Saturday, February 5, 2011


So yes, I'll admit it - I love black! Always have, probably always will. Even though it's not considered a true "color" it's still my favorite. After that probably grey - lol! No seriously, I really do try to put color into my clothing choices but over and over I find myself drawn the black clothing. Not because I'm dark or emo or anything like that. I find black comforting, I find it classic, I find that you can mix and match black a lot easier then other things. I guess because growing up, and even now, I never had a ton of clothes. I probably have more than some people do but still my wardrobe is fairly limited! I've just always found that have some great black clothing you feel like people don't notice that you wear the same things or mix and match. I do like some lighter colors during the summer but don't think that summer ever stops me from donning a little black from time to time - a great black tank top will never be wrong! So here are a few great black outfits - I love getting ideas from celebrities and other fashionable people!

(Kristen Stewart)

(Tabatha Coffey - I LOVE her show!)

(Stacie Orrico - I think she's so pretty!)

(Ashley Greene - always fabulous!)

(Love the black pants and leather jacket.....)

(My absolute favorite outfit! Grunge meets classic!)

(Gorgeous outfit, fabulous shoes!)

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