Sunday, February 6, 2011

Followers Please!

I've been thinking, I need more followers!
I'm not exactly sure how to go about getting more people
to follow my lowly little blog though.
Any ideas or suggestions?
I know that one of the ways is to join other people's
blogs and that lead other people to your blog.
I've found most of the great blogs that I
follow that way but at the same
time I'm not going to just start following
any or every blog I run across just to get followers.
I only follow blogs I really fall in love with!
So any other ways you guys would
suggest I go about it?!
Ideas are welcome!


  1. Swap posts....write for another blogger and let them write a post for your blog. Write a series and gets the word out about the "series" that you have chose to write about. Interviews....let others interview you and interview others in kind. The interviewing process is the one that has worked the best for me, alongside writing series types of posts.

  2. Thanks! I would like to do a interview type post soon....I have someone in mind. I just need to get questions together and see if she'd be willing to do it! Thanks!