all kinda went down hill from there.....apparently I missed a memo this morning that was sent to me via e-mail to let me know we were canceling doing hair today. I got to my mother in laws and couldn't get in and couldn't reach her on the phone. Spent 45 minutes waiting in the car out in the parking lot thinking she'd wake up and come to the door or something. But that didn't happen so 45 minutes later I left fuming and pretty ill. Ran by the Post Office and did a couple of other small errands and got Bug and I some Taco Bell for lunch and then finally gave up and went home. Came home to emails letting me know that we weren't doing hair today ( for a list of reasons....) and another email from the people who coming (an hour away) letting me know they hadn't gotten the cancellation email till too late too and had driven all the way down just to turn around and have to drive home. So needless to say my morning was a bit down.

But I decided to cheer up and make the most of my day anyway even though I was still feeling a little crappy. Did some laundry (it never ends, I swear!), cleaned up the kitchen, dusted the stairs (wooden stairs next to a wood stove get extremely dusty!), crashed on the couch for a bit, entertained Bug or tried to at least and made several phone calls to my hubby to vent about my morning (poor guy!).

And now, after hustling Bug off to bed and reading her a story (and she "read" me two!) I sit down on the couch and feel completely drained! My body is sore from my work out yesterday, I started the second month of Insanity and yikes! I forget how tough it is. My back muscles hurt!
My eyes burn - I had planned to finish writing a letter to my friend who just had her third baby ( her second, a girl, is named Alaythea after me!!! Too sweet, huh?!) and maybe do a little reading. But instead I think I'll close out here and head for my bed...my pillow is calling my name!

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